Barking cough and temperature of the baby how to treat ?

Barking cough with a high temperature is dangerous for health, because it does not protect the body, does not help to bring the mucus from the body, it can lead to serious complications, especially in children, because they have weakened respiratory muscles.Barking cough in a child is most often dry, it can end with nausea, vomiting, dangerous, when, because of his child can suffocate because breathing stops, it happens in children who contract pertussis.

Coughing may swell the airways because of this gap is narrowed.The child begins to choke, his breath becomes heavier, ogrubevaet voice.The attack barking cough is often a sudden, in this situation need to urgently hospitalize the child.

reasons for barking cough and a temperature in the child

1. Because of the cold, a viral infection.

2. Allergic reaction.

3. laryngitis.

4. pharyngitis.

5. Acute laryngotracheitis stenotic type, because the virus swells the larynx, vocal cords, the disease is often triggered by an adenovirus, influenza, parainf

luenza, allergies.

6. Because diphtheria, whooping cough, diseases that are rare, but occur quite difficult.It is important to start treatment to the baby suffocated

cough is especially dangerous in infants, it causes a severe inflammatory process, after the swelling of the mucous in the trachea.In some children, first swells the throat, then barking cough appears.

Please note that a child who has not yet turned 5 years old, the larynx is narrow, because of this, when it gets a virus, it can greatly swell, larynx blocked, the lungs are not filled with enough air, they may suffocate.

Symptoms accompanying barking cough

In addition, cough is rough and dry, can increase the body temperature, the child loses her voice.This cough produces an unpleasant whistling.shortness of breath may often occur in which the child turns pale face.

At night coughing, choking may occur, so the child can often wake up in this situation, you need to consult your doctor if the child gets worse, immediately call an ambulance.

dangerous self-treat cough in a child allergy.Keep an eye on the temperature of the baby.The doctor is obliged to listen to the bronchi, lungs, throat look carefully, often high fever provoked by inflammation in the throat.

child will need to pass the laboratory blood tests, x-rays pass.Barking cough can not be treated until the moment that just do not diagnose, so you can only aggravate the disease.

Treatment barking cough in a child with temperature

1. Ensure the child calm, pay attention when the child begins to worry, cough had only further aggravated because the larynx begins to shrink, the child gasps.Do not allow your child to run, so you may receive severe shortness of breath.

2. Effectively helps inhalation, most suitable when barking cough steam.Use them for potatoes, chamomile, sage, can be different sunflower oil, soda is very good.When the mixture begins to boil, it is necessary to fasten the fire, take the child to the plate, he should breathe vapors.Young children are recommended to start in the bath, which should be pre-heated by hot water.When the air is warm and humid, the cough may soften, breathing becomes much easier.

3. Soften cough, you can use expectorants Gerbion, overslept, etc.

4. It is important to give your baby a barking cough antihistamine drugs - loratidine, Suprastin, Tavegil, Tsetrin.Little kids in syrup and adult tablets.

5. Undress the child, so the temperature will fall faster, and the child will breathe easier, clothes hampers his respiratory system.

6. The child should like to drink warm drinks, suitable natural juice, milk, tea.The broth with chamomile, lime, rose.With warm drinks can deduce the excess amount of sputum, to warn the child from dehydration.

7. Ventilate the room should not be in it air dry, moisten it.So barking cough will pass quickly.

8. In the case of high temperatures, up to 38.5 shall not break, and above need to shoot down.For this purpose, antipyretic drugs with care they greatly affect the liver.

9. Barking cough can be cured warming up procedures, they can be used then, if not the temperature used for this purpose mustard, special ointment, cream.You can hover your feet in a warm bath with the addition of soda, mustard, if not allergic.Because blood begins to surge to the feet, and reduce swelling of the throat.

in any case it is impossible to rub the back of the child chest, ointments contain essential oil, which can cause severe allergies, obstructive processes.

When a child begins to choke, can not engage in self-use asthma sprays.With them you can remove the symptoms, but they contain different effective components - hormones, which can be dangerous for the health of the child.

In that situation, when you hear the noisy child inhales, it is necessary to call an ambulance.The physician can attribute inhalation drugs benacort, Pulimikort.Also medicinal syrups to quickly retreated sputum - Lasolvan, Gedeliks.Herbal remedies - Alteyku, Mukaltin.

When barking cough occurs due laryngotracheitis, need to do so that it is damp, so you can bring bacteria from the body faster.It is recommended to massage the baby's chest, with grindings back, breast.

Thus, barking cough with a temperature of a child is a dangerous symptom that needs to be treated immediately, so it does not aggravate the baby suffocated.To do this, first find out the cause, then pick up a special therapy.