Diarrhea during breastfeeding : causes, treatment

The causes of diarrhea (diarrhea) in women who are breastfeeding - a large number, from nervous tension, ending the food allergic reactions.In some cases, diarrhea in breast-feeding women may be due to trapped in the body of infection.What do you do if a woman breast-feeding, diarrhea arose?

causes of diarrhea

If a woman appeared diarrhea in breast-feeding, it is first necessary to see a doctor, a gastroenterologist to exclude acute pathological conditions.After all, if a woman breastfeeds, the high state of weakness, fever, infections and bacteria can be transmitted to humans.In this case, by having intestinal infection can lead to the transfer to the artificial mixture.In order not to infect the baby, first of all, you must wash your hands.No other preventive measures would be required.It is very important during diarrhea to drink plenty of water or a special saline purchased at the pharmacy.Also it is necessary in this critical period of eating right and refuse the use of fatty, spicy, savory d


Diarrhea breastfeeding can occur not only due to the penetration into the body of infection or poisoning.There are plenty of other reasons to establish that the doctor can only gastroenterologist.In particular, women with breastfeeding prone disease called irritable bowel syndrome.This disease is eliminated quite simply: soothing (sedative), as well as relaxing muscles drugs.Irritable bowel syndrome is manifested outwardly in the form of long-term diarrhea, occurring against the backdrop of high emotional stress, stress, anxiety.But such states in the life of every young mom huge amount.To distinguish this type of diarrhea can be one essential feature - it stops at the woman in the dream state.

If a person diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, one night, that is, at rest, diarrhea disturb the person will not be.Also with this diarrhea in women who are breast-fed, it never occurs nausea, weakness, or blood in the stool.

most dangerous cause of diarrhea in women during lactation - food poisoning.That is, this food poisoning or simply intestinal infection.If diarrhea occurs in such a case quite sharply, then 99% of clinical cases, it is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, weakness in the body, and general malaise.Do not try to eliminate this phenomenon on their own, it is mandatory to consult a doctor.

food poisoning or poisoning differs greatly from an intestinal infection.In the first case, a person can be poisoned stale food, namely toxins that emit large amounts of bacteria.When E. coli poisoning in humans in the intestines begin to multiply bacteria that produce toxins that poison the body.

transmission from a nursing mother to child

Many moms are worried whether the infection be passed, which provoked the occurrence of diarrhea, their child.No, it is not sent.Any intestinal infection is associated primarily with unwashed hands, that is, non-compliance with the rules of hygiene.Transmitted infections like the fecal-oral route.In other words, to ensure that there was an infection in the mouth of the child must get pieces of stool.This means that you will not get the kid, if you are after every trip to the toilet, will wash their hands.

If the cause of diarrhea in you - it's a food allergy, in this case there is no threat even more.To become infected, a child needs to eat poisoned by spoiled food.

When reason is the defeat of acute intestinal infections, it is not a reason to stop breastfeeding completely.The causative agents of intestinal infection is not transmitted through breast milk from mother to child.Assuming that the intestinal infection gets into the child's body in small amounts, then, along with breast milk the baby receives antibodies resistant to such infections.Immunity toddler formed for the most part due to the enzymes that enter the body through breast milk.The World Health Organization recommends in any case do not stop breastfeeding with food poisoning, intestinal infections or the other pathological conditions.

Treatment of diarrhea in nursing mothers

Treatment of diarrhea in nursing mothers should be conducted only under the supervision of a gastroenterologist.Drug therapy is not always carried out with the use of antibiotics, and better not to use it if a woman breastfeeds.With the majority of pathogens the body of a young mother can manage on their own.Of course, with such dangerous diseases like dysentery, cholera and other diseases, the body will not be able to cope.

very first remedy for intestinal disorders - is the cheapest drug in the form of activated carbon.This is the sorbent, which passes completely intestine, it accumulates in and excreted in the form of toxic substances.The milk or activated carbon, or the toxins do not enter - you can have peace of mind.

more efficient and safest sorbents are Laktofiltrum, Atoxil and Sorbeks - they effectively stop diarrhea and eliminate toxins and some bacteria.Diarrhea nursing mothers need to follow a diet.Be sure to drink 2 liters of water a day.If we take into account payment water on milk production, that figure comes to 3 liters per day.You can also drink green tea, eat rice, eat wild rose decoction or infusion of chamomile to do.To fill the deficit eliktrolitov can use Regidron drug.