Because of what hurts the nape of the head ?

There are many reasons due to which it hurts neck head.People often confused pain in the nape of the head with neck pain because of the pain and sends a combined one portion to another.Pain can occur both on the right side and the left, has a different character - to be permanent, occur when driving - turning, touching, etc.What are the common causes, which is why there is pain in the neck?

1. In patients with hypertension - is one with frequent causes of pain, most often it may occur in the morning.To know exactly, there you have pain in the neck due to pressure you need to measure it, it is the norm - 120/80.If higher or lower, already need to take certain measures.

2. Due to the stress pain in the neck can occur very often, the person is under stress, he begin mental disorders.Then, all this results in a headache that occurs in the back of his head.Most often, this pain affects women after 30 to get rid of it, you need to fight stress, first figure out what you are most concerned about and try

to calm down.

3. The pain of physical and mental strain.If you stay long in the same uncomfortable position, you may experience discomfort.Most often it is a problem of drivers and office workers.From this pain is very easy to get rid of, it is necessary to sit, watching your back, do not forget to take breaks between sitting and walking.It is also an excellent remedy are - physical exercises, such as yoga, it completely will help get rid of stress, both external and internal.

4. Pain in the back of the head because of the development of the disease in the cervical vertebrae.This pain is very easy to identify, it increases if to turn his head or nod it.What diseases of the cervical spine can cause pain?Stretching, spondylitis, low back pain, etc.An excellent assistant is the back of the massage, but it is best to consult a doctor.

5. Appearance of osteophytes - often a pain in the neck may appear due to the fact that the ligaments grow into bone tissue and begin to form lateral processes of the vertebrae.Most often affects the elderly.To avoid problems need to move as much as possible and do not forget for the exercise.

6. The pain is due to the fact that the stiff muscles (miogeloz) - the problem often arises when the person did not save from drafts, for a long time was in the wrong position.It may also occur because of problems with posture, in stressful situations.You only need to wait for help to reduce the pain of the cervical massage.

7. Pain in the back of the head in the chamber.Acute pain when they cough, sharp turns of the head, sneezing, coughing.The man keeps his head in the same position, it is afraid to move.It urgently needs to be treated, to avoid disastrous consequences.

8. Pain in the back of the head at the neck of migraine occurs more and temples, a man cut his eyes, clouded vision.Can help a doctor.

To what physicians treat a sore neck when the head?

1. To neurologist.

2. For the cardiologist.

3. To exercise therapy doctor.

4. To masseur.

5. To traumatologist.

In case of pain in the nape of the head it is necessary to consult a specialist, it was he who prescribe effective treatment and help cope with the pain.