Application compress Dimexidum with child

Dimexidum is the best anti-inflammatory, analgesic, it has an antiseptic effect.The medicament can penetrate deeply into the skin, mucous membranes, substances that are part Dimexidum act on the inflamed area.Babies only remedy can be applied externally as a compress.Keep it away from the child, it is a dangerous toxic substance.

danger to compress Dimexidum child

If the child did not even drink a large amount of Dimexidum, it can be a serious intoxication - vomiting, nausea.Be sure the drug must first be diluted, it can lead to chemical burns on the skin mucosa.

Some therapists prohibit apply a compress, because it can be provided in the deep tissues of the child, because of this, they fed poison, it is a cause of serious child poisoning.Others say if all the right thing to do, it will not happen, on the contrary, dimexide warms the inflamed area - the bronchi and lungs.Facilitate coughing.To achieve a positive effect, it is necessary to perform a compress, following all of the recommendations.

Application Dimexidum to compress cough

Pre-need to dilute the drug dimexide water, so get a solution which can be used to compress.Babies are advised to adhere to this dosage, the drug per dose should be taken up to three or four parts water, depending on age.

solution to be used in the form of heat, this sure to warm it, make sure that the drug was not hot.When you need to take the gauze, folded several times and gently moisten it in a solution, make a compress to the chest area, make sure that did not get a compress on the area heart.On the gauze applied polyethylene zamatyvayut warm scarf, so it is possible to achieve a warming effect.

After 50 minutes the compress is removed, the body should be wiped dry with a towel.Perform all procedures are needed before going to sleep, so you can soon cure cough.It is impossible to perform the procedure at a high temperature of the body.

Contraindications compress with Dimexidum

can not be used in diseases of the heart, blood vessels.In cases of renal disease, hepatic system.Prohibited compresses Dimexidum, if the child is not yet 13 years old.Also contraindicated dimexide allergic reactions to the drug, children who have immune system problems, poor baby.Apply the compress to the child should be only as directed.

Rules for making a compress with Dimexidum child

Compress must be several layers:

1. The gauze is necessary to lay down five times.

2. Moisten in a heated solution.

3. To wring out and attach to the shoulder blades, breasts.

4. Then the gauze should be covered with a cloth, so the solution will hold.

5. Cover with polythene.

6. Compress must be secured by a bandage.

7. hide baby blanket.

8. Keep the compress should be no more than half an hour.

Child Treatment compress with Dimexidum

agent is colorless, concentrated, transparent, unusual smell different.This is one of the best antiseptics, analgesics, using it can stop the inflammatory process.

therapists recommend using dimexide with hormones, antibacterial agents, heparin.With Dimexidum can cure rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylitis disease.Packs will help heal the injury, relieve pain with sprains, facilitate the pain of injury, using it can heal infected wounds and those that do not heal for a long time.So you can stop the inflammatory process.

How to dissolve dimexide to compress the child?

Note that the solution has a high concentration, it certainly should be diluted before use with water, use bottled or distilled water.To numb the area of ​​the body, add Novocain.The child is prescribed compresses:

1. When inflammation of the skin, face.

2. If a large number of skin ulcers, ulcers.

3. When streptoderma, eczema.

4. Burns

also advised Dimexidum used to treat diseases of the throat, so you can stop the inflammatory process, especially very good for sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis.This is the best means by which the disease can be cured in the upper airway.Compress will effectively heat the throat, so you can get rid of the irritation and dry cough.

recommended to compress add aloe, honey.All warm up, moisten the gauze and applied to the throat, tie it with a scarf.When the compress begins to burn, you need to get rid of it, for that use is not cold and warm water.The procedure should be carried out every day, it is best to do it before going to sleep to the throat was not supercooled.

bronchitis in a child can be cured with the help of a compress, it will help to relax the bronchial tubes, improve circulation.For the preparation you need to take dimexide, add water, a little novocaine, diclofenac.When applied to the feet, chest, back for half an hour.You can not compress, if the child has a high fever.

Compress for the treatment of joint child

With it you can get rid of the pain, before applying it, you must first apply ointment on the sore spot, and then compress.Such a mixture is deeply affects the joints and stop the inflammatory process.

thus compresses Dimexidum are an effective anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of the child, but in spite of this you need to very careful about this drug because it can be a serious intoxication, burns.Observe all contraindications, not to harm the child.Do not use Dimexidum compress with small children, it is dangerous to his vital organs.Be sure to consult with your doctor about the dosage and application of a compress.