Why after a month go brown discharge ?

After menstruation often appears a large number of brown discharge.This symptom indicates a serious disease of the reproductive system.Discharge after menstruation can occur only when they should not have itching, burning, pain in the lower abdomen, the norm when they do not smell.In other cases it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

causes of brown discharge after menstruation

woman knows that month last no more than one week.Brown discharge first appear days after the bleeding stops.They occur when blood begins to slowly stand, rolling it becomes dark brown.If the allocation concerned for a long time, you must immediately begin treatment.Often such symptoms of endometriosis says.

endometritis Inflammation occurs when the body accumulates a large number of staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, they are in the womb, as a result of a woman can lose a child, can lead to complications in labor. Acute endometritis symptoms occur:

1. With the release of sexual appear brown.

2. At the bottom of the abdomen there is a strong unbearable pain.

3. Dramatically increased body temperature.

4. Man is weakened.

If the disease is asymptomatic.Women are rarely consulted with a gynecologist only when it is too late, if prolonged menstruation, abundant, there is subsequently rejected when lining of the uterus.Endometritis appears due to infertility.

Endometriosis refers to gynecological diseases, due to the fact that proliferating cells in tissues, the tumor begins to develop.Endometriosis occurs in the reproductive age of 20-40 years.When the disease menstruation profuse and prolonged.Lower abdominal pain unbearable, with the vagina there is a large amount of brown discharge.All can result in infertility.

Diagnosing endometriosis

establish the diagnosis is possible, using laparoscopy, carefully examine the abdominal organs, pelvic ultrasound is performed.To confirm the diagnosis, you need to take a blood test, also spend Cancer test.If the time to go through hormone therapy, surgery, can recover and to conceive a baby.

Brown vaginal discharge can be a dangerous symptom of endometrial hyperplasia, in which grow inside the uterine wall.If the disease occurs in severe form, it can result in uterine tumor.Discharge from the vagina is odorless.The unpleasant flavor is caused when bacteria begin to multiply.Spin-brown color, which for a long time after menstruation are concerned, may be a consequence of mycoplasma, ureaplasma, herpes, chlamydia.With sexually transmitted diseases, it is necessary as soon as possible to consult a gynecologist, venereologist, taken swab.Brown discharge may be a consequence of ectopic pregnancy, when the fetus is not developing in the womb, and behind it.In this situation it is necessary to have an abortion.

Discharge can occur if a person a long time to take control of a demon contraceptive hormones, they have a negative impact on the body.If a small amount of bleeding with dark blood clots after menstruation, the embryo can be implanted into the uterine cavity.

This comes a week after ovulation, when a woman has had unprotected sexual intercourse.Brown discharge harm the reproductive system.Norm, when a woman does not care about its allocation, the skin is not irritated, contact a gynecologist is no need.

Danger brown discharge

For women such symptoms is dangerous because it can lead to uterine cancer.There are brown discharge due to hormonal failure, cancer of the uterus.In this case it is necessary, as quickly as possible to pass a hysteroscopy, to do this, take a small portion of the endometrium and sent for histological examination.Preventive medicines are oral contraceptives.

danger that the brown discharge are due to uterine fibroids, if it is large, intermenstrual bleeding may occur as a result.Benign tumors grow slowly, have not lost myself, surgery is necessary in rare cases.Diagnose diseases with inspection, ultrasound of the uterus.

Please note that the allocation of brown are often a signal of polyps that form in the uterus occur if the endometrium starts to grow.Benign formation occurs due to hormonal disruptions, chronic inflammatory processes of different pathologies.

The danger discharge only after the person has held a survey, find out the exact reason of occurrence.In this situation, use ultrasound, hysteroscopy, when it detected the tumor.If you have identified the inflammatory process, it is necessary to use antibiotics, immunomodulators, to take a course of vitamins.When hormonal failure, need taking medications that will correct hormone levels.

Brown allocation are an alarming symptom, which should immediately consult a gynecologist.Healthy selection should not have odor, color, if such symptoms are observed, it may indicate a serious inflammatory, infectious disease of the internal organs.Brown isolation often have blood particles, with this pathology have to go directly to a course of therapy, it is serious.It is especially important to observe exactly when you have a selection.The risk of changes in a woman's body so that they can talk about that develops tumors of the uterus and its appendages, which, in order to save the woman's life, an urgent need to remove, for this there are many methods in modern medicine.