Because of what a stomach ache !

Abdominal pain - this is a serious and common problem, it can be caused by many reasons, it is best to consult a specialist who can help establish the true cause of the pain.Because of what is a stomach ache?What part of the reason for the pain?The pain may be given in the groin, it means you have kidney problems, may even go rock.In the cases of the formation of pain around the navel you have a problem with the gastrointestinal tract - colic.

Remember that the abdominal pain may be diverse, because the abdomen has a lot of agencies that are interrelated - the liver, stomach, intestines, ovaries, kidney, pancreas, gall.But the painful character of all the organs are very different and it depends on the cause of fighting treatment, and what urgent measures should be taken at some point.If any of the pain can be saved and home remedies, home first aid kit, and in some cases, an urgent need to call an ambulance.How to deal with the pain in the abdomen.Because of what it was he hurt?

1. First you need to find out where it hurts the most.To do this, you need to attach to the abdominal wall and his hand very gently, prodavlivaya fingers to put pressure on the stomach.Then remember, where the pressure-sensitive most discomfort.The procedure is carried out this should be lying on his back, so relax the abdominal muscles, and is most easily palpated pain.

2. Find out which character is your pain - sharp, dull, arching, knife-like, aching, etc.

3. What other symptoms are there but pain.Try to find out when the pain intensifies.He gives it in some place.Whether there is nausea, cough, diarrhea, whether there is a temperature - these factors affect your diagnosis.

4. Find out when there was a pain in the abdomen.The pain can occur due to physical exertion, exposure to cold, stress or sudden.whether it has changed over time - has become more acute, it dropped to another location.If, for example, acute appendicitis, the pain can descend from the stomach into the right flank.

What are some common causes of abdominal pain?

1. Stomach ache in the pit of the stomach - there is a dull, sharp pain, gives the sternum, followed by vomiting.It arises due to incorrect supply - drinking coffee, spicy, sour, also appears after a strong stress.An urgent need to address to the gastroenterologist.He will prescribe treatment.Such pain may be caused by gastritis or ulcer.In order to facilitate home pain to drink hot tea or warm water better, attach a water bottle.

2. Stomach ache in the right upper quadrant - compressing and cutting pain, which gives the right flank, shoulder, back, chest, and in his mouth there is bitterness, bile vomiting, fever.Most often it occurs after eating fatty foods, alcohol.Most likely, this is cholecystitis.You can take antispasmodic, then be sure to go to the doctor, who should prescribe ultrasound.

3. Pain occurs around the abdomen and covers the entire upper section, gives to the waist, while accompanied by dry mouth, vomiting, pressure is increased.It occurs after the abuse of alcohol, spicy and fatty foods.All these symptoms indicate acute pancreatitis.We need to urgently address to the doctor, because there can be problems with the pancreas, which is very difficult to save.

4. Stomach ache around belly button - sharp, strong and cramping caused by colic, may be followed by chills.It is necessary to lay down and take a pill antispasmodic.You do not need to overeat and overindulge chocolate, coffee.

5. Abdominal pain that occurs in the middle of one side.If she suddenly appeared, and very strong, giving the perineum, lower back, always want to use the toilet - you go with kidney stones.It can be reduced by using warmer, antispasmodic and a hot bath.When the urine in the blood, a terrible and unbearable pain, you should call an ambulance.

6. Pain in the lower right abdomen, which increases when walking and can not be lying, fever, nausea - likely appendicitis.An urgent need to call an ambulance.

7. Stomach ache everywhere, giving to all departments in the company of dry, weakness, fever - peritonitis, which is a fatal disease, immediately call an ambulance.

8. Pain in the abdomen of a woman who appears at the bottom, can often be caused by a variety of gynecological diseases - fibroid, adnexitis, endometriosis, etc.

Abdominal pain occurs for various reasons, but in any case it is impossible to joke with her, you need to urgently contact a specialist who can help make a diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.