Wrap slimming stomach

How to get rid of belly?This question is quite common especially among women.Get rid of saggy belly, stretch marks, cellulite is difficult but feasible.One of the best methods is to wrap.You must first choose a suitable recipe, review all the recommendations, to prepare all the necessary components.

Benefits wraps belly

In the lower part of the body - in the stomach constantly accumulates a large amount of fluid, which is hard to get rid of.Output can only be by means of drainage.Wrapping helps get rid of excess on the abdomen, but it is best combined with other methods.You will need to stick to a diet while additionally perform lymphatic drainage massage, constantly train your abdominal muscles, while working out.

After hot wraps the body is cleared of ballast components.Using wrap you:

  • enrich the body with all the essential vitamins, micro and macro elements.
  • improves blood circulation.
  • rid of edema.
  • Enhances lipolysis.
  • Reduced fat.
  • to get rid of cellulite.
  • smoothes irregularities.

wrap considered the best lifting it significantly improves skin condition, relieves it from different errors.

Technology of wraps belly

  • necessary to take a warm shower, using a scrub, clean the skin, open its pores.
  • Apply the prepared mixture on the stomach.
  • Be wrapped with cling film.So you will improve the heat transfer and fluid flows out from the body faster.
  • Put something warm - coat, a jacket, you can tie the belly wool scarf.
  • Soak for about 30 minutes.
  • Take a warm shower.
  • Apply lotion, lotion or cream that moisturizes the skin.

How many treatments you will need depends on how you started the stomach.Effectively undergo 10 procedures.

Indications wraps belly

  • fat.
  • Stretch marks and cellulite.
  • saggy tummy after childbirth.
  • large number of folds that occur with age.

wraps Contraindications for abdominal

can not perform the procedure during pregnancy, lactation period.Prohibited wrap in cardiovascular diseases, malignant tumors.It contraindicated wrap gynecological diseases, after recently undergoing surgery in a female.

harm the stomach wrap can with skin problems.It is impossible to perform the procedure with eczema, dermatitis, burns.

mustard-honey wrap for belly

This recipe helps remove toxic substances, toxins, improves the condition of the skin of the abdomen.Using mustard, you speed up the metabolism, the body warms up.This is one of the best remedies for stomach weight loss.Prepare a mixture of simple, warm honey.After that you must dissolve dry mustard powder into the water and add the mixture to the honey.Then you need to put sugar - 2 tablespoons olive oil - a tablespoon, add a pinch of salt and vinegar - a teaspoon.All thoroughly mixed, you should get the consistency of cream.

is important to adhere to certain rules when performing the procedure:

  • take a small amount of mustard, check how your body will accept it for the first procedure.Remember that mustard refers to a strong allergen, can cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Follow the procedure only for the stomach, so you do not overload the heart.
  • Start with a small amount of time, 10 minutes is enough at first, over time, increase to 30 minutes.
  • Do not forget to wrap the stomach with plastic wrap and put on something warm.The only way you will achieve the sauna effect.
  • Rinse with warm water only.
  • Walk at least 15 procedures, if properly carry this type of wrapping.

Acetic wrap for belly

Prepare a film, a sheet, a warm blanket.You can use the Ready to shop vinegar, but the best way to learn to do it with apples.It is necessary to take a sheet and moisten it in the solution, wring out thoroughly after her.Moistened sheets to tie around the abdomen, the top and attach the plastic film wrapped in a warm blanket.During the procedure, you need to drink raspberry tea, so you stimulate sweating.Wrapping aged for 30 minutes, then rinse with vinegar is necessary, apply a cream against varicose.The course of procedures - 15.

Different recipes for wraps belly

At home recommend using this recipe: take two tablespoons of honey, a little cinnamon, ginger, grapefruit essential oil - 5 drops of blue clay - a tablespoon.

suitable for belly olive oil with the addition of chocolate wrapping, kelp, cinnamon.First, take a shower, rub the skin of the abdomen washcloth, then apply the mixture on the body.Turn around with plastic wrap and put on something warm.

Increase the efficiency of the procedure will help bath with sea salt.The procedure opens the pores and cleanses the skin, relieves swelling, removes excess amount of fluid from the body.

Please note, if you use a clay body wrap, you must adhere to certain rules.The mixture is prepared with cosmetic clay in a glass container.Conventional water prefer mineral or melt.To improve the effectiveness of the procedure is necessary to use an herbal decoction.

Thus, if you want to have a flat, resilient and beautiful belly.It's possible!The main thing is not to give up.Try different kinds of wraps.The procedure helps to get rid of body fat, improves skin condition.The method is simple and effective.Please note that in addition to wraps you need to stick to a particular diet, exercise, move actively, lead a healthy lifestyle.Before performing the wrapping carefully read the contraindications.