Daphne ( ordinary ) - description , medicinal properties , the use of

Daphne is a small evergreen shrub has red berries.Flowering begins in February or March, the fruit brings in the middle of summer.The flowers vary a kind of petals, they can count up to five, they are fused, where the tube is based.If the plant belongs to the evergreen, flowers he have a greenish tint when daphne deciduous - flowers are pinkish.Remember that the plant belongs to the poisonous species.Meet daphne possible in mountainous areas of Europe, the North America and Asia.

Description Daphne

In Russia, it dwells in the Belgorod and Kursk.He likes to grow on schebenchatoy, limestone soil.Daphne had long since brought the Red Book of Russia.

can distinguish these types of plants:

1. Ordinary daphne is low subramose shrub, reaches a height of up to one meter.The branches and trunk are gray-brown.The fruits are oval, light red.It starts to bloom in late spring.He likes fertile soil, selects the forest, river banks.Most often this type can be found in Russia, the Caucasus, Western Siberia.

2. Borovoy daphne is an evergreen shrub, reaches a height of up to one meter.The branches and the trunk can be covered by a small leathery leaves, the flowers are pink or cherry blossom, grow at the end of the stem, can be collected in inflorescence.The fruit is yellow-red berries.Flowering begins in early May, often can be found on the territory of Belarus and Ukraine.It can be grown in groups, in a pine forest, where average humidity.With this type of plant disease treat stomach, intestine, cancer, stroke, neuralgia.Broth is the one with the best sleeping pills.

Useful properties daphne

necessary wary of this type of plants because there are so many poisonous substances, such as tar mezerin, glycoside dafnin.Coumarin flowers rich in fat, flavonoids, benzoic acid.The crust contains gum, wax and coloring agent.Daphne is the one with the best sleeping pills, antibiotics, laxatives, anticancer antiepileptics.They are most often used as an external agent, it is an irritant.

For medicinal purposes is used the fruit and bark of Daphne, could also leaves with branches.Bark should be harvested before the plant begins to bloom - in early spring.To do this, you need to cut it in the form of strips, put a thin layer, drying necessarily on the street or in a room that is constantly ventilated.

Collect fruits should be done in late summer, dried in a special oven, the temperature should not be high.You should know that the toxicity is preserved even when the plant is well dried.It is also important to perform all the work in a mask and special gloves.

Volchegodnik is the one with the best honey plants, collected his early, but it is very poisonous, because it can become inflamed intestine mucosa of the mouth.Is it safe to apply it only after the boil.

Application Daphne

Traditional medicine tincture on alcohol produces a plant for the treatment of sciatica, tumors, rheumatism, gout, and boils.Since ancient times, using the broth treated with cold, jaundice, insomnia, tuberculosis.One with effective drugs is a tincture, teas, infusions with daphne bark.They are good to use in skin diseases, as if inflamed eyes and lomyat joints.With the juice can cure bite of dogs, snakes, flowers are one of the best with an anthelmintic.To cook it you need to take a glass of boiled water, 4 grams of the root, heated to 35 minutes, for 20 minutes.

To prepare the tincture should take one gram of fruits, bark plant, pour half a glass of alcohol - 70%, to insist 10 days, do not forget to stir, then strain through a sieve.When to use the infusion inside, you need to take a tablespoon of water, dissolve in it two drops of tincture of daphne, drink up to three times a day before meals.

necessarily at the same time water should be distilled, brew up to 12 hours to prepare the infusion need to use the fruits of Daphne, only one gram, pour them a glass of boiling water.Drink five drops, one tablespoon of water.

based powder daphne flowers are used to treat pain in the teeth, for that they need to rub and rub in a site that strongly hurts.Then you need to rinse your mouth with warm water to protect themselves from being poisoned.

Danger daphne

plant refers to a plant toxic mind, because of the pollen when it breathe can cause big problems with the nasal mucosa and respiratory tract, they are very annoying.If a person has used a lot of berries, it begins to burn in the mouth, there are unpleasant sensations in the stomach, vomiting, nausea, man is weakened, in severe cases, it creates strong cramps.If the juice gets into the eyes of a man, sores may appear on the corneas, which are difficult to heal.If the bark into the mouth, it may be a feeling of scratching, and then begin to form ulcers and blisters.When the wet bark touches the skin of the face, her wounds are formed, and then they can fester.The official medicine does not apply daphne due to the fact that this plant is a risky and dangerous to humans, can do more harm to health than to cure the disease.

Contraindications daphne

plant can only be used under strict supervision of a doctor, if the self-medicate, it can result in death.In any case it is impossible to give daphne reproaching mother, a pregnant woman and the baby, even topically used.Prohibited drugs based on Daphne for arrhythmia, bleeding, tachycardia and heart problems.Those who take drugs, it is important to observe the dosage.