Increased acidity of the stomach : the treatment of folk remedies

Gastritis with high acidity often proceeds without pronounced symptoms.The disease may progress over time, symptoms become pronounced, it all depends on the individual course of gastritis.Some have only one of the symptoms, several other.Gastritis worried unbearable pain in the abdomen, it can occur if a person does not eat or after consuming food.

Gastritis with high acidity appears heartburn, belching.In humans, increased appetite.When severe pain a person refuses to do the meal.Concerned about constipation, and diarrhea.After eating badly sick, vomiting.When a person after drink tomato juice, eat cucumber, feel unpleasant symptoms, this suggests the aggravation of gastritis with high acidity.

Effective treatments for gastritis

1. Take a tablespoon of honey, dissolve in a glass of warm water.Eat 2 hours before eating.The course of treatment for about two months.

2. To improve the condition with gastritis with high acidity helps carrot juice, it includes a large number of vitamins, carotene.Drink

ing on an empty stomach with 100 ml.

3. Gastritis with high acidity often hungry pain, it occurs in the morning or night.After a person has drunk a glass of water becomes easier.If there is a heartburn, it is advised to prepare potato juice.Drink it with 100 ml in the morning on an empty stomach.It is great help to adjust the acidity.The course of treatment is not less than 10 days.After two weeks break and again to drink potato juice.

Prohibited use in the treatment of potatoes, which turned green in his part of solanine - a toxic substance, the person can seriously poisoned.

4. Treat geperatsidny gastritis sweet flag root, based on its make tincture.The tool can increase and decrease the level of acidity and normalizes it.For the treatment used tincture, powder, a part of which is the root of sweet flag.

Unusual folk methods of treatment of gastritis with high acidity

1. It is necessary to prepare the chalk powder, you can use the shell of chicken.The course of therapy a week.

2. Gastritis with high acidity is prohibited to use the sweet, can be left in the diet only bee product - honey.

3. You can use a time-tested tool for healing.For him to take oat flour - 100 grams, the water - a liter, boil all within an hour.Cool, add a little salt, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of fennel, ground walnut - 2 tablespoons.Means divided into 3 times consumed before meals one portion.6 days treatment course.

4. Prepare a drug to reduce the level of acidity on the basis of potato tubers, they need to squeeze the juice, then add half a cup of water every day to eat 30 grams of first, then gradually increase the dosage.

5. Facilitate for gastritis with high acidity is the recipe: mix valerian root of sweet flag, gentian, St. John's wort, Cudweed, watch a three-sheeted, tansy flowers, orange peel.Take 100 grams of the collection, pour a liter of wine "Cahors", insist in a warm place for about 3 weeks, do not forget to stir, the remainder is pressed.It is advised to use at high acidity, with the help it can get rid of constipation, flatulence, heartburn.Drink on an empty stomach, in the evening before going to sleep not less than two tablespoons.

6. Take 500 ml of vodka, pour powdered bark of acacia - 50 grams, to insist in a dark place for three weeks, do not forget to interfere, to filter.Drink 20 drops in the morning, at lunch, in the evening.The tool gets rid of acid regurgitation, which occurs due to the acidity of the stomach.

7. Reduce the acidity will help this recipe.For him the need calamus root - 10 g, vodka - 100 grams, infuse for two weeks.Drink no more than 5 drops per once.It can be used in the treatment of infusion calamus root.For it will need a teaspoon of root, 200 ml of boiling water, all for about two hours.Drink before you sit down to eat.Especially prized sweet flag root powder.For this part of the plant pre-dried, ground to a powder consistency.Take a little medicine, put on the tip of a knife with a glass of warm water.Drink 4 times per day.

8. If for a long time concerned about the increased acidity of the stomach, it is necessary to use a time-tested recipe: a mixture of almond three-sheeted, peppermint, fennel fruit, yarrow, all thoroughly mixed, pour 300 ml boiling water, leave for 30 minutes.Drink before meals three times a day.

old recipes to reduce the acidity in gastritis

1. Take marshmallow root, chamomile, yarrow - all grass mix, 100 grams of the collection to brew in a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour.Drink before eating food.

2. Mix the herb centaury, raspberry leaves, strawberry.Pour 700 ml of boiling water, leave for about three hours.Drink in the morning, at lunch and in the evening about 5 days.

3. The efficacy of this means: take a liter of boiling water, oat flour - 100 grams, a little iodized salt, honey - two tablespoons of the leaves of fennel - half tablespoons, chopped hazelnut, walnut.All use before sit down to eat.The course of treatment is not less than one week.

4. Be sure to include in the diet of a slimy soup.Preparing it is simple.It is necessary to take any cereal, oatmeal, preferably - 30 grams, water - 800 ml, boil all, half the soup must boil over.Grind through a sieve, put the yolk, butter and a little cream.Very tasty and healthy soup recipe that will lead to normal levels of gastric acidity.

So, relieve symptoms of elevated gastric acidity can use folk remedies.The main thing that was a complex therapy, do not forget about the food, it must be balanced, gentle.Avoid harmful aggravates the disease, food.You need to eat often and in small portions.