Pubic pain during pregnancy causes, treatment

woman during pregnancy may experience some pain, which is absolutely normal.If the pregnancy is normal and not a gynecologist noted no significant complications in this case, pain in the lower abdomen or in the pubic bone or other kind of option is the norm for this particular patient.
Why can it hurt pubic bone during pregnancy?

This pain indicates that a woman's body is completely rebuilt for the appearance of the light of another little man.

Restructuring in the body of a pregnant woman

In this article we will discuss the causes of pain in the pubic hair during pregnancy.Why they might appear that this contributes to and is there any chances to reduce the pain or eliminate altogether?
If a woman starts to hurt pubis in the third trimester and pains are of short duration, passing, then your body on the right track.What does it mean?This means that the pelvic organs are preparing to leave.

Pain in the pubic area during pregnancy suggests that the body is preparing intensively for the upcoming


If before the birth, there is very little time, the bones of the pelvic organs more and more softened.Again, a woman's body is very smart, and he's doing it on purpose, so that the woman was easier to give birth to future offspring.
Thanks softened the pelvic bones, the child will be able to easily and without obstructions to pass through the birth canal of women.
Anatomically woman pubic bone consists of two pubic bones.All of them together combine to form the pelvic organs.Directly in the pelvic area of ​​a woman is the pubis, which is physiologically shaped roller or pubis is comparable in size to the finger big hand.

When a woman is approaching the very treasured time (date) of birth, the body begins to gain more prepared this time.In the blood of a pregnant woman produces relaxin hormone.

hormone relaxin affects intensive softening of the bones of the pelvis, as well as the weakening of the cartilage and ligaments in action.All this is necessary to ensure that a child could be born and go through the birth canal.

Under the influence of hormonal changes in a woman everything pelvic organs become soft, flexible, mobile.Hence, there is a painful feeling.If you hurt the pubic bone, you can breathe easy and accept the fact that your body cares about you and is ready to perform one of the most important functions in a woman's life - the birth of a child.
So pubic pain - it is quite natural physiological pain of the pelvic organs, which is inherent in almost all women in labor.

Causes of pain in the pubic region in pregnant

But, despite the fact that pain in the pubic area can be interpreted as a normal and physiological, there are a number of reasons, which are associated with pathological manifestations.
Among the diseases that provoke pain in the pubic area can be distinguished:

  • symphysis - a pathological condition, the cause of which - an acute shortage of calcium in the body of a pregnant woman.
  • Inflammation of the pelvic organs.

Most often the diagnosis of "symphysis" put women in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Important!Do not worry, symphysis does not bear any harm to the baby while it is in the womb of the mother.The only thing that symphysis may be a direct indication for caesarean section.

Why because sifiza she will need to do a cesarean section?Because when a woman begins sifize abnormal discrepancy between the pubic bone.This means that the woman after the birth will make another operation to connect the bone.Also, labors can be really unpredictable and to reduce the risks, doctors make a choice in favor of caesarean section.

As a woman alone to determine that it symphysis?

Indeed, the woman herself can determine that she symphysis.To do this, you need to do one simple exercise - lie down and try to pick up a straightened leg.As a rule, women with a diagnosis of "symphysis" make it extremely difficult or impossible.

cause of the symphysis:

  • hormonal failure;
  • calcium deficiency;
  • Heredity;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

To determine the true cause of the symphysis, it is necessary to consult a doctor.Alone you can not understand the cause of the disease.possibly due to the timely treatment for medical assistance, you will be able to solve this problem before the baby's birth.

calcium, calcium and again ...

calcium Calcium - is a vital element, without which it can not do a woman during pregnancy.During the first 9 months of the woman will need to double or even triple the amount of calcium consumed.Why?
Firstly, because the little man skeleton is fully built of calcium, which uses a woman during pregnancy.If a woman's body will experience calcium deficiency, the physical development of the child will begin to decelerate.Also, calcium deficiency significantly affects the formation of muscle mass.

Due to the lack of certain vitamins and mineral supplements in pregnant, she may have pain in one or another part of the body.It is mandatory to carefully follow all the instructions of the attending physician.

If pubic bone hurt - pregnant

tips Here are some tips for women who are currently waiting for the child and periodically suffer from physiological pain in the pubic area.
• Keep your normal weight - try to eat moderately and not exceed the permitted limit of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
• Try less to throw his legs and peredavlivat pubic area.
• With strong pubic pain, try not to go to the side, take a supine position.
• Be sure to reduce the physical load before delivery.
• Talk to your doctor and get support bandage, so that the stomach does not put pressure on the pubic bone.