Vinegar wraps for weight loss

The dream of every woman to be the most charming and attractive.To realize the dream a reality will Acetic wraps for weight loss.For the procedure to be effective, you must adhere to the key recommendations in its operation.

Preparing for acetic wrapping

For the procedure, you will need apple cider or wine vinegar, it must necessarily be natural.Prepare cool boiled purified water.It is also necessary to wrap the blanket and cotton sheet.Take the plastic wrap.

The solution is easy to cook at home - take a glass of water and as much vinegar.Before the procedure, you need to drink water with lemon juice - 5 cups a day.Before wrapping acetic necessarily warming massage is performed, using glove, massage brush for him.

Stages of acetic wraps

  • Take the sheet and moistened in vinegar solution, then lightly pressed.
  • sheet is wrapped around the body.
  • applied plastic film.

After these steps have to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and lie down so about 4 hours.

You can wrap with the addition of apple

cider vinegar for certain areas of the body.Suffice it for 45 minutes procedures.After the procedure, you need to take a dip in the warm shower and lubricate the skin softening cream.

Note acetic acid may be slightly irritating to the skin, a feeling of discomfort will pass in a few hours.Following the procedure, do not eat or drink for about three hours.

Efficiency acetic wraps

Acetic wrapping is a simple procedure, but unpleasant.First, a woman much shivering after she has a fever, the whole body begins to burn.During the procedure, increased sweating.Some compare Acetic wrap with sauna effect.

results immediately noticeable.Already after the first procedure, a woman loses weight by 1 kg.The body becomes the freshness and smoothness.It feels incredible lightness.

To achieve best results, the procedure should be performed 3 times a week, therapy about a month.So you get rid of 10 kg.Efficiency would be improved if you follow a special diet.It is necessary to exclude from your diet - fats, carbohydrates.Enter in your menu as many fruits and vegetables as possible.

Acetoxy wraps cellulite

for women cellulite - it is a terrible problem.Get rid of the "orange peel" is possible if you use the wrap with apple cider vinegar.Use it to adjust its shape, the skin will gain elasticity.To do this, lubricate the body cider vinegar, then wrapped up in plastic wrap.Take cover with a warm blanket.

Benefits acetic wraps:

  • The vinegar contains a large number of fruit acids, they renew the skin.
  • in vinegar sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, they help to improve the condition of the skin, accelerates metabolic processes in the collagen fibers.

Due to the fact that vinegar has a cooling effect, actively burns fat, reduces bumps, derived from tissue intercellular fluid.After some time, much like a woman gets rid of excess centimeters.It improves skin texture on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.Also, the whole body becomes fit, cellulite disappear.

Contraindications acetic wraps

Many women like the procedure, because there is an intensive weight reduction.The main rule - to adhere to the measures.You can not get carried away too much vinegar wrap, the body can get used to it.

Prohibited Acetic wrapping in such cases:

  • When allergic reactions to vinegar.
  • in cardiovascular diseases.
  • If you have problems with the skin when there is a large number of cracks, scratches, abrasions.
  • during menstruation.
  • during pregnancy.
  • in lactation period.

Vinegar should not be exposed to the mucous membranes.Please note that the acid is very dry skin, so be sure to use after the funds apply to the skin nourishing cream.

Remember that weight loss should not harm your health, therefore:

  • Always follow the dosage, do not overdo it.
  • In that case, when you become ill during the procedure, an urgent need to rinse the vinegar in the shower and lie down to rest.
  • not use wrapping acetic acid, essences, they can lead to serious and life-threatening allergic reactions.
  • Before the procedure, make a test on the individual susceptibility to vinegar.If there is no redness, itching, then you can use vinegar.
  • After wrapping, pay attention to efficiency.In that case, if the result is visible, continue with the procedure, they are suitable for you.If you do not change anything, perhaps, your body does not react acetic wrap, you should pay attention to the other.
  • Combine nutritional treatments, exercise, massage.

Diet when the wrappings acetic

The basis should be fruits, vegetables, low-fat varieties of fish and seafood.When the vinegar wraps is to abandon meat products.Additionally, you need to take fish oil.

can use various cleansing diet -.. Buckwheat, watermelon, kefir, etc. Be careful with diets to get involved is not necessary, it can harm health.For some time, we have to give up alcohol and carbonated drinks, coffee.

Thus, acetic wraps help to improve the condition of the skin, get rid of excess fat.Acetic wrap can be used alone or in combination with other components.Add essential oils, honey, sour cream, so efficiency will only rise.Do not forget to pre-prepare the skin.Acetic wrap necessarily need to be combined with a healthy diet and physical activity.Do not forget to take into account contraindications.