What to do if your child has a cough and a temperature of 37-38

Heat the baby and coughing are symptoms of various diseases, most often it is a consequence of respiratory viral infections, influenza, SARS.First, the children observed the temperature from 37 to 38, 5 degrees, then a runny nose, a little sore throat may occur.After the child is going to recover, it begins to move actively and has a cough.In this situation it is necessary to address urgently to the pediatrician, such symptoms may indicate inflammation of the larynx, bronchi, trachea, lungs.

Reasons temperature 37-38 and cough in a child

The most common symptoms are talking about colds, viral infections may also accompany diseases such as rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia.Depending on the disease and its complexity, the doctor makes the decision whether to take antibiotics or not

Methods for treating cough in a child with temperature

If children respiratory viral infection, it is not necessary to use a large quantity of drugs, the immune system has to overc

ome his own,if you start to stuff the child with antibiotics, the disease only worsen.Runny nose and cough - these are symptoms that help fight child with the virus.

When a child with fever to 38.5 degrees is not higher, it is impossible to shoot down, this suggests that the body produces special substances to fight the disease.Give your child as much as you can drink warm if much higher, then there is need to use antipyretics and drink something sour.So not only can decrease the heat, but also to facilitate coughing.

If a child without problems vysmarkivaet snot, forced to do so as often as possible, it is prohibited to use scarves as a runny nose only get worse, for these purposes you need to buy wipes that are immediately discarded.

In the event that the child is still small, blow his nose he can not, you need to wash the nose with the help of "akvamaris", "Salina", "Humer".

treat cough depending on its type and the reasons that caused it.If the child is normal to cough, you do not need special drink different medications, this way there is cleansing the body.When a child is worried about a dry persistent cough, you need to drink as much as warm as possible, physicians prescribe Sinekod, which helps eliminate dryness, liquefies phlegm, in addition mucolytics not recommended.

Note mothers often like to use expectorants, they may be even more aggravate the disease.Due Mukoltina, Alteyki appears frequently vomiting.

important role at a temperature and cough plays a diet of the child, it should be easy to digest, if the child refuses to eat, do not blame him, it is better that he no longer drank.Some doctors say that food even more load on the child's body, he does not have enough energy to fight the disease.

small child who is not yet one year old at a temperature and cough, you need to be on hand constantly massage the back, the breast, so you can help him bring phlegm.At a cold, you should rinse the child's nose, and then to bury his nose "Nazivin", "Vibrotsilom" etc.it is not recommended to get involved in drops, it is vasoconstrictor drugs, can lead to the fact that the child will be taken to the intensive care unit, often due to drops in children's body temperature drops sharply.

plays an important role and psychological support for parents, do not panic, sit and cry over the child, you should have a good mood, charge them and the child.The psychological atmosphere in the family plays an important role in the child's treatment.A week later the child may return to normal life.

It is important to consult a doctor if the child is less than six months, the child is not drinking, he is concerned about persistent vomiting

important at home to cope with a cough and a temperature to help your child:

1. If you need to shoot down the heat.

2. Forcing the child to drink, to protect it from loss of body fluids.

3. Observe the behavior, the child feels.

cough and temperature - symptoms of a cold or flu?

must be able to distinguish between the two diseases.Cold refers to the infection, which may develop in two days.When it greatly inflames and tickle his voice, then he lays his nose, runny nose, coughing child, bad headache, some accompanied by a sore throat.Colds child can easily pick up in kindergarten, school, public place, it is often sick.It is dangerous for small children, they are a complication on the ears, otitis media occurs.Adults get sick less frequently, not more than 4 times a year, usually in late autumn and winter.

Influenza a child runs hard, although the symptoms a bit like a cold.Flu is always accompanied by a high temperature of 40 degrees, muscle aches, trembling.The disease lasts a long time.

danger temperature and cough in a child

It is important to call your doctor if the temperature is much higher, more than 38 degrees, the child's disturbed pain in the chest, the disease does not go away within a week.

Colds always accompanied by such diseases:

1. sinusitis when inflamed nasal cavity.

2. laryngitis due to infectious disease in the laryngeal area, difficult child to talk.

3. tonsillitis when the tonsils become inflamed.

4. Because of pneumonia, bronchitis, when the infection affects the pulmonary system.

So, cough and temperature of 37-38 degrees can be a symptom of the common cold virus, which is not hazardous to health, but also a serious inflammation in the body.Often, severe cough with a temperature accompanies the disease - pneumonia, his run in any case can not, the child may die.Especially dangerous are the symptoms for small children, you need to constantly monitor their body temperature, cough help them, they have not developed a reflex - cough.