Cough at month-old baby - the causes , treatment

's cough month old baby is a dangerous symptom, because it can take a voice appear vomiting, constant anxiety, disturbed sleep, the disease is hard enough.It is important to find the cause of and start a course of treatment, often cough month-old baby in severe cases can lead to respiratory insufficiency, suffocation and death.

Because of what occurs cough month old baby

cough a small child - symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, first inflamed nasopharynx, then the process moves to the area of ​​the trachea, larynx, bronchi and lungs.

Often month old baby inflamed upper respiratory organs - pharynx, nose, nasal sinuses, coughing may indicate adenoids.It can be one of the symptoms begin to asthma, because of this, the person has asthma attack.

At month-old baby cough may signal that he inhaled any foreign body, it turned out in the bronchi, it is life-threatening, need urgent medical attention.

cough is often a symptom of problems with the stomach, intestine, heart.Also, the monthly child

coughing provoked by adverse environmental situations - inhalation of cigarette smoke, heavily polluted area, also because of the dry air in the room.

Rarely month old baby a cough due to pathological processes in the outer ear canal, inflammation of the middle ear, and psychological nature.

Dry cough may occur due to lack of mucus, thus inflame the upper sections of the respiratory tract.If month-old baby inflamed trachea, cough is rough, it may be barking, it appears due to inflammation in the larynx.This disease is very dangerous, it can be further laryngeal stenosis, sharply narrowed upper airways.A child can not breathe fully, it is important in this situation urgently appeal to the therapist.

wet cough month old baby occurs when the mucus begins to accumulate gradually and it is not displayed.It is easy to cough up phlegm liquid.In some situations, it may disturb the morning.

When month-old baby a cough due to a cold, first, it is dry, then may be wetted, then the child to help him cough.If the health condition worsens, an urgent need to consult with your doctor.

Features cough month old baby

When the infection affects the mucous membranes of the respiratory system of the child, phlegm starts to grow, can become viscous mucus are released.

In inflammatory processes in airway oxygen, because of this exchange process is disrupted, reduced immunity, after organs decreases bronchial protection lungs.The child does not have enough air, inflammation lasts a long time.What

cough dangerous for the month-old baby?

1. If it appears abruptly and for a long time does not stop.

2. When you hear wheezing cough.

3. Cough can be in the form of attacks.

4. In sputum or blood is visible, it becomes green.

5. cough persists more than three weeks.

urgently call an ambulance if month-old baby body temperature rises, it is difficult to breathe.Cough in monthly child can talk about a serious disease of the internal organs, it is important to be tested in time.Often month-old baby can choke on milk, it can also be dangerous if it gets into the lungs, a child can drown.

If the cough at night and disturbs the baby is dry, it is dangerous, may indicate that the baby tuberculosis or enlarged lymph nodes in the chest.

cough month old baby Treatment

Note that in young children cough cure is difficult, many drugs they are prohibited because they can lead to serious pathological processes in the liver, stomach, intestines.Also often different drugs can cause a severe allergic reaction, diathesis, dysbacteriosis, so you need to carefully monitor the reaction of the child to a different group of drugs.

also in the treatment of cough in monthly child it is important to adhere to these rules:

1. Watch what the humidity in the room.The air at the time of the disease should not be dry, use a humidifier.

2. As often as possible ventilate the room, often a child can not recover due to the lack of fresh air.

3. Perform gently massage, so mucus can quickly move away, the child himself will feel much better.

4. The child should drink as much fluid, especially at high temperatures, so it is possible the body is not dehydrated.

5. It can be a thin layer of goat fat to rub the baby's back, chest, heels, put on it something warm, it should go to sleep.Note that this tool can be used if there is no heat.

6. When there is no temperature, it is necessary as much as possible to walk in the fresh air, the lungs are fully open, will be strengthened.

If month-old baby cough, the doctor may prescribe herbal syrups - slept Gedeliks using them you can thin out mucus.In case of dry cough prescribe Stodal.

facilitate the child's condition will help a special patch is attached to the clothes, it contains a large number of medicinal herbs, they have a positive effect on the mucous membrane of the larynx, the nose.Do not use sprays monthly child, they can lead to suffocation of the child.In cases of severe inflammation appointed Tantum Verde, using it can pull off a coughing fit.

So cough month-old baby can be a dangerous symptom for a child's life.Therefore, mothers should forget about the methods of self-medication and traditional medicine, it is necessary to immediately call the attending doctor, in order not to aggravate the disease.Due to the fact that the child does not dispel the reflex that helps cough phlegm, you need to help your child get rid of it, for it to tap gently on the back, and the child should be put on his lap upside down.This is an effective way to cough.