Wraps Slimming sides

Boca are problematic part of the woman's body, there is often store fat.Get rid of it will help wraps.For the procedure to be effective, it is necessary to comply with the implementation technology.In addition, pay attention to your diet, it should not be sweet, fatty, fried.Meals should be frequent and fractional.Equally important are the physical load.In the complex you will achieve the normalization of metabolism.

How to prepare for wrapping the sides?

  • Before performing the procedure, consider that the wrap - it's great stress for the whole organism.Hold it must be every three days.
  • Before wrapping 2 hours do not eat anything.After the procedure, refrain from eating for an hour.
  • Before the procedure, take a contrast shower, massage, use a washcloth.It will open the pores, blood circulation improves.Use salt scrubs, ground coffee.

Rules for making wraps sides

  • Apply your chosen mixture.
  • Close skin with cling film.
  • Wear warm clothes because you will create a sauna effect.During the procedur
    e, you not only lose weight, but also deduce toxic substances, get rid of excess fat.

Effective recipes for weight loss body wraps sides

cosmetologists use hot and cold packs.To the sides are more suitable hot procedures.With their help, you can not only lose weight but also to withdraw toxic substances from the body, cleanse it.Woman after a hot wrap feels easy.

Use these recipes for wraps sides:

  • wrapping blue clay .The procedure improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, so she begins to actively lose weight.Blue clay to be connected with warm water, should get a creamy consistency.Leave the mixture on the sides for about 15 minutes.The mixture is then washed off and apply a moisturizer.Blue clay enriches the skin with vitamin-mineral substances.After treatment, the skin elastic, supple and smooth.This treatment - a month.
  • wrap honey is suitable for any part of the body, including the sides.For the wrapping, you need to take honey - 6 tablespoons, to preheat it.Drip essential oil - 3 drops, it is best to use for this purpose orange, grapefruit.Make sure that you did not have allergic reactions.Grease the sides, wrap with cling film.After half an hour rinse under cold shower.Do not forget to apply a moisturizer.
  • Mustard wrap improves the skin on the sides.After the procedure, it becomes elastic, smooth.Prepare a mixture is simple: dry mustard - 4 tablespoons mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil, add warm water, should get a homogeneous consistency.The mixture is applied to the side, after the skin is covered with cling film.Wrapped in a warm blanket, so you warm up more quickly.Wrapping is performed for 30 minutes, then take a contrast shower and apply moisturizer.If mustard begins to burn, it is necessary to wash off immediately.You wrap it does not fit.
  • wrap with cinnamon and butter .It is necessary to use cinnamon in powder - a tablespoon, take the oil of your choice - 2 tablespoons, all mixed.Apply to the skin, from top to wrap oneself with plastic wrap.The procedure is maintained for half an hour.
  • Coffee and honey wrap improves blood circulation, tones the muscles.Honey has a warming effect.To prepare the mixture you need to take ground coffee, add two tablespoons of honey.Apply to the skin on the sides stand for about 40 minutes.

Secrets perform wrap slimming the sides

  • procedures should be carried out regularly.
  • course of procedures for at least two months.
  • not necessarily need to go to bed with the wrapping, you can play sports, perform cleaning, dancing.In this way, you lose a lot of calories.
  • procedure is performed only on clean skin.
  • Before wrapping, do massage the sides to use this scrub suit with sea salt, coffee and other components.
  • wrapping must be repeated at least 10 times for about two months.Often it is impossible to perform the procedure, it can cause severe allergic reactions.
  • increase the effectiveness of the procedure broth with herbs, green tea.

wraps Contraindications sides

  • can not be performed during pregnancy.Especially dangerous hot method can lead to miscarriage.
  • banned the procedure in lactation period.Every woman wants to get back in shape after giving birth, so many did not hesitate to use the wrap.The procedure is contraindicated, all mixtures are in the skin, then the blood.Milk can seriously harm the baby.
  • During menstruation should refrain from wrapping the sides.Sudden temperature changes lead to the fact that pain in the abdomen can increase and allocation will become abundant.
  • gynecological diseases treatment is contraindicated.Especially when myoma, due to the high temperature tumor may grow.
  • wraps contraindicated in allergic reactions if a woman has a rash, swelling, severe itching.
  • worth refuse treatments for diseases of the heart.Wrapping has a strong stress on the heart.
  • Skin diseases are contraindications to perform the wrapping.The procedure is performed only on healthy skin areas.

So, if you dream about a perfect figure, be sure to pay attention to the wrapping.It can help you get rid of such problems like cellulite, sagging skin.The procedure corrects the shape, get rid of stretch marks, swelling.Indications for wrapping is overweight, skin dryness and rashes, stretch marks on the sides after the birth.Consider contraindications to further does not harm the skin.Be careful with the choice of the components of an allergic reaction may occur to some.Check your individual tolerance to the wrapping.