Anti-cellulite body wrap at home

Many women dream to get rid of cellulite.The best way is to cosmetic anti-cellulite body wrap.Using different recipes, the procedure can be carried out at home.The main thing is to comply with all the recommendations will only be noticeable result.

Recommendations in carrying out anti-cellulite body wraps

existing procedures at the expense of the greenhouse effect.The pre-mix is ​​prepared, after the need to put on the area affected by cellulite.Please note that cellulite appears where broken blood circulation.Wrap restores the subcutaneous microcirculation.

to anti-cellulite body wrap at home to be effective, you must adhere to these recommendations:

  • Before the procedure, you need to wrap a hot bath for 2 minutes.Since the pores expand and the mixture is better able to act on the skin.
  • should be applied on the skin affected by cellulite scrub, after carefully clean it.Pollution should not interfere absorbed nutrients.
  • Apply premix to the affected cellulite skin.Turn around
  • cling film, it should be close-fitting body, but do not squeeze it.
  • wrap in a warm scarf, plaid scarf.
  • is important to observe certain time wrap.It will depend on what type of mixture you are using.
  • After the procedure, take a warm shower to wash off the mixture, without using soap, shower gel.
  • Efficiency wraps increase if you after the procedure will cause cellulite lotion, cream.
  • Anti-cellulite wrapping is carried out 2 times a week.This treatment is not less than 10. When you need to make a break for a month and can again perform the wrapping.

It is important to choose an appropriate recipe, it should not cause allergic reactions.Pre-check individual sensitivity - apply a small amount at first to the body, if you do not there is itching, redness, then blend for you.

Clay anti-cellulite body wrap

Cosmetic clay - is a remedy, which is always a positive effect on the skin.Wrapping fills the skin with vitamins, improves blood circulation, increases lymphatic drainage.The procedure helps to quickly break down fats.

To wrap you need white or blue cosmetic clay - 200 grams of cold water - 100 ml.The clay is mixed in the water, it should get a creamy consistency.The procedure is performed no more than 15 minutes.It is advised to add a citrus essential oil or olive oil.Thus efficiency can be improved.

anti-cellulite body wrap Honey Bee product

actively fights orange peel.The procedure restores blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces body fat, reduces swelling.

For the procedure, you need to take is not crystallized honey, heat it and apply on the skin.Make sure that the honey is not flowed to this immediately wrap the body with plastic wrap.Wrapping lasts for one hour.There are many recipes with honey and other ingredients.Choose appropriate to you. Honey can be connected:

  • with essential citrus oil - 4 drops.
  • With milk - 200 grams of honey require 100 ml of milk.
  • with mustard - 2 tablespoons honey + tablespoon mustard.
  • with sea salt - 2 tablespoons honey + tablespoon salt.

Coffee recipe for anti-cellulite wraps

This recipe not only improves the skin condition, but also charges it with energy.For this recipe will need 100 grams of natural ground coffee, 3 tablespoons of boiling water, vegetable or olive oil - a tablespoon, citrus essential oil - 3 drops.

Coffee pour boiling water and stir, wait for cool down, after adding essential and olive oil.Wrapping stand about half an hour.You can add to the mix cosmetology clay, so the effect will only intensify.

Mustard anti-cellulite body wrap

This is the best recipe that improves blood circulation, smoothes the bumps, wrinkles.The mixture is prepared is simple: take a mustard powder - 2 tablespoons well-heated water - a tablespoon.Mustard powder to be dissolved in water, stir thoroughly, make sure that all lumps have disappeared completely.The mixture should get thick.Wrapping is performed for 15 minutes, if you do not soak, rinse the mixture can be burned.

Cellulite prescription ointment Kapsikam

Increasingly women use this kind of wraps at home.Ointment has a warming effect.For it need ointment Kapsikam - half a teaspoon of any massage cream - 4 teaspoons.The ointment is mixed with cream, then rub massaged into problem areas.Wrapping withstand for 25 minutes.

pepper wrap to combat cellulite

procedure not only improves circulation, but also displays a toxic substance.To wrap need red hot peppers - two tablespoons of cinnamon - two tablespoons of olive oil - 4 tablespoons, ethereal citrus oil - 3 drops.All components combine and mix.The mixture is applied to the skin and held for half an hour.

wraps based on essential oils

necessary to take a base oil - peach, vegetable, olive, grape seed to - 40 ml, add 5 drops of essential oil of geranium, orange, lemon, juniper.Oils are mixed and applied to the skin.To sustain the procedure about half an hour.

Anti-cellulite wrap with algae

For this recipe you will need seaweed - 5 tablespoons and water - 3 tablespoons.Pre-soak for 15 minutes algae in the water, after the cause of their problem areas.Wrapping is performed for 40 minutes.

Saline wrap cellulite

procedure eliminates the "orange peel" for several times.You need to take a sea salt - 100 grams, warm water - 200 ml olive oil - 200 ml.The salt is dissolved in hot water, after the olive oil is added.Wrapping held no more than 20 minutes.

So, all the above recipes to help get rid of cellulite for a long time.