The attack of acute and chronic pancreatitis

one with the most important glands in the human body is considered to be the pancreas.This body is involved in the digestion of foods, the functionality responsible for the endocrine system.If a person eats properly, abusing alcohol, he inflamed pancreas, a disease is called pancreatitis.This is a very serious diagnosis with which to cope, the doctor can only.

Because that's because no effective treatment or no treatment, pancreatitis becomes acute form first, then the chronic and often people are fatal.

What types of pancreatitis are there?

Doctors are three major forms of pancreatitis - acute, chronic and reactive.

1. Acute pancreatitis occurs when the inflamed separate part or the whole body.Because of this, an iron cloth begins to decay, pus and bleeding may occur.

2. Chronic pancreatitis develops very slowly, and if it is not treated in time it begins to progress.When there is an attack of chronic pancreatitis?When people are dieting for a long time.Remember, to lose weight and at the same ti

me not harm the body, food must be balanced and complete.

3. Reactive pancreatitis is considered an attack of acute pancreatitis, and is exacerbated when sick stomach, 12 duodenum, gall bladder and liver.

That represents a bout of chronic pancreatitis?

Chronic pancreatitis occurs when severe inflammation of the pancreas, and thus violated the digestive, and hormonal function.Most often this disease affects people of 30 to 70 years.Changes in the gland leads to the fact that no longer fully produces hormones and digestive enzymes.

How pancreatitis becomes chronic?

If attacks in the pancreas increased, a lot of repeated attacks of acute pancreatitis, and he begins to worsen, while acute pancreatitis becomes chronic.

What can lead to bouts of acute and chronic pancreatitis?Of course, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, inadequate or unhealthy diet.The cause of pancreatitis is considered and biliary tract disease, ulcers, gastritis, chronic nature, which has a very low secretion, various liver diseases.

attacks of chronic pancreatitis are considered and post-traumatic syndrome, after the man took toxic drugs, suffered an infectious disease, hepatitis, helminthiasis ill, mumps virus, as after poisoning with mercury, arsenic, lead, phosphorus.But we must not forget that often a chronic form of pancreatitis can be caused by heredity.

What are the symptoms of an attack of chronic pancreatitis?

There is pain in the left side of the abdomen, it can rarely be encircling.The pain can wear a dull, aching and abrupt.It occurs immediately after the diet, raspivaniya alcoholic beverages may appear an hour after eating.Increased pain when a person lies on his back, is reduced when a person sits down and tilts the body forward.At the same time there are symptoms - vomiting, flatulence, nausea, diarrhea, the patient refuses a meal.

That represents an attack of acute pancreatitis?

This is a very severe form, in which not only inflamed pancreas, but also there is hemorrhage, necrotizing process is disturbed digestion gland digestive enzymes.

Which is why there is an attack of acute pancreatitis? Often the causes of diseases of the gallbladder, biliary tract.Aggravation of pancreatitis due to the consumption of fatty foods, alcohol and energy drinks.External cause of injury is considered to be in the left upper quadrant.

What are the symptoms of an attack of acute pancreatitis?

first pain can wear a light character, then develops into painful.The pain leads a person to a state of shock.Dangerous attack of acute pancreatitis that occurs abruptly.The pain may be encircling and gives in the left shoulder blade.The disease is accompanied by uncontrollable vomiting, and the man at the moment is very bad.Very rarely it can cause nausea, diarrhea and flatulence.Often the temperature rises, the patient restless.The skin is pale, sweating, pressure jumps up sharply and then decreases.

Another form of pancreatitis is considered to be reactive, it is most likely to occur due to certain foods, the pancreas arises spasm, then digestive enzymes begin destroying the pancreatic tissue.

When a reactive pancreatitis?

1. Failure to need a diet that you wrote the doctor.
2. After alcohol abuse.
3. When taking certain medicinal toxic drugs.
4. When abuse carbonated drinks that contain preservatives, food dyes.
5. People who have acute and chronic gastritis, gallstones.
6. effects of stress.

What are the symptoms of reactive pancreatitis?

There blunt cutting pain, which gives the ribs, there is bitterness in the mouth, tormented by vomiting, which is very hard to stop.It may appear shortness of breath, heavy sweating, increase the temperature, pressure, pulse, and participation.Also, there is bloating, flatulence strong, possible complications - peritonitis.

All pancreatitis attacks are dangerous to human life because it is so important to follow a healthy way of life, to eat, give up bad habits, and if notice discomfort in the left abdomen, immediately contact your doctor for help!We need urgent examination!