Centaury - description of useful properties, application

centaury is not only very useful as a medicine, but still very beautiful.He likes sunny places - open edge, meadows and fields.Stem he is a four-sided, can reach a height of no more than 50 cm, the leaves of different shapes, inflorescence white and pink.The plant can bloom for two months - in July and August.To meet this kind of herbs can be in the West Siberia, as in some areas of Europe.What useful properties has Centaury?

Description centaury

plant has a lot of different kinds:

1. Eritreyny centaury is a herbaceous plant that reaches a height of up to 50 cm It differs taproot, entire leaves..The flowers are bright pink color can be collected in a corymbose inflorescence.Fruit - a clamshell box, which has a small brown seeds.Flowering plants can be up to 3 months.As the drug is used aboveground part of the plant, it is required to dry the air in the shade.

2. Small centaury is a low perennial plant, stems and branches differ, they have one single.Leaves collected in the outlet of the roots.The

flowers are deep pink shade different.Flowering plant begins in early summer, he finishes in the early autumn.This variety is found in the West, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia.It grows near rivers, lakes, swamps and suburbs.With centaury can improve the gastric and intestinal operation.

3. Umbrella centaury differs bright pink flowers, straight stem.The fruit is dvuhgnezdnoy a box that has a cylindrical shape.Bloom This kind of may to early autumn.Due bitterness contained in centaury, can increase appetite, enhance digestive function.This herb helps to get rid of worms, because does not contain a large number of gentsianina.In traditional medicine, preparations based on centaury is used for colds.

4. Common centaury is found in the European part.Selects lug, grassy slopes, river banks.This plant is a perennial, has a small root and basal leaves.It is best to collect this type of plant in the fall.With this type of plant can be improved cardiac function and blood flow to establish.

5. Beautiful centaury has a small size, stem branched, no rosette of leaves.The flowers of this species are pubescent and feature soft pink.This type of grass common in the center of Russia, you can also find it in the Carpathian region.Centaury beautiful - this is the best tonic effect, which favorably affects the nervous system.

How to collect and harvest centaury?

For medicinal purposes is used more often an umbrella centaury.

harvested it must be when the plant begins to bloom when the leaves are still green are at the roots.Cut off the stems need to leaves to dry in a shady place.It is also recommended to dry in the attic or a room that is constantly ventilated.Be sure to pre-need to expand the grass with a thin layer.Keep no more than 2 years, then the plant is not as useful.

Useful properties centaury umbrella

The plant contains a lot of different chemicals - alkaloids, acid, tin, resin, sulfur, iron, essential oils.With centaury tea can improve the appetite, restore the intestinal function.Centaury has choleretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.This type of plant is used in bleeding, with the help it can to stop the bleeding.Traditional medicine uses the plant as a laxative for the digestive tract.

Application centaury umbrella

Not only folk medicine uses this type of plant, it is popular and official medicine, preparations based on centaury applied with a strong fatigue, anemia, nervous exhaustion if you are concerned, also with the help of it you can cure flatulence.

decoctions and infusions centaury their beneficial effect on the human body, so they should be used in migraine, sinusitis, allergies and other skin diseases.

Medications with male plants are used for rashes, wounds, eczema, which is a long time does not pass.You can get rid of alcohol addiction With the help of special fees.If worried about the pain in the ears, you should bury the plant juice.

centaury used in alcoholism, using it can eliminate the cravings to alcohol, to restore the functioning of internal human organs, cleanse the body.With centaury can survive the hangover easier.

To prepare the broth will need two tablespoons centaury, 200 ml of boiling water, all should be well boil, brew up to 3 hours.With this decoction can be get rid of alcohol dependence, if its 10 days of use inside.

To prepare an alcohol tincture need centaury, wormwood and thyme, all you need to carefully mix, pour alcohol insist to 2 weeks, take a tablespoon 3 times a day.The course of treatment should be not less than two months.

Contraindications centaury umbrella

This type of plant is not dangerous, but it can not be taken for people who have an increased sensitivity to bitterness, and those who suffer from an ulcer, it is not necessary to think that centaury - this medicine, it is only an additional tool, whichIt should be included in a comprehensive treatment.

Thus, traditional medicine recommends the use of centaury used for heartburn, meteriozme, vomiting, dyspepsia, gastritis gipatsidnyh, dysentery, constipation.When the liver and kidney diseases, gall bladder, diabetes, anemia, as a remedy against intestinal worms, as it is one with the best medications for alcoholism.But the plant should be taken only under strict medical supervision, can not self-medicate.