Symptoms of post-term pregnancy

If it was the doctor estimated date of delivery, and the baby is not going to go out into the world, and even there are no signs of giving birth, the doctor put a woman diagnosed with post-term pregnancy.

should be 40 weeks or 280 days for carrying a child.Naturally, the next day after this period, not every woman begins to give birth.Some women have obtained earlier, and some are in no hurry to give birth even after this date.Timely deliveries occur within 38 - 40 weeks. If it has been 42 weeks, the belated birth.When the baby is born after 42 weeks and there are no signs of perenoshennosti, the pregnancy is simply called extended and childbirth are considered timely.Before delivery is impossible to determine the type of pregnancy - prolonged or post-term.The definitive diagnosis is a doctor.

Symptoms of prolonged pregnancy

Once the baby was born on the overdue period, it examines the neonatologist.It happens that postmaturity for the baby is more dangerous than prematurity:

skin condition - old,

wrinkled, like a child old man with pronounced wrinkles on the body and face;

  • weight more than 4 kg - additional difficulties for childbirth;
  • fontanelle sharply reduced, narrow seams, thick skull;
  • long hair and nails;
  • skin is green or yellow hue.

organisms of mother and child are experiencing serious difficulties.These children need extra attention because of possible deaths.Experts are trying to prevent a woman perenashivala child for a long time.It is sent to the hospital, assess the condition of the fetus and the woman prepare for childbirth.Also assess whether the woman is ready to leave.Many women are going to the hospital, if they begin perenashivat child.There are no complications whether certain diseases, difficulties pathologies.Continuing studies are being conducted and evaluated the child's condition.This is all carried out by modern methods of examination - whether hypoxia, measured heart rate is determined by the velocity of blood flow in the placenta and umbilical cord, brain and fetal organs.With the help of ultrasound is determined by weight, amniotic fluid and the amount of work of the placenta, the baby's position.Through the cervix examined amniotic fluid, quantity and color, presence of flakes.

cervix is ​​examined on the gynecological chair - her maturity.If the cervix is ​​ripe, its length - about two centimeters across the channel can take two fingers.When she gets to the hospital, according to the analysis, measurement and pulse pressure, weighing estimated future status of both mother and fetus.Women observed until the onset of labor, or, if necessary, operations.

When the cervix is ​​closed, dense, long, immature, then held the planned work on the process of preparing the uterus for childbirth.It does not apply medications and medical methods.The cervix introduced laminaria sticks to it ripened.From kelp have no negative effects.Thus, in obstetrics use them widely.When cervicitis and vaginitis, this method is not recommended.First, use of drugs handled the birth canal.

also in the genital tract introduced a special gel.This occurs in the presence of a doctor and a hospital.But before entering the drug is estimated condition of the uterus and the fetus.When the gel is administered, the woman for half an hour lying on his back.After that, the doctor every three hours, and evaluates the status of the uterine tone, heart and baby's breath.After such use gel delivery may start spontaneously.It is administered for several days, resulting in expanding the cervical canal.

uterus Maturation expect about 7 days after the onset of contractions gel is not used.If according to the instrument, kid perenashivanie from suffering, we must carry out a caesarean section.