Zamaniha high - description of useful properties, application

Zamaniha high spike refers to deciduous shrubs, family - Araliaceae.The plant is characterized by creeping, long, woody roots.The stem is straight and unbranched, covered with small spines.The leaves are rounded, can reach 40 cm in diameter.The flowers are small, green, collected in the brush, it is elongated and complex.devil Fruits are juicy and fleshy, can have a spherical shape, painted in yellow or red.Zamaniha begins to bloom in the summer, it brings the fruits in early autumn.

Description devil

Distributed by the plant in the mountains and forests, the Far East, Ussuri region.The shrub grows on the steep rocky slope.This shrub belongs to deciduous.devil leaves are alternate, are bidentate edge and long petioles, they are covered with small spines.At the top of the sheet pins arranged very rarely at the bottom can be seen around the veins.

How to collect and harvest devil?

root and rhizome should be prepared in the fall, after fully ripe fruit.Thick root sure to cut along.Stores can be no lo

nger than 3 years, then it loses its medicinal properties.

Traditional medicine valued root and rhizome, their best early autumn harvest.Before drying the root, it is required from land pre-clean, rinse with water and then cut into small pieces, they have good provyalitsya air.Then you can continue to dry the devil inside.

Keep the medicine it is necessary in a dark place, the glass is best to choose opaque.

Useful properties devil

The root and rhizome devil contains coumarin, resinous substances, essential oils, glycosides, minerals, flavonoids, a small amount of alkaloids.

With healing infusion based on devil can reduce inflammation, is the one with the best tonic, anti-inflammatory, stimulating agents, also with the help it can cure diabetes.

Application devil

Traditional medicine tincture on the basis devil recommended for fatigue, which often occurs in pregnant women;and hypotension, if a person suffers from low blood pressure, in depressive states, schizophrenia, heart failure, in cases of physical and mental overstrain, in the disorder of sexual function in men.

With tincture devil can lower blood sugar levels in patients who are dependent on insulin.

tincture devil appreciated for what it is for its properties similar to ginseng.It includes a lot of useful chemicals.

good plant to use women whose menopause occurred, with the help it can get rid of irritability, apathy, fatigue, build a dream, cheer up.If you regularly take medicinal tincture, the woman did not notice the unpleasant symptoms that are characteristic of menopause.

Zamaniha different strong root system has a long creeping roots.It can reach a height of two meters, it is fleshy and soft.The root system is located near the ground.It is one with the best medical means, because it is actively used in folk medicine as a stimulant, tonic medicine for the body.

modern cosmetology uses devil extract it using it can clean the skin, get rid of fatigue and fading.Thus, due to extract the skin smoother and firmer, wrinkles disappear much faster.

medicine scientists proved that with the help of devil can tone up the nervous system, restore nerve processes.But in some situations were seen side effects - irritation and severe weakness, because patients were assigned bromine, in a way it was fashionable to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

tincture based on devil tones cortex in the brain via its possible to restore the central nervous system, to get rid of severe depressive state.

Preparations based zamanihi increase heart rate, stimulate the respiratory system, slow heart rhythm, have a diuretic effect, with the help they can protect the body against a variety of viruses, bacteria and other adverse effects to the environment.

What is the tincture with the devil?Light brown liquid, it is prescribed to take up to 40 drops twice a day for one month.If you treat diabetes mild form, you need to take 40 drops of tincture 2 times a day.

Contraindications devil

Do not take extracts from this plant species with tachycardia, hypertension, if fever, overexcited people, also with the help it can get rid of excessive aggression.Caution should be taken medication in the evening, because it has a stimulating effect, and this leads to insomnia.

Thus, devil is the one with the best tonic and stimulating the human plant.Infusions and tinctures with this type of plants used in the treatment of diseases of the neurotic character, and with their help, you can significantly reduce blood sugar levels, increase the pressure, encouraging and charge your body with energy.Zamaniha the best cure for depression, using it can get rid of such negative emotions - irritability, apathy, increased aggression.Gynecologists and traditional healers are advised to take a tincture based on devil women in menopause, in such a way you can improve the overall condition of the female body, in this difficult time for her period, as the plant makes it easier to go through this period from a psychological point of view - to protect women from depression, neuroses, stressand other experiences.But be careful to take drugs on the basis of the devil, who is on the contrary constantly overexcited and has high blood pressure.