Galega officinalis - a description of useful properties, application

Galega officinalis is a perennial plant of the legume family.In people it is called milk vetch, a plant so called because that is grown as a fodder and valuable culture in agriculture.The plant is a powerful and branched grass, can reach one meter in height.The plant has pinnate leaves, flowers are bluish or grayish-purple color, they can be collected in the brush appearance reminiscent of bells.Fruit galega drug is a bean, which contains large amounts of seeds, on the sides of his depression.

Description galega drug

Flowering plant begins in June, it continues to sentyabrya.Rastenie found on raw area, near the river, the shores of lakes, wells, also likes to grow between bushes.Distributed galega in Russia.For therapeutic purposes, using all parts of the galega officinalis, this species belongs to the toxic plant species, so be sure to take into account when taking the dosage of drugs based on galega drug.

How to collect and procure medicinal Galegov?

Grass should be harvested when it blooms, it

will require a sickle, secateurs, sharp scissors, cut the plants need just a little bit, do not forget to sort, to get rid of damaged, deformed residues.

After harvesting it is important to cut the plant into small pieces, it is best to dry in a special oven at the optimum temperature - 50 degrees, only so the workpiece is high quality and fast.

After drying the grass a must decompose in the bags with the material, be sure the fabric has to be natural, so the raw materials will be well ventilated, not dampen, will not rot.

The storage room should be dry, well-ventilated, this should be no longer than 12 months, then you need to collect new, because galega loses all of its beneficial properties and can not cure a person, but only to him much harm.Therefore it is recommended to procure a number of herbs, how much will be used by you, you do not need too much.

Useful properties galega drug

For therapeutic purposes, is used aboveground part of galega - flowers, roots and leaves.

Infusion with galega is the one with the best diuretics, antibiotics and anthelmintics.

With galega can lower blood sugar levels, because of its preparations on the basis of this plant are advised to take diabetics.The leaves, stems contain a large amount of carbohydrates, vitamin C, tannin, carotene, and bitter tannins.The seeds contain a large number of alkaloids, because of which can be narrowed pupils.Also based preparations galega help increase the pressure at this narrow vessels.Due to this substance can improve lactation in nursing mothers, and the galega slows intestinal motility.

Application galega drug

Traditional medicine uses the active agents of the galega, this one with the best sweatshops, anthelmintics.

Effectively the plant only when it is used immediately when the disease is just beginning.Nursing mothers are advised it as a means to increase the milk because using it can improve the movement of fluid in the body.

Very good with galega drugs used in diabetes.In the liver, after application of this type of plant can be considerably increased glycogen level, which is responsible for glucose supply.

is important to know that the plant is going to only in clean places away from roadsides, travel part.Because the contaminated plant is not good for health, it can only do harm.

grass galega rich in peganin, using it can result in the tone of smooth muscles.

Medical recipes based on galega drug

To prepare a decoction of herbal plants need two tablespoons of previously dried and chopped herbs, pour half a liter of boiling water.

Boil in an enamel pot.After 20 minutes, strain through a sieve, add boiled water.Drink half a cup of broth should be for sure before eating food, then after checking the reaction to a plant, the dosage of either decreases or increases.

In diabetes well to this collection with galega, it is very easy to prepare, for it is necessary to take 25 grams of green beans, grass galega, nettle leaves and dandelion root.Pour a glass of boiling water, half an hour.

also diabetes treated with infusions from plants, it is necessary to take the dried grass for him, a glass of boiling water, up to 3 hours, drain.

Infusion of galega seeds to prepare it is necessary to take two teaspoons half a cup of boiling water for four hours.

you need 10 grams of seeds, a glass of boiled water, boil for five minutes to prepare diuretic infusion.

With fresh juice can be washed with various wounds and ulcers, it will take grass galega, squeeze the juice, diluted with water, so you can rinse the throat.

Inside juice take 50 drops of juice - morning, afternoon and evening.

grass galega is the one with the best honey plants, flowering plant starts in the middle of spring.Bees can be collected from 1 ha galega to two hundred kilograms of honey.

After the end of the first color, definitely galega mowed, so next year it will be better to bloom.

Contraindications galega

prohibited plant pregnant women, children and nursing mothers.It is also very important to remember the dosage, because if it does not comply, may be poisonous.Galega is contraindicated in case of problems with the intestines, hypotension, hypertension.

Medical consultation prior to use by galega drugs needed because the man himself can not prescribe dosage and self-medicate.

Thus, despite the fact that galega not used by official medicine, folk it is actively used in the medical purposes, because it has many beneficial properties.