Brown or spotting in women after inspection

Most women believe that the bleeding from the genital tract - is a sign of a pathological formation.But it is the wrong idea about women's health.Vaginal discharge in most clinical cases are more the norm for this, rather than pathology.Do not immediately panic in the presence of such discharge, but also ride a similar phenomenon.In most cases, this attitude applies to the appearance of bleeding.

admixture of blood in the secretions

admixture of blood in the vaginal secretions - this is 90% of clinical cases a sign of pathology.A woman needs to know in which cases spotting is a signal that you need to consult a gynecologist.Spotting girls from 9 to 11 years - is a pathology, since this age such a phenomenon is not peculiar.This statement is substantiated by the anatomical structure of genitals, as well as the peculiarities of hormonal girls.How to correct, menstrual function in girls at this age is not available, which means nesozrevanie egg itself.The level of hormonal levels in 9 year old girls is

at the lower limit.If all spotting are taking place, it is likely that, at such a young age, it may be gastrointestinal disease or urinary ducts.Since these bodies are located in close proximity to the reproductive system, physicians consider this fact in the first place.

If a girl between 12 and 18 years, at that age first appear uterine bleeding, which is called the menstrual cycle.But again, if you like vaginal discharge are quite abundant in nature, it is still a sign of pathology, rather than talking about any laws.ESOL girl in 12 years can mix them with the onset of the next menstruation, whereas in older age girls should be able to distinguish the periodic menstrual bleeding from any disease.In recent years, doctors have noted in young girls so-called juvenile bleeding, which is a sign of a complex pathology.Such allocation can be seen in girls at the age of 15 years.Ignore juvenile bleeding is not necessary, as they may later affect the reproductive system of a young girl.If such bleeding does not take place within a few months, then it means that certain functions of the reproductive system in women violated.This may affect the numerous stress, infection, early sexual activity, the presence of psychological stress, increased emotional weight, physical exhaustion, malnutrition.If the juvenile bleeding in women aged 12 to 18 years there in the winter and autumn, this state is usually adjusted with the help of vitamin and mineral complexes.Prolonged and intense enough isolation lead to acute severe condition that requires urgent medical intervention.If the girl promptly contact your gynecologist to eliminate the disease, the chances are high to normalize menstrual cycles and eliminate extraneous bleeding from the vagina.Untreated bleeding during adolescence may lead to reproductive disorders as such, and in the future, this condition will lead to infertility and the development of serious pathologies over the age of 20 years.

Spotting in women older than 18 years

Normally bleeding in women of reproductive age older than 18 years may occur for 2-3 days before the onset of menses.Then, spotting a pass into menstruation and do not cause any trouble woman.Also, like smearing vaginal discharge, in a small volume containing blood, can occur a few days after menstruation.And this is the norm.Such pathological phenomena can be observed in women who protect using the IUD.In this case, vaginal discharge is not voluminous, and are physiological norm - special treatment and drug therapy are required.

Abnormal vaginal discharge

most important factor pointing to a pathology, are overly abundant bleeding.If they are not associated with menstrual discharge, it is the first sign of disease.In this case, the woman needs to urgently address to the doctor-gynecologist.This characteristic physiological state is not only very dangerous to life, but also may indicate that the delay is not acceptable.Blood, having black color, indicates that the uterus destructive changes occur.The sooner you identify the true cause of the bleeding, the faster it will be possible to help you.

very meager selection, which are not related to the menstrual cycle, are signs of pathological conditions such as:

  • Menstrual irregularities;
  • Endometriosis;
  • cervical erosion, occurs in acute and chronic forms;
  • cervical cancer;
  • penetration infections and pathological microorganisms (if fetid odor is present).

If the selection of pink and resemble diluted blood having quite an unpleasant fetid smell, then this is a clear symptom of chronic endometritis or chronic endocervicitis.Very ample prolonged release after the monthly or monthly to talk about dysfunctional pathology.A similar phenomenon occurs in the case of hormonal disorders.Such bleeding must be stopped urgently, otherwise they are a threat to women's health.If this phenomenon will result in ovarian hormonal dysfunction, the result in the egg not mature female respectively ovulation and also will not occur.All this leads to an interconnected chain of female infertility.