Mustard wraps for weight loss

Gain weight easily, but to get rid of is not so easy on him.There are many diets, but they can seriously harm the body.Last time was a popular weight loss, which is used for wrapping the cosmetic procedure.It helps burn excess fat, get rid of stretch marks, cellulite.It is best for weight loss prefer mustard wrap.

Cons mustard wraps

procedure is not suitable for every woman.The tool is a potent, if used improperly, can receive serious burns to the skin.

Before you spend wrap abdomen, buttocks or thighs, carefully read the instructions.You must know how to use the procedure, so as not to harm the health and skin.

Pre-check your response to mustard.To do this on a small area of ​​the skin, apply a layer of mustard, if you have not arisen redness, itching, then you wrap fit.

Mustard wrap burns fat

After weeks of stunning results can be seen procedures.If the course of chocolate, honey, clay wraps is not less than 15 procedures, mustard wrap operates much faster.Please note that often can not be us

ed procedure, only 1 time in 4 days.It is best to wrap mustard alternate with other species, so you do not desiccate the skin.

recipe mustard mixture for wrapping

  • Take a tablespoon of dry mustard powder.
  • Add smyagchitelnoe means - coffee, cream, vegetable oil or an essential oil.
  • Dilute mustard in 100 ml of warm water, then drip a little oil.
  • Add 100 ml of milk, the mixture is the best in the fight against cellulite.

Stages of mustard wraps

  • Clear skin.Be sure to take a shower, make easy peeling.Do not strongly rub the skin before wrapping mustard, then you will not be able to put the mustard.
  • Prepare the mustard mixture.Use a dry powder, in any case, shopping mustard.Select the suitable recipe.
  • Apply mustard, turn around with plastic wrap and Bundle.Lie down and relax for half an hour.The procedure must be performed no more than 30 minutes.

After mustard wraps necessarily lubricate the skin moisturizer, lotion, milk.

Contraindications mustard wraps

procedure prohibited:

  • When varicose veins.
  • When cuts, wounds, allergic rashes.
  • When eczema.
  • When different types of tumors.
  • When hypertension or hypotension.
  • When blood diseases.

procedure can not be used for pregnant women, lactating mothers.Also it is necessary to abandon the use of procedures during menstruation.

Recipes mustard wraps

  • Honey-mustard .You will need 100 ml of warm water, a tablespoon of water and the same amount of honey.Apply the mixture, then you turn around and lodge in the film.Time of procedure - 20 minutes.
  • wrap with honey mustard and olive oil .A tablespoon of mustard powder mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey, add a teaspoon of olive oil.Wrapping perform 3 times a week.The course of procedures - 10. Do not forget, after mixing put it first on a small area of ​​the skin, make sure it is valid.So you will avoid burns.
  • Mustard clay wrap .You will need the black clay - 2 tablespoons water - 100 ml, dry mustard - a teaspoon of honey and the same.All thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin.Women who used the procedure can not get enough results.It is enough to do the procedure twice a week to get rid of excess fat and forget what is cellulite.
  • Lemon mustard wrap .It is necessary to take the mustard powder - 2 tablespoons salt - half a teaspoon of sugar - 2 tsp.Then you need to squeeze the juice of lemon, add hot water - 50 ml.Insist 24 hours.Then add the milk powder - a tablespoon of honey and - 2 tablespoons.The result is noticeable after the first time.Apply the mask to the problem area.The course of therapy at least 10 procedures.

Recommendations for implementation mustard wraps

1. The mixture was applied thinly on the problem area.

2. The film is used to create a thermal effect.

3. Top dressing something warm.

4. actively moving, so only increase efficiency.You can jump, run, dance.It is recommended during the procedure to practice yoga, fitness, aerobics, you can do the final cleaning.

Mustard may burn a little, if it burns strongly, immediately rinse it in order to prevent serious burns.Following the wrap is best to put the cream on the body of cellulite.

Note that mustard is a powerful allergen that can cause skin irritation.If you feel that you can not tolerate the burning sensation, rinse with cold water mixture.Perhaps you have not considered the dosage and put too much mustard.Do not forget to add vegetable oil to the mix.

Impact mustard wraps skin

procedure has a warming effect, improves metabolism, restores blood flow.Mustard wrap valued for what brings the accumulated liquid from the body, eliminates the fat shine.The skin after the procedure is changed beyond recognition, it becomes smooth and youthful.

Thus, if you decide to lose weight, and do not know where to start.The answer is simple.Pay attention to your lifestyle, diet.Arrange for yourself spa treatments.One of the best is the mustard wrap.Women who completed the full course of wraps, make sure that you can at home to get rid of the accumulated fat, "orange peel".Mustard wraps significantly improves the skin condition, it acquires elasticity, firmness and smoothness.Explore all of the recommendations, choose the suitable recipe and enjoy the warming procedure.