Wolf's bass - description , medicinal properties , the use of

Wolf bark is a shrub that can reach no more than one meter.When the plant is grown under favorable conditions, it may be up to two and half meters high.Spring stalk of the plant is bare, the branches can be seen a kind of pink flowers, they have a pleasant aroma, are located in the axils of the leaves, they can count up to three.The trunk and branches gray-brown color.The leaves are egg-shaped, red fruit, and egg-shaped.From late winter to early spring the plant can bloom is very beautiful, in Russia most often it blooms in late spring.

Descriptions wolf bast

prefers to grow in low-light where a lot of nutrients.Also, the plant is found in the woods.

Useful properties wolf bast

The plant contains a lot of toxic substances, such as tar mezerin, because of which can be gastric disorder of the skin with blisters appear, it strongly reddens.Such a substance as a glycoside dafrin also dangerous because of his bleeding may occur.The bark will keep in its composition a colorant, wax, and resin.The fruit

is very bitter and a lot of coloring matter, essential mesel and kokkognina.

necessary to take into account the toxicity of the wolf bast, take them only after the doctor's recommendations.But at the same drugs on the basis of this type of plant is used as a laxative, and hypnotic medication to treat epilepsy.

Application wolf bast

Externally the plant is used to treat neuralgia, tumors, sciatica, sciatica.This type of plant has a blister and irritating effect.Tincture based wolf bast help cure jaundice, dysentery, colds and sore throat.If

worried toothache, wolf bast help resolve it quickly.To prepare the broth and the flowers of the plant need to 20 ml of water, till all the boil for 20 minutes.Then remove the broth and strain it well.Always dilute glass of boiled water.Broth is recommended to use up to five drops - morning, afternoon and evening.

With powder-based wolf bast can relieve pain in the teeth, cook it is not difficult, it is necessary to take the flowers, then they carefully grind to a powder consistency.Then it can be rubbed into the affected area.

To prepare hypnotic on the basis of the wolf bast need root cup of boiling water, all you need to boil to half an hour.Drink this decoction should be twice daily, dosage - a teaspoon, carefully before consuming food.Before use, you should not forget to plant water.

With wolf bark can cure cancer, leukemia.

especially traditional healers prized bark plants, teas, infusions and tinctures based on it will help alleviate the symptoms of cancer of the larynx, esophagus, oral cavity, the uterus.

Berries ripe as well as have a number of useful properties, they can cure sarcoma.Dried fruit and bark are used for the preparation of infusions.Bark crushed and treated with her breast tumor.It can be produced as pills or concoctions for preparation.

Due to the chemicals that are part of the wolf's bark can cure fever, relieve pain from the chest area to get rid of severe coughing, alleviate symptoms, which occur in pulmonary tuberculosis.Wolf bast treat dysentery, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, scrofula, this type of plant relieves fatigue and improves appetite.

tincture with wolf bark is used externally for rheumatism, using it can relieve pain, relieve symptoms.To cook it you need to take the dry bark wolf bark, pour half a liter of vodka, insist 14 days to as long as it does not acquire a yellow-green color.Then she needs to carefully rub the affected area.It is recommended to alternate with a tincture of peppermint oil, thus increasing efficiency.

to cure epilepsy, it is necessary to prepare a tincture, for it will take up to 30 grams of plant, half a glass of water, insist every 20 minutes, drink one teaspoon once a day.

side effect of wolf bast

Fruits are very dangerous for the child, if he eats up to 10 pieces, can also immediately die.If touches wolf bark, it may be a strong skin irritation, which will grow into necrosis.Due to the fact that the plant contains toxic materials, it irritates organs - intestines, kidneys, the stomach.Also, after the use of drugs based on plants, berries, doctors have to treat ulcers, which are formed in the mouth and throat.They are very painful, heal with difficulty, through a long period of time.

First aid for poisoning wolf born

Due to the fact that all parts of the plant contain a large amount of poison, a person can seriously poison or even die.A very important time to pay attention to these symptoms: severe and acute pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive salivation, urine with blood.A person can die because he had stopped his heart.

therefore important time to render first aid - to gastric lavage, then it is necessary to gradually introduce a liquid paraffin.In any case in this situation, you can not use laxatives.Remember that in this case it is important to stop the excitatory process, which occurred on the mucous membrane in the digestive tract.Also, be sure to give the one who was poisoned in his mouth a piece of ice.The mucosa of the mouth to lubricate dikainom internally drink drug benzocaine.

To avoid poisoning, it is best not to experiment with the wolf born, do not take their own products based on it, and most importantly not eat berries.

Thus, despite the fact that the wolf bark helps to heal serious diseases, relieves symptoms of cancer, you need to very carefully refers to it, because it can cause death due to the fact that it is very poisonous species.