Treatment of cervical inflammation

Women inflammation of the cervix is ​​a common problem.The disease occurs frequently, it only treats the gynecologist.Medications may be given after a thorough examination, it needs to go through various tests.cervical inflammation can be caused by many diseases, it is important to know the time, which is why it is so sharply appeared to pick effective treatments.

Causes inflammation of the uterine cervix

1. Because of urogenital chlamydiosis, which can be transmitted sexually, the main pathogen - chlamydia.Due to the fact that inflamed cervix develops vaginitis, adnexitis, the disease can result in that women will start to develop infertility.When urogenital chlamydiosis vulva itch, turn red from the vagina, a large amount of transparent and yellowish discharge.

2. Because of urogenital mycoplasma that can be transmitted sexually, the main pathogen Mycoplasma.The disease ends with cervical inflammation, infertility may occur because of it.Symptoms such as for chlamydia.

3. Because gonorrhea can o

ften cause inflammation in the cervix.Inflammation is often triggered by a sexually transmitted disease, its pathogen gonococcus.When there is a large number of gonorrhea secretions yellow-green, which stand out from the vagina, urethra.When the disease disturb unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, they increase during urination.

4. The inflammatory process is often observed because of urogenital trichomoniasis, which is sexually transmitted.Often inflamed cervix.If trichomoniasis is observed a large number of heavy foamy discharge with an unpleasant pungent smell, then red and itchy skin in the perineum, and then when urinating worries strong cutting pain.

5. Candidiasis is a consequence of inflammation.When the disease begins to develop alkaline medium, because of this protective force of the organism is weakened, greatly irritated mucous membrane in the cervix, vagina, then begins to develop vaginitis.If it appears a large number of cheesy white discharge, perineal felt intense itching, pain when urinating.

6. Bacterial vaginosis often causes inflammation of the cervix, because of it the number of lactobacilli in the vagina begins to actively develop pathogenic microflora is sharply reduced.Because bacterial vaginosis appears suddenly alkaline environment, which caused problems with the immune system, when inflammation develops.

7. Because of the infectious disease.

8. When the cervix exposure to chemicals, when a woman takes contraceptive spermicidal products, products for personal hygiene.

9. Because of the injury, mechanical stress, when a woman wears a pessary, douche after intercourse.

10. In diseases such as salpingitis, coleitis, cervical pseudo.

11. As a consequence of birth trauma - abortion curettage.

12. Reduced immune function, as a result of developing an inflammatory process in the cervix.

Symptoms of inflammation in the cervix

Women of reproductive age often have serious problems with women's bodies.Treat all disease seriously, if not in time to learn about the disease.Please note that the uterus is a specific inflammation suggests that serious disease develops in it.

The main signs of inflammation in the cervix include:

1. The emergence of a large number of mucous, purulent discharge from the vagina.

2. At the bottom of the abdomen appears dull, stabbing, aching pain, which gives to the waist, back, reminiscent of the one that occurs during menstruation.

3. For a long time concerned about itching.

4. The uterus burns due to urethritis, endometritis.

5. Concerned about the constant urge to urinate.

6. Pain during sex.

7. You receive a large amount of bleeding.Inflammation is a negative effect on connective tissues that are close by, and then begins to develop hypertrophic process sealed the cervix.These symptoms appear if a woman has a small cyst.

8. Many women make the mistake when they think that the inflammation of the uterus will go by itself.It is important to consult with your doctor to surrender all the necessary tests, undergo therapy.Duration of treatment will depend on how the disease started.

Methods of treatment of cervical inflammation

After the treating doctor will test the patient to determine the cause of it, because of which there is an inflammatory process.Then assigns the appropriate course of treatment.Often inflammation of the cervix was quenched with local ointments, suppositories, compresses, tampons with herbal infusion.In some situations, hormone therapy is used, whereby not only can eliminate the symptoms, but the disease.

In modern medicine, moxibustion is frequently used, it can not be used to girls who have not given birth.It is best to consult your doctor who will prescribe treatment.Previously the patient must pass all the tests, tests.First of all antibiotics are used, then further prescribe physiotherapy.If inflammation of the cervix is ​​delayed a long time is required cryotherapy.The laser is used only when conservative treatments do not help.Gynecologist often prescribe anti-inflammatory, antibacterial preparations - Terzhinan.

Inflammation can be removed with the help of Metronidazole, Acyclovir, Diflucan, Doxycycline.It is important that therapy has been integrated.

So, inflammation of the cervix can not run, it is important to just take it off, it has not had time to have a negative impact on the internal reproductive organs of women.