Sophora japonica - a description of useful properties, application

Sophora Japanese refers to a large deciduous tree, the family of legumes, reaching a height of 30 meters.It features a strong root system, broad crown, branched stems.Leaves is elliptical, pinnate, form pairs can grow.The leaves and stems are opushatsya using light pressed hairs.The flowers are yellowish and the butterfly can be collected at the top in thick brush.Fruits are a little over-tighten the club-beans.Fruits contain up to 6 seeds, they can be in black or red.

Description Sophora japonica

Flowering begins in the middle of summer, the fruits are ready in October, all the winter they are kept on the branches.Meet the Sophora japonica can be in Japan, the Caucasus, Vietnam, China, in the south of Ukraine, Central Asia.For

appearance Sophora japonica is similar to the acacia, it should be used as decoration, as well as for treatment.This tree is tall, has a beautiful crown, which is lush, dense and sprawling.Flowering begins in late summer.

Japanese Sophora is called magic tree by it can cur

e all diseases, it has long been well studied there and noticed that a plant rich in glycosides and routines that help to fully absorb vitamin C, it plays an important role in the human body.

Useful properties of Sophora japonica

The plant contains a lot of alkaloids, the most in its seeds.They are a major part of Sophora japonica.Roots rich in coloring substance characterized phenol seeds rich in fatty oil.

The Sophora japonica contains bioactive substances - vitamin C, flavonoids, kaempferol, flavonoids, quercetin, organic acids.The above-ground part has a lot of alkaloids.Leaves and fruits rich in Sophora matrine, sofokarpin, pahikarpin.With pahikarpin can improve the contractile function of the uterine musculature, lead to the muscles of the uterus back to normal.

Sophora japonica flowers are rich in vitamins P, rutin.With the help of these substances can reduce capillary fragility, because it is recommended to use in diabetes, measles, rash, which occurs in typhoid.

doctors in the Southeast Asia say that with the help of flower plants can protect against stroke, strengthen the vascular wall, lower blood pressure.

As drug use flower buds that have not yet blossomed, and the fruits of Sophora japonica.The buds should be collected in the summer, when they first bloom.Fruits should be prepared after they were completely ready, they need to carefully break off and are best cut.

very important raw material, is collected, cleaned of twigs and all the excess, collect sure to dry, it is best to dry in the dryer if it does not, you need to bring the plant to the street, put in the shade, certainly before they spread out a thin layer, not to forgetmix.Store best in special paper bags.

Application of Sophora japonica

The official medicine the plant is included in the "pahikarpin", using it can get rid of hypertensive crisis, relieve spasm of vascular periphery.This tool is effective in myopathy.

Traditional medicine Sophora japonica is used in various dosage forms, infusions need to be used if there are bleeding in the lungs, skin diseases, stomach problems and liver.

drink preparations based Sophora japonica fruit needed if a person suffer from insomnia, and when blood pressure increases, and in order to improve appetite.Decoction and infusion-based Sophora japonica is used for gastric ulcer, dysentery, duodenum and other inflammations.

Also, Japanese Sophora is used in hemorrhagic vasculitis.Their effective use in hypertension, angina, rheumatism, with sclerotic stratification that occurs in the walls of blood vessels, diabetes.

External tincture with Sophora japonica is used in the form of compresses and bandages which are used in inflammatory processes, abrasions, carbunculosis, eczema, fungal diseases, psoriasis.Also, using it can cure baldness, this tincture is diluted with water and it lubricates the scalp.

wounds and burns can be treated with an aqueous solution and tincture of Sophora japonica, and this broth can gargle in cases of sore throats, or, if strongly bleeding gums.

fruits of Sophora japonica contains rutin, which helps heal sores, deep wounds, because it is recommended to use in the form of lotions.They have bactericidal activity because they contain genistein and quercetin.Traditional medicine uses fruit in the treatment of frostbite, burns, psoriasis, lupus.Internally extracts from them is recommended to drink at various bleedings, atherosclerosis, hypertension, angina pectoris, hemorrhoids.

Infusion with fruit Sophora japonica can be treated barley, runny nose, and reduce inflammation with the gums.Sophora japonica extract is used as an antimicrobial agent, is the best remedy against Staphylococcus aureus.

Sophora produce oil with flower and seed.It has akntioksidantnym action.Modern cosmetology uses essential oils for the manufacture of a variety of creams, ointments.

Contraindications Sophora japonica

Despite all the positive qualities of the plant, apply a tincture can not, if the woman is pregnant, and breastfeeding.It is not recommended to use the Sophora japonica, if one individual can not tolerate it.

Thus, tincture Sophora is this miraculous effect on human health.This tool is universal, because it is used for the treatment of many diseases - asthma, tuberculosis, lung diseases, and it is used for ulcer disease, hemorrhoids, scarlet fever.With miraculous tincture can cure many cancers.Japanese Sophora is very useful for the skin because it is often added to various cosmetic funds.