Skullcap - a description of useful properties, application

Skullcap refers to the long-term mean of grass, very rare to find, and a one-year, may grow as a bush or shrub.It differs stem which can opushatsya via hairs are lignified and the upper part near the bottom.The leaves are petiolate, may be toothed and crenate, very rarely dissected and entire.Flower skullcap seems a bell-shaped cup, she bilabiate and has a concave scallop.All flowers are racemose and spicate inflorescence, which is formed on top of the stem.

Description skullcap Scutellaria

Fruits - flattened ovoid or spherical-nuts, can also be smooth, hairy and warty.When the fruit is fully ripe, it starts to shoot seeds.Skullcap has a lot of species, most often they are fine, but a few of them can be attributed to the drug form.

Useful properties skullcap

folk and official medicine in different countries using Altai, ordinary and Baltic skullcap.The roots contain starch, resin, tannins, essential oil, flavonoids, catechol, and a lot of them magnesium, coumarin, saponin calcium.This type of use

ful plants, because it contains a greater amount of copper, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc and iron.

Skullcap has a curative effect, it is the one with the best of histamine and asthma plants.China and Tibet Medicine appreciate this type of plants because it can help to cure the tumor and multiple sclerosis.It is one with the best means to enhance immunity, also has anthelmintic action, because the plant contains glycoside skutellyarin.


skullcap herb is used to treat a variety of disorders of cardiac function, neurosis, irritation, which is one with the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Skullcap has a tonic and sedative is also used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent in the cold and in order to eliminate the headache.

This herb is a universal type, because it is used for the expansion of blood vessels, normalizing the heart rate does not develop seizures.Skullcap has a positive effect on the stomach and intestines, provides a complete liver.

With skullcap based drugs can be removed from the stagnation of bile, constipation.If you take the long-term plant, it does not affect the human body, it does not adversely affect the patient and not get used to it.It is best to use in the early stages of hypertension, and myocarditis.Also with the help it can get rid of the problems with sleep.Skullcap can help improve health and increase efficiency.

Doctors advised to take skullcap during pregnancy, so you can get rid of toxicity.China appreciated the ointment on the basis of an extract of skullcap, it is the best remedy for wounds, they heal faster.Also extracts from Scutellaria is used in inflammatory processes in the lungs and bronchitis.It has been proved that the grass - this one with the best prophylactics against rabies.But most of all it is used as a tonic, sedative and emollient.

skullcap positive side, it has low toxicity.To prepare the infusion based on the skullcap, you need to take a teaspoon of herbs, brew it in a cup of boiling water, up to 3 hours, preferably in a thermos.Drink five times a day, no more than one tablespoon.

skullcap root has long been popular in medicine, he came to us from the East.Harvest the rhizome and root is recommended in the autumn, when the maximum accumulated biologically active substances.The raw material contains large amounts of trace elements and vitamins, it also has a diuretic, choleretic and expectorant action.Because it is often included in a comprehensive treatment of shortness of breath, diabetes, nephritis, pneumonia, influenza, anthrax, cholera and meningitis.

Physicians has experience in treating mumps skullcap.Using broth based root can reduce thyroid does not grow metastasis in malignant tumors.Outwardly extracts from Scutellaria root are used in skin diseases, allergic dermatosis.

To get rid of worms, it is necessary to prepare a tincture of alcohol with skullcap, this would require a dry root of the plant, alcohol or vodka, all pour, mix, insist 7 days, drink 25 drops twice a day, be sure to be diluted with water, becauseso much concentrated tincture.This infusion of skullcap with very important to take to improve appetite, using it can normalize digestion.

it also helps increase blood flow, reduce the contraction of the heart, lowers the tone and relieves spasm in the gut.With it you can cure hypertension, it is for its medicinal properties reminiscent of valerian tincture.

extract of Scutellaria - this one with the best hemostatic and healing agents, it is recommended to take if for a long time does not heal wounds and severely bleeding gums.

With skullcap can heal joints, which were formed after the operation.

Preparations based skullcap will help get rid of excess cholesterol in the blood, protect against thrombosis, is the best prevention against viral infections, and using it can improve the intestinal and gastric job, get rid of constipation.

Funds based skullcap stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, using them can increase the elasticity of the skin.They possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, can be improved through metabolism in the skin extract, the cells thus quickly resumed.

Contraindications skullcap

This type of plants helps to heal some diseases only because decoctions and infusions is recommended to use only after consulting your doctor.

Skullcap can not be used for children who are under 12 years of age, and nursing mothers, pregnant women, and if the person has an allergic reaction to this type of plant.