Meals for pancreatitis , what it should be?

If a person has inflammation of the pancreas, then he should know that what exactly he should have the power to avoid further aggravation of the disease.Pancreatitis occurs in two forms - an acute and chronic form of the disease.The clinical picture of the disease is characterized by pain, which is quite pronounced, and then can lead to a syndrome of acute abdomen.As a result, the pain is localized in the left hypochondrium, is dull and constant. most important place in the treatment of pancreatitis takes a health food.After all, without proper diet and diet, did not get to achieve the desired effect from the appointed medical treatment.If it happens that pancreatitis moved into an acute form, in this case the doctor prescribes fasting for several days, and then the patient is credited with a special diet.

main principles of clinical nutrition in pancreatitis

pancreatitis Each patient should eat as often as possible, but in small portions.The intervals between meals should be three hours and not mo

re than six hours.Every meal is strictly forbidden to overeat, so food should not be abundant.Even necessarily need to pay attention to observe the temperature of food, it should not be very hot or very cold.In addition, the gastric mucosa should not be subjected to different mechanical stress.That is why all the food should be consumed only in shabby form.

basis of the diet for pancreatitis

The diet of patients with pancreatitis need to include increased consumption of proteins.For example, in the daily diet should be present such products as cheese, meat and fish.With regard to the consumption of carbohydrates is rich products, the honey, sugar, bread, pastry and confectionery fats, their number should be reduced.For cooking fish and meat have to choose not only the oil-rich, for example, you can cook the meat of poultry, veal or beef.Because fish are most suitable perch, pike, bream and cod.

In order to prevent aggravation of pancreatitis and its further progression, you must completely abandon smoked, spicy, fried, canned food, not add to dishes spices and seasonings and marinades.And the most important principle of supply should be a diet, that is, all the dishes should be boiled or steamed.In addition, the products can be cooked in the oven or steaming.The diet should not include those products which have a stimulating effect, ie sokogonnym effect, they include a variety of nourishing broths and fish, mushroom and meat broth, and the broth of cabbage.

worth remembering that pancreatitis can not eat all the vegetables.For example, turnips, radishes, radish, spinach, cabbage, beans and sorrel drink is prohibited.As for fruits, you can eat unsweetened varieties of pears and apples, but to use them you need only baked.In addition, pancreatitis can be cooked and stewed fruit, jelly and jelly, but only from dried fruit.Regarding drinks, the patient pancreatitis is strictly forbidden to drink strong tea, coffee or any alcoholic beverages.Very useful becomes rose, so the broth from it can be drunk as a tea throughout the day.

main problem of patients with pancreatitis is that the disease has a tendency to relapse, that is, to the aggravation that is often observed in the breach of the diet and general food regulations.And all due to the fact that chronic and acute pancreatitis is a rapid or slow the replacement of the normal structure of the pancreas to more compacted scar tissue.Of course, in this case there is a violation of the functional activity of the gland, as well as a violation of its enzymatic activity.In this case, the only way it becomes a proper diet and avoid any precipitating factors for a sufficiently long period of time.And if it is a chronic form of pancreatitis, such a strict diet must be maintained throughout life.Therefore it is better to erase from his food all unprofitable products, rather than sacrifice their health.And yet we must remember that any violation of the diet the pancreas always react the aggravation of pathological processes.

pick up a menu with pancreatitis

Breakfast: serving of oatmeal 100 grams, cooked in water, a piece of cooked lean beef - 100 grams, one slice of white bread and a glass of water "Borjomi" without gas.

Lunch: cheesecake - 100 grams, one baked apple - 100 grams, one piece of dried white bread and one cup of tea with milk, but without sugar.

Lunch: vegetable soup - 300 grams a piece of dried white bread, low-fat cottage cheese - 10 grams, pumpkin porridge - 100 grams and a glass of tea without sugar.

Afternoon: meatballs of lean meat - 100 grams, apple sauce - 100 grams, carrot puree - 100 g, low-fat yogurt - 100 grams.

Dinner: meat loaf - 150 grams, mashed potatoes - 150 grams a piece of dried white bread, cheesecake - 100 grams and a cup of broth hips.