Chocolate wrap - what is it ?

Every girl wants to be beautiful, well-groomed, trim and slim.Naturally, in this specification external advantages should not be overweight, cellulite and unsightly bumps and irregularities on the skin.And here she begins to think, what to do in this case?How to give the skin a fresh look and smartness?And what role is played in this case chocolate wrap?

Useful properties of chocolate

Chocolate wrap - that this procedure offered to women in almost every beauty salon.If not chocolate body wrap, then your attention may be offered a chocolate massage or peeling skin.What is the useful properties of chocolate, unless it is used in all cosmetic procedures?

Many girls love chocolate already in finished form, ie in the form of tiles delicious with any filler.If you eat even a small piece of chocolate, it elevates mood, increases the happiness hormone levels and depression goes away.But that is not all.

In fact, chocolate contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals.In particular, one can find a chocola

te bar potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, as well as B vitamins, vitamin A and E. In addition, it contains proteins, carbohydrates useful, phenylethylamine and theobromine.These materials are aimed at strengthening the human circulatory system, help to normalize the pressure, give courage, strength, and is an excellent prevention of colds and various inflammatory processes.

Besides, chocolate is used in most salons as an aphrodisiac.Few people know that chocolate bar is able to bring a person better than Via-Gra.But in this case it is a question of natural chocolate, rather than confectionery coating, which in large amounts are presented in stores.

In addition, this product is a great aphrodisiac and increases the production of hormones responsible for arousal.

Chocolate wrap - what is the use?

If we carefully examine all of the above, we can affirmatively say that chocolate is very useful for human beings.Moreover, the use of chocolate is distributed not only in the domestic use of it, but also in outdoor.This means that the chocolate body wrap - a true gift for the skin.What can you expect from a chocolate wrap?Let's list the points.

  • Prevention and control of cellulite;
  • Deep moisturizing, nourishing;
  • Finding the tone, skin elasticity;
  • On the emotional side - the removal of the voltage, and complete deliverance from depression;
  • Giving incredible skin smooth and silky;
  • Eliminating minor dermatological problems on the skin;
  • excretion of toxins, toxins and other poisons;
  • skin Aromatization - after wrapping procedure chocolate flavor is retained on the skin for a long time.

Procedure chocolate wraps

To make chocolate wrapping procedure, not to be found in his schedule for a few hours.Of course, if you have the opportunity, why not?But, if you most of the time is devoted to family and work, the chocolate body wrap can be easily done at home.But, it is very important!Before you start a chocolate body wrap at home, make sure that you do not have a allergic reaction to the cocoa beans.Also, before starting the procedure, to be applied on a skin peeling.This is to ensure that all the nutrients chocolate penetrated deep into the epithelium and have it take effect.

How to carry out the procedure at home?

Thus, as noted above, you can easily carry out the procedure chocolate body wraps at home.How to do it?To start, you need to take a shower or bath and clean the skin scrub.As for the scrub, you can buy it in any store cosmetics or cook yourself of salt and sugar, as well as a shower gel.

Next, scrub is washed off and the skin is applied to the pre-melted chocolate.How to melt chocolate?You can do this in two ways: first - is to break a few bars of chocolate into small pieces and melt them in the microwave.The second recipe - do the same thing, only in a water bath.So, you need to spread melted chocolate all the problem areas and then on top of the skin wrap with cling film.

next step is insulation.If you have a warm sweat pants - wear them on top of the film and Wrap yourself with a blanket.During the procedure, you can read a book, watch TV series and 1, 5:00 rinse your skin with chocolate.

Already after the first procedure of this chocolate skin on the body becomes very pleasant to the touch.If cellulite is just beginning, the skin you should smooth out and become more supple and taut.If you hold more than one procedure, but several, then the volume of such problematic areas as thighs, waist, tummy will become much smaller.Of course, any woman after such a procedure significantly improves the mood.Full course chocolate wraps

Do not think that chocolate wrap - it is one of some salon recipe, repeat that you can not at home.There are more than 10 recipes for chocolate wrappings, which can be used at home.

To make a chocolate body wrap at home, you need to take 0.25 kilograms of warm milk fat content and a high percentage of all this mixture thoroughly.Then, this mixture of liquid is necessary to moisten the gauze or bandage and wrap them to trouble spots.Over necessarily cover the chocolate wrap with cling film and leave to warm up under the covers.After about 40-60 minutes, you will need to wash off the chocolate body wrap with warm water.After the wrap can cause further favorite cream or body lotion to moisturize the skin further.