Sainfoin - description of useful properties, application

Sainfoin refers to one with the best fodder and honey plant species.It has healing properties.In people, the plant is called hare peas, sainfoin refers to the type of herbaceous perennial plant reaches a height of one meter, belongs to the legume family.The root of his long, numerous and stem, different coarse stems.Leaves complex shape composed with small leaves are pointed stipules.The flowers are large in sainfoin, can be white or pink, collected in a brush.

Description sainfoin sainfoin

Fruit is rounded seeded bean with different doors.Flowering begins in late spring, early summer.The plant spread from European to Transbaikalia, and it can be found in the north of Kazakhstan, Central Asia.As a wild species growing in the meadow, pasture, near the banks of a pond in the woods, hiding in the bushes of different shrubs.

Many Russian regions cultivate this type of plant.Sainfoin not touches soil, can grow even on dry land, because a strong root system is different, so is fed by moisture from the su

rface of the deep, which reaches more than one meter.The plant is not afraid of the cold, it brings a rich harvest of hay.

sainfoin first began growing in France since the 15th century, as a pasture plant, on the South Caucasus, it has been known since the 10th century.Animals that ate this type of plant does not hurt.Previously, the plant was not used as a medicine, as in honey with sainfoin contain a lot of calories, it does not crystallize for a long time, because it was considered useful.Folk medicine has begun recently to use the root and grass sainfoin.

Fruit plants rich in protein.Another interesting fact is that the flower that bloomed, can live up to 12 hours.The resulting sainfoin honey is tasty, fragrant and translucent, light amber, it is a long time not sugar.The plant is valued by beekeepers because of its value in the apiaries of Voronezh, Rostov, the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia.

Useful properties sainfoin

overground part is rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, ash, enzymes.The herb is rich in ascorbic acid, carotene, seeds contain fatty oils.

The official medicine the plant species does not apply in this case, traditional medicine considers it to be the best cure for many diseases.Plant positive effect on the sexual function of men, due to the fact that using sainfoin produced testosterone and androgens.Thus, it is possible to normalize the sexual intercourse, improve erection, increase the production of semen.With sainfoin can reduce the level of glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin increase.

most commonly used herbal teas and herbal root sainfoin, they can be combined with field Talabani.Tincture and rectal suppositories to help treat impotence, male sexual dysfunction, as they well help in case of problems with the prostate gland.Traditional healers use the herb in the treatment of uterine dysfunction that often arise hemorrhage, due to an imbalance of hormones.Sainfoin - this is the best tonic, using it can be restored after a long and debilitating illness, trauma, extensive surgery.Some doctors may include the plant species in the collection of sedation to heal neurotic disorders, hypochondria and get rid of the build dream.

With ascorbic acid, which is part of sainfoin can greatly enhance the immune system, strengthen the central nervous system, normalize metabolism.Amino acids play an important role in the structure of the body, with the help they can recover from the hard physical work, because on the basis of the tincture is useful to take sainfoin athletes who spend at training a lot of energy.

Sainfoin valuable flavones its substance, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, it helps with cancer, with the help it can to strengthen the vascular wall.The seeds contained sainfoin raffinose, sucrose, fatty acids and oils.Also included in the composition of its routine, it will not produced by the human body, because it has to be sure to eat some food or drink the broth through sainfoin.

Application sainfoin

drugs that contain this type of plants produce male hormones, increase sexual activity - levels of androgens and testosterone.When treatment is not only used decoctions and infusions, but also drugs that are manufactured pharmaceuticals.With an erection can be improved.

Sainfoin - this one with the best bracing means, with the help they can protect themselves from infection, and it is used, if the function is impaired in the gonads, in violation of the menstrual cycle in women, problems with impotence, for the treatment of diabetes.

Sainfoin is one with important components, which is included in the drugs that can be used to cure ovarian dysfunction in women, also get rid of the pains that occur during menstruation, premenopausal bleeding.

Contraindications sainfoin

plant can not be applied only in the case if the person does not carry it alone.

Thus, sainfoin is one with the best plants, which has a wealth of chemical composition, as well as the best honey plant.Honey with sainfoin is a valuable and nutritious product, because it is very useful for the human body.You can count up to 80 species of plants, each of which is useful in its own way.The plant has almost no side effects, but still recommended to consult with a physician prior to use.More often it is used in gynecology to improve sexual function, treating problems with male and female sex organs.