Can pregnant women to fly in an airplane ?

During pregnancy, a woman should take care of yourself.Often the question arises whether it is possible to travel, flying.Hops are really dangerous, it is important to know what risks exist and only after the decision.

pressure surges in pregnant women during the flight

During pregnancy, a woman sensitive to changes in the environment when the plane takes off and sit down, you may have problems with pressure.Every woman carries a flight on its own.It is proved that it is often on the plane begin preterm labor, it is dangerous for both mother and child, you will not have any expert help.

Before the flight you must always consult your gynecologist, ultrasound pass, you have to measure the cervix.The airline refuses to flight those who have a risk of giving birth in an airplane.You can not fly a pregnant woman on a later date, when soon to give birth.Banned flights woman with multiple pregnancies.

lack of oxygen during the flight during pregnancy

When a woman sits in the plane, she begins to suffer

from lack of air.Due to the fact that a woman is a strong wave, the child is suffering from hypoxia.Therefore, it is important that the expectant mother gathered, thrown out all the bad things from the head and took a deep breath.If a woman suffers from anemia, it has problems with health.In severe anemia flight is prohibited.

Thromboembolic complications during the flight during pregnancy

the plane you need to constantly sit, and it is dangerous, because a pregnant woman is exposed to thrombosis in the legs is formed a blood clot.During pregnancy often begins to develop deep venous thrombosis in the veins, if women sit for several hours in an uncomfortable chair, the situation could further worsen.In this situation are advised to take advantage of special compression stockings.We need to drink as much water as possible, in any case not to use in the airplane drinks, composition, including caffeine.A little walk around the cabin.Scientists have recently proven that flights can also hurt, as well as radiation.Hops are not to be frequent.

In what trimester you can fly a plane?

This is best done in the second pregnancy.First, it is impossible due to the fact that there may be a miscarriage.The child is not yet fully formed, a woman is often tormented by toxemia.The third trimester is not suitable for the trip due to the fact that there may come premature birth, a woman hard to sit, because a big belly.

Despite the fact that you have a good feeling absolutely necessary to consult a gynecologist, will have to pass tests, to spend more time ultrasound.

bans fly in an airplane pregnant women

1. In the third trimester, after 36 weeks, if the singleton and after 32, when prolific.

2. When pregnancy is complicated, flows with different pathologies, the woman threatened miscarriage.

4. You can not fly on the first week after birth.

Medics UK prohibit flights, if a woman has placental previa, preeclampsia, anemia difficult runs.You also can not fly in an airplane, if a pregnant woman may be premature detachment of the placenta, low placentation, multiple pregnancy.The fruit is in the wrong position.

It should abandon the flight, if a pregnant woman severe anemia when the red blood cells is below normal.Banned flights with sickle cell anemia.

can not fly, if you appear sometimes spotting, you arrived in the hospital, suffering from heart, lung disease, you find it hard to breathe.In the case of undergoing surgery on the abdominal organs, you have removed an appendix.Banned flights with inflammation in the sinuses, middle ear.

airline rules for pregnant women

Each company has its own rules.If the pregnant woman to give birth in a month, it is necessary to take a gynecologist express consent that you can fly.Airline flight bans, if a woman has gestational age 37 weeks, may be premature labor.

It is important that a pregnant woman has a map exchange, it is provided to airlines.It requires the signing of a special document in which a woman agrees that the airline is not responsible for the state of women's health.

recommendations on the way during pregnancy

1. It is best not to save and buy a ticket in business class, there is a wide, comfortable seat.

2. If you have a ticket in economy class, sit in the first row, so you can stretch out, you will not interfere with the front seat.It is proved that the air moves, starting from the nose, the tail end, so she will not suffer from lack of oxygen.

3. Do not sit near the window, you will often have to go to the bathroom, get up, therefore, to continually not to disturb his companion, sit on the edge.

4. Note that it is necessary for the trip comfortable clothing with a free cut, made with natural materials.One can take home and put a pillow under her stomach, legs or head.

5. Drink lots of water to guard against dehydration, forget about carbonated drinks, coffee.

6. Fasten your seat belt in the abdomen, it should not apply pressure on the fetus.

7. Recommend to fly without shoes.Throws his legs can not, blood circulation is disturbed because of this.Do exercises for the calf.

8. With you should exchange card, mother's phone number or her husband's blood group.

So flights during pregnancy does not harm the expectant mother and the fetus only if they are not contraindicated.Resolution should give you a doctor after passed the required examinations.Often, because, in a plane low atmospheric pressure, reduced humidity, problems may arise with the state of health of women.Also, often in an airplane may depart the amniotic fluid.Sometimes flight is likely to endanger the life of your child and a woman, so it is important to take into account those cases in which it is impossible to fly.