Voronet ( plant) - description , medicinal properties , the use of

Voronet is a long-term view of herbaceous plants, which can reach a height of one meter.Different next, green, large, troychatorassechennym leaves.The flowers are small in cohosh, red or white, placed on stalks, which are large enough.The fruits of the plant gives us at the end of August - the spherical red, rarely black fruit in the form of a pea, they grow on long stems.Multiply, black cohosh may spring by dividing the cluster.To meet this kind can be in a temperate climate - Asia, Europe, North America, Western Siberia, the Caucasus.Choose plants coniferous and mixed forests, clay and clay-stony soil, and grows well near the swamps in the forest.

Useful properties cohosh

The rhizome root of the plant contains vitamin C, alkaloids.The fruits and seeds cohosh is one with the strongest drugs, which affects the central nervous system.But, despite this, the plant is considered medicinal.Harvest roots, berries and grass.

How to collect and harvest black cohosh?

encouraged to collect grass in late spr

ing, early summer, it is best to dry on the outside, in the shade.Radix harvested in early spring can fall, it is required to wash well with cold water to remove rootlets damaged portion, then dried, preferably in a dryer, the optimum temperature is not greater than 40 degrees.

Application cohosh

Traditional medicine appreciate the root of the plant, she uses it as an emetic and purgative, and using it can improve the strength, get rid of the weak, heal the disease of the nervous system.With root treat asthma.Berries help eliminate headaches, pain that occurs in the stomach.

herbal decoction is used in diseases of gynecology, drink it well inside, if the person suffers from lack of energy.Fruits are one with the best anti-cancer agents for malignant tumors that originated in the stomach.

infusions and decoctions rhizomes based cohosh help to reduce bleeding in the uterus, it is also the one with the best means, if delayed menstruation, it is used as a remedy for skin diseases, malaria, tuberculosis of the lungs.

Preparations based cohosh can help cure heart disease, vascular.

To prepare a decoction by roots, you need to take half a liter of water, one teaspoon of dry rhizome Vorontsov, all boiled to 4 minutes, to insist 60 minutes, drain.

To prepare the grass, to grind the dry grass cohosh, pour a glass of boiled water, not less than one hour.

Useful properties and applications of different types cohosh

1. Red cohosh is an excellent drug.A special value is an herb and root of this type, because they contain alkaloids.Broth based on herbs to help eliminate pain in the head and the heart, to heal stomach ulcers, enterocolitis.Broth is the one with the best stimulants, if a person has a breakdown.The leaves are used for poultices, they must be applied to the boil.The dried root can help relieve the symptoms of a woman that occurs during menopause.To prepare the broth with red root Vorontsov, you need to take a liter of boiling water, add back 20 grams of dry root Vorontsov, all carefully boil until that time, until fully boil the water.

2. White cohosh - a decorative plant species, because different poisonous berries.With the help of his decorate flower beds, borders, and a garden.It features white berries, is frost-resistant plant species, reproduces way - by dividing the bush.It is important to carefully grow white black cohosh.

3. spike black cohosh is a medicinal species.At the root, rhizome so many alkaloids.The herb is rich in saponins, trans-aconitic acid.Leaves contain vitamin C. The composition of the seed include fatty oils and alkaloids.The root is very important to harvest in November, the fruits after they are fully ripe.

Preparations based on spike cohosh can help to heal vascular disease, heart.Also, we have shown that with the help of plants can heal various forms of stomach cancer, for this purpose, grass and fruits.Traditional healers using spike cohosh treat goiter, malaria, asthma, rheumatism and other diseases.For infusion, based on the root, you need to take 10 grams of chopped root, pour it half a liter of boiling water.The infusion will help relieve dental pain and nervous tension.

in skin diseases is recommended ointment spike Vorontsov, for its preparation you need to take dry fruits Vorontsov, grind them into powder, add heated petroleum jelly or a natural oil, all mixed thoroughly, persist up to one week.

Contraindications cohosh

This species is poisonous, even after drying it retains a large number of toxic substances.If you do not comply with the dosage with the use of decoctions, infusions of herbal Vorontsov, the skin can swell, sores may appear on it, as black cohosh damages the mucosa.Preparations based on cohosh root can cause vomiting, a person may have trouble breathing.Do not take drugs during pregnancy with Vorontsov, small children, and in lactation period.If someone has been poisoned, he urgently needed help.

Thus, black cohosh is the one with the best drugs, it is recommended to use women if they suffer from diseases of the reproductive system, also used for stomach problems, especially very good for a malignant tumor.Also, preparations based on cohosh can help restore sleep, normalize blood pressure, increase heart rate, relax the bowel muscles.But it is very important to follow the dosage when taking drugs with Vorontsov, because the plant is toxic and may cause poisoning honest, trouble breathing.Without destination specialist based drugs is prohibited to use cohosh.