What is used for inhalation cough in children ?

Inhalation - this is one of the most effective and reliable way to treat cough in children, using them can be cured, dry and wet cough.Inhalation helps the child to withdraw excess phlegm, to get rid of dry cough, stop the inflammatory process.This tool is the best substitute of medicine, injections, which have a negative impact on the child's body, causing serious pathological processes in the liver, kidneys, heart.

Features inhalations the child

At the beginning of the disease, a nebulizer securely saved from further complications.With the help of his respiratory system is filled with the necessary preparations.The steam increases the effects of drugs, using it can be removed with a spasm of the respiratory system, dilutes phlegm.

Types of inhalers for the child

1. Pets - breathe on a kettle, pot.

2. Steam the form of an inhaler, using herbal teas, soda, aromatic oils for him.

3. Oil inhaler can not be used for children who suffer from allergic reactions.Essential oils are used for inhalation


4. Effective device is an ultrasonic nebulizer, it is used for mineral water, honey, herbal teas, kalanchoe, Lasolvan, furatsilin.

5. Use compressor inhaler using his medications converted into an aerosol, and they do not affect the stomach, intestines and liver.

Modern medicine uses inhalation for the child of two kinds:

1. With the help of an ultrasonic nebulizer can be used for a small child, can destroy the medicinal active particles, so can not be used for hormone replacement therapy, anti-bacterial agents.

2. Using compression nebulizer produces small particles of drugs.When choosing the type of camera, it is necessary to pay attention to the child's age category, diseases.Best inhaler which produces no particles larger than 10 ICN.

for inhalation drugs to children

To cure dry cough, you need to relieve inflammation of the throat, get rid of viscous mucus, as much as possible to clear phlegm from the lungs, bronchi.When dry cough using Flomax, Salgim, Berotek, Trovent

If your child cough and you need as quickly as possible to bring the sputum should be used by inhalation Lasolvan, Fluimitsil, Abmrobene, Borjomi, Narzan, Sinupret, Pertussin, Mukaltin.

If a child has inflamed airways, use Rotokan, Malawi, Propolis, Eucalyptus, Calendula.

With the nebulizer in a child can cure bacterial bronchitis, this is done using Furatsilin, Fluimitsil, Chlorophillipt, Dioksidin, Miramistin.

self-medication can not be engaged, the dosage should be drawn up by the attending doctor.

sequence inhalation in a child

1. First you need to conduct inhalation using drugs that will help to expand the bronchi.

2. After 20 minutes, you need to use a tool that will help thin out mucus kotorok.

3. After 30 minutes of inhalation performed by using antiseptic medicament.

3. When used anti-inflammatory drugs.

4. At the end of inhalations with drugs to strengthen the immune system.

required after each use of the nebulizer thoroughly washed, it is possible to use only approved solutions for it, they need to be pre-heated.

Inhalation child

home is hard to force a small child inhale the steam, but we must try to do it.If there is a nebulizer or other inhaler, you can use homemade improvised means.In this situation it is important to adhere to certain rules:

1. Caution should be used inhalation for children, which was not yet 2 years.

2. It is best to put the baby in the bath and fill useful pairs or bath, which is ventilated.

3. Teach your child to inhale steam potatoes, cover it with a towel.You can put boiled potatoes, reveal umbrella and make it breathe.Inhalation should be performed no less than 20 minutes.

4. It is popular and a way to take tea on his nose put on a paper tube, notches begin to gradually draw couples.The procedure should take no less than 10 minutes.For inhalation use chamomile, calendula, sage, soda.

If a child has laryngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, need to use a specially prepared infusion.For it will require a small amount of sage, eucalyptus, chamomile, pine, Elecampane, mint and thyme.Pour 700 ml of boiling water.After heated and inhaled by the child.

When a child is choking when coughing, use baking soda, using it can thin out mucus and bring it quickly and perfectly helps alkaline mineral water "Borjomi", "Essentuki".

At home, if the child does not suffer from an allergic reaction, it does not have asthma, you can use the inhalation based on coniferous tree - fir, spruce, juniper, pine, larch.With the help it can get rid of the disease germs, clean the airway.

When a child appears barking cough, steam is used for the child need to bring him into the bathroom, open the hot water and breathe.So you can get rid of the cough lobar.

also used for inhalation of garlic, peppermint.To prepare the infusion, should be in the water, which boils add peppermint, all of 5 minutes to warm up after the chopped garlic.

If the child is not allergic to the essential oils, you can perform inhalations with the addition of oils of cypress, eucalyptus, bergamot, ginger, sandalwood, rosemary.

So, inhalation for the child is an effective treatment, using it can quickly cure the diseases of the upper respiratory system, ease the symptoms of coughing.Despite the useful properties of inhalation, solutions, infusions should be used with extreme caution, they can cause severe allergic reactions and aggravate the disease.