Treatment of the common cold during pregnancy

Most pregnant women do not pay attention to a runny nose during pregnancy, it often develops into a chronic form.A drop in this period can not be used, they constrict blood vessels and harm the baby.Cure rhinitis during pregnancy is difficult because it is prohibited to use drugs.

Because of what appears rhinitis in pregnant women?

pregnant woman has a weak immune system, it reacts to different diseases.Due to the fact that a large amount of produced estrogen, progesterone, nasal mucosa swells strongly.

Runny nose can be triggered by drying of the nasal mucosa due to the fact that the body circulates a large amount of blood.Also drying is due to the fact that low humidity, because of an allergy.

Pregnant women runny nose comes from the fact that grow in large numbers adenoids, polyps, nasal septum distorted, disturbed frequent sinusitis.In this situation, you should consult with otolaringolom.It is best when planning pregnancy serious attention to their health, especially if you're constantly phary

ngitis, colds.

Runny nose in the first trimester of pregnancy

often in the second period of pregnancy may appear runny hormonal character, a woman lays strong nose.This suggests that women have vasomotor rhinitis, it can not be cured, it resolves after delivery, when hormone levels are restored.Special treat a runny nose is not necessary, you can use drugs that help relieve symptoms.Remember, if you will not breathe a nose, it is dangerous to the fetus, it can suffer from hypoxia.

Assigns course of therapy the attending doctor who picks up those preparations which can be used during pregnancy.When rhinitis occurs in the spring, it says that you have allergic rhinitis.

When runny nose accompanied by painful sensations in the throat, cough, fever, it indicates viral or infectious diseases that are dangerous for the health of the fetus.

rhinitis treatment methods for pregnant women

1. As sea salt can be washed with a nose more often during pregnancy are advised to use chamomile broth, sage.

2. Permission for the night to put on warm socks.Mustard and soar feet during pregnancy is prohibited.

3. sinuses can be warm with the help of a boiled egg, can be used to warm salt or sand.The clinic can appoint to warm up procedures that use blue light.

4. From the common cold to help inhalation, essential oils are used to them, a mixture of garlic and onions.To prepare it, you need to chop the garlic and onions, to breathe over a bowl, two nostrils breathe fumes.You can use the essential oil of eucalyptus, tea tree is also suitable, menthol.Inhalation is performed up to three times a day, not less than 15 minutes.

recommended to perform a massage with essential oils of the nose: first massaged the wings of the nostrils, and then the bridge, whiskey, is recommended for use as a massage cream, "Dr. Mom".

The room maintain the optimum temperature, thoroughly ventilate the room, especially before bedtime.Sleep on high pillows, so it is possible to protect against mucosal edema.

of drugs for the common cold for pregnant

Drops can not be used, they can constrict blood vessels, capillaries placenta, the fetus suffers from a lack of oxygen, and then there is hypoxia.Due to the drop of blood pressure often rises, spasm occurs in the blood vessels.

There are drops for a short time, a pregnant woman needs they often drip nose.

best to use homeopathic drops, ointments, sprays, whose composition contains oily components.If you are in dire need of vasoconstrictor drops are allowed to use them, adhering to these rules:

1. You can use no more than one time a day.

2. Buy a children's dosage, use no more than 2 days.

Traditional methods of treatment of rhinitis in pregnant women

1. Squeeze the juice of beets, carrots, onions.Drip 4 drops up to 5 times a day.

2. As much as possible to drink hot - tea, milk, fruit drinks, vitamin drinks, fruit drinks, broth with wild rose.To prepare it, you need to take a dry rose hips, add sugar.The drink contains a large amount of vitamin C.

3. If the runny nose is strong and running, you need to prepare a tincture with plantain, wild strawberries.To do this, take 250 ml of boiling water, add a tablespoon of herb.Wait until infusion, drink 100 ml.You can use the bark of the willow, mother-and-stepmother.

4. Helps drop this recipe, for their need: warm black tea, a teaspoon of baking soda.The nose should be drip three times a day, no more than 2 drops in the nose.

5. Facilitate breathing oil, you can use peach, buckthorn, olive oil, rosehip oil is also helpful.The pre-diluted with water.

During pregnancy rhinitis can be treated with inhaled nebulizer, the doctor you pick up a special safe medication drugs.At home, you can breathe a decoction of calendula, eucalyptus, hypericum, add thyme.

As often as possible moisturize the mucous membrane, it is possible to use petroleum jelly or vegetable oil.Assist sprays for humidification, which include sea water - Humer, Akvalor, akvamaris.This is a safe group of drugs, which can be used to moisten the nasal mucosa, improve the condition of the nasopharynx.

So rhinitis during pregnancy must always be treated to avoid complications.Often protracted cold can cause sinusitis, which is treated only with antibiotics, but they are not recommended for use during pregnancy.Caution should be taken to the droplets, they have a negative effect on blood vessels, both women and children, it is best to give preference to national methods of treatment of cough.