Methods of removing a child from severe coughing at night

coughing fits at night violates the child's sleep, do not rush to give antibacterial agents, can only worsen the situation.It is important to find out the reason, only those necessary to start therapy.If the child at night worrying cough, which may result in vomiting, the main thing is not to panic.Cough represents protection, it appears when the inflammation in the bronchial system, the upper respiratory tract.During the cough organism is cleared from a large number of bacteria in disease.

Causes coughing

night when the child is sleeping, he begins to accumulate a lot of mucus in the nose and throat, it is not absorbed, it can stagnate.When large amounts of mucus accumulates, it begins to overlap the area of ​​the nasopharynx, because of this cough is a reflex.

This happens to light when a person lies, mucus and sputum can not dissolve, because this may be disturbed blood circulation in the lungs.Most often the disease occurs in the late fall.

Provokes paroxysmal cough at night cold, over-dried a

ir.Because it greatly irritates the mucous membranes in the throat, so there is a strong cough.

important to treat coughs under the control of the therapist, because often, especially in young children, coughing at night can cause suffocation.It needs to be urgently treated.

disease, because of which there is a severe cough at night

1. If the cough at night triggered by a viral infection, it is accompanied by a bad cold.

2. Cough may occur due to chronic rhinitis, sinusitis.

3. If the cough is accompanied by tingling, tickling, it speaks about the nature of chronic pharyngitis.

4. When whistling cough, it speaks about asthma.If your child has a mild form, except for cough at night, the other symptoms are not observed.To clarify the diagnosis, you should immediately consult a physician.

5. If the cough lasts for a long time during the night, here is dry, it says about the disease - whooping cough.The disease is easily distinguished from other attacks are repeated at the same time, may be aggravated at night.When a child coughs strongly reddens the face, there are tears, lead breath may be accompanied by severe vomiting.

6. When the child is often worried about heartburn, coughing at night can be a symptom of reflux.

7. Due adenoiditis when the mucus enters the laryngeal region, the child breathes the air mouth begins to dry out the mucous membrane, severe coughing begins.

8. Carefully need to treat the symptom, which is accompanied by high fever, deteriorating condition of the child, it may indicate a serious illness.

methods of getting rid of the child from the nocturnal cough

1. As often as possible to water the baby at night.With it you can get rid of dry cough.It is best to prefer warm milk with the addition of mineral water "Borjomi", honey, butter, and herbal tea based on chamomile, rose hips, linden.When the nose is not breathing in a child, he does it by mouth.With the help of copious drinking, you can moisten the throat, so to get rid of severe coughing.If the child is six months, you need to make a decoction of herbs with a spoon, no more than three times a day, for one teaspoon.If the child is an adult, you can make a decoction of herbs on a tablespoon.

2. Pay attention to the air in the room, do not dry the air, constantly ventilate the room, especially when heated room, because it starts to irritate organs of the respiratory system.

3. Often the cough can be triggered by an allergic reaction to an antihistamine for this baby needs.

4. If the child is less than six months in any case can not be antihistamine drugs, rubbing his chest, use steam inhalation.

5. encourage your child to roll over, so sputum will not have time to accumulate.

In the event that after the cough passed the course of treatment does not go a long time, you should always consult with a physician, blood tests, x-rays to pass, additionally you will need a bronchoscopy.

Remember that coughing always says that the body is an active struggle with the disease, so it is not necessary to sharpen attention on the treatment of cough, you need to get rid of the main reasons that caused it.The most common allergic cough at night worrying, so pay attention to what kind of pillow baby sleeps, his body can not perceive with sheepskin pad, pen, poor quality sofa stuffing, pajamas, on powders, which erased bed.If the cough appeared abruptly, please note that in your house there was a new, often exacerbated by allergic redness of eyes, skin problems, dermatitis, itching, redness in the area of ​​the face or body.

child to make it easier to cough, child therapist may prescribe medication drugs in which the sputum will quickly become externally and cough productive cough

If the child has a dry night and it is difficult to cough - your doctor may prescribe expectorant drugs.

at night are advised to use a compress with potatoes, for this it is necessary to pre-boil, cool slightly, add up, grind into a puree and add it to the child's back, first go to the diaper, and then only compress so as not to burn the skin of the child.Top wear something warm to respiratory system are well warmed up.After cooling compress is removed.

Thus, night cough is a symptom of many diseases, do not immediately begin to stuff the child in different medicinal chemicals if he is allergic and you start giving antibiotics, the situation has only further aggravated.The main thing to monitor the air in the room, give the child to drink plenty of tranquility and provide it, often in children coughing at night can be a consequence of severe stress, nervous tension.