Discharge after cleaning the uterus

Scraping is a medical procedure, it is important that the woman recovered quickly after the procedure.Allocation should be the normal duration.Following the cleaning of the uterus, in spite of the reasons you want to remove a layer of the endometrium.First, the uterus will be like an open wound that bleeds for a while.Following the cleaning of the woman's condition is the same as after menstruation, during their functional layer is rejected.

Norma discharge after cleaning cavity

uterus after the procedure, normal discharge has no smell, continue for about a week.Bleeding is not as intense, often smearing allocation eventually disappears completely.Spotting last about 10 days.

Pain in the lumbar region, abdomen, do not last longer than 10 days.Minor pain often occurs when the uterus contracts.If cleaning of the uterus before menstruation occurs, separation will last as long as a month and no longer than one week.

abnormal discharge after cleaning the uterus

1. Discharge continues for a long time,

lasting more than 10 days, it is said that a woman's hormonal failure.

2. Discharge unpleasant smell, have an unusual color, it speaks of an infectious disease.

3. Menstruation stops suddenly, which indicates that the uterus accumulated blood clots.

4. Besides discharge with infection of the uterus, the woman complains of pain in the abdomen, dramatically increases the temperature.Such symptoms may occur if the allocation suddenly stopped, blood clots, which accumulate in the uterus, leading to severe inflammation.In this situation are advised to take antibiotics may need to re-cleaning.

When allocating last a long time, it suggests that women with hormonal problems.In this situation, you need to see a gynecologist or endocrinologist.When prolonged bleeding may develop anemia, it is important to pay attention to your diet, include in their menu, buckwheat, liver, grenades, meat.

Complications after cleaning the uterus

may reveal bleeding in the uterus, most often it occurs in women who have problems with blood clotting.Uterine bleeding compared with the lack of bleeding is normal, it can last about a month.In the event that occurs after cleaning copious amounts of bleeding when every 2 hours you need to constantly change tampons, a doctor appointed by the Oxytocin.

If the uterine cavity accumulates blood clots, it is dangerous, they appear strongly compressed if the cervix, this occurs after cleaning.In this situation, you should immediately take action, may develop an infection.To prevent the accumulation of a large number of clots in the uterus, the attending doctor appoints effective antispasmodics - Nospanum, with the help of her you can hold the cervix in the normal state.About cluster of blood clots can be found, noting that ended spotting after cleaning the uterus and severe pain in the abdomen.

danger when starting to develop endometritis - infection, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus, because the microbes get into it.As a preventive measure uterine infection after cleaning, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics drink.On infectious diseases says severe pain in the abdomen, chills, body temperature rises rapidly.

Scraping can lead to infertility later in a woman's reproductive function is disturbed, it can not have children.Need help treating doctor, if after cleaning:

1. Discharge gone, there is severe pain in the abdomen.

2. Increased temperature higher than 38 degrees.

3. Appears unbearable abdominal pain that does not go after a patient took an anesthetic drug.

4. The woman has very heavy vaginal discharge, they quickly fill the gasket does not stop for a long time.

5. Discharges have an unpleasant odor.

6. A woman sharply deteriorating health, she weakens, she felt dizzy.A woman can lose consciousness.

Danger discharge after treatment of uterine

It all depends on the woman's body, allocation last few weeks.It is important to pay attention to such pathological conditions:

1. Selections are intense, hour strip is completely filled.This suggests that the fertilized egg is not fully cleared, some shells remained, the uterus does not contract fully, bleeding last.

2. You notice the abundant blood clots.In this situation, it is said that abortion was substandard.

3. Discharge can cause severe inflammation.

4. The woman did disappear separation, the blood does not come out.

5. Cleaning the uterus is used as a therapeutic or diagnostic method.The procedure called curettage.When it is removed in the uterus mucosa after cervical canal that is in the cervix.

operation is used for bleeding in the uterus, the endometrium, hyperplasia, polyps, endometritis, post-abortion, if there were complications.For diagnostic purposes, the uterus cleaning required when changing the cervix and uterine mucous shell, monthly heavy, prolonged, there is a large number of clusters, and infertility, before gynecological surgery.Once the cleaning is carried out, the material is carefully examined.Most often scraping is used to terminate a pregnancy.

Thus, it is important to clean the uterus after a follow up secretions, they should be natural, not pathological.Purification can often lead to serious consequences, it all depends on the reasons which had genital diseases female, all rules for the operation have been complied with.Pay attention to your hormones, If separation is prolonged.