Thoroughwax (grass ) - description , medicinal properties , the use of

can meet up to several species thoroughwax.The plant belongs to the family umbrella, class bipartite.Kind of easy to recognize by a specific inflorescences.The flowers are small - can be yellow, white and blue, the correct form, bisexual, collected in umbrellas, which can be complex and simple cup of barely noticeable.This type thoroughwax spread throughout the land.In the grass contains a lot of useful properties, harvest root advise the autumn, the aerial part should meet at the beginning of summer, the end of August.

Useful properties thoroughwax

Dry grass contains many useful components - alkaloids, carotene, saponins, ascorbic acid.Also, it contains tannins, flavonoids and phytosterols.Thoroughwax has antiseptic, choleretic and wound-healing properties, using it can bring down the temperature, it has a tonic effect.

Application thoroughwax

Traditional medicine with this type of plant is made with an infusion thoroughwax, it can then be used, if worried about breakdown, fever.The plant has a

laxative, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, choleretic action, using it can enhance the secretion of the liver and pancreas.When treated with medication thoroughwax hepatitis, cholecystitis, can be seen as the amount of bile increases.When its composition is changed, it is reflected on the growth and acid pigments.

With leaves and flower thoroughwax can heal wounds, infusion is well wipe rash purulent character, relieve itching, which occurs on the skin.Root thoroughwax is an effective remedy for malaria.

To prepare the infusion based on its thoroughwax need a tablespoon of finely chopped herbs, a glass of boiling water, leave everything up to 7 hours, drink half an hour before a meal.

Medicinal properties and application of different types of thoroughwax

1. Crescent thoroughwax characterized by numerous straight stems at the base, they are branched.Below they are much wider and higher than the top and in the middle.Have yaytsvevidno-elliptical and broadly obovate.In the middle of summer flowers may appear to have a light-yellow petals, they are placed on low-legged.thoroughwax The fruits are elongated, narrow-winged ribs differ.Growing this type of plants on the territory of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, the Caucasus.He likes dry slopes, chalk grasslands.For therapeutic purposes, using the stem, root and leaves of the plant.The structure includes a root coumarin, a phenolic compound, carbohydrates, adonitol.The leaves contain phenol carbonic acids, terpenoids, steroids, quercetin.Official medicine appreciates root thoroughwax crescent, it is used in febrile diseases.The infusion and decoction has a choleretic effect, via its bile is released much better, with increased bile acid, cholesterol and bilirubin.Preparations on the basis of this kind of thoroughwax recommended in the ulcerative disease of the stomach, bowel, gastritis chronic nature.Due to the fact that the plant contains a large amount of flavonoids, vitamin P, can reduce inflammation and pain.Also, using the herbs treat eye diseases, skin lesions gnoynikovye.Crescent thoroughwax used to treat neuralgia intercostal, hepatitis, neurasthenia.Grass thoroughwax crescent help relieve colds, flu, because it is an excellent remedy for fever.Emulsion with plants, prepared on the water is the one with the best components for injection.

2. Chinese thoroughwax is used to treat many diseases, the plant can reach a height of up to 90 centimeters, it begins to bloom in early summer, after the fruits are ready.Distributed this kind in Siberia, Asia, Far East and Siberia.The plant includes tannins, flavonols.Also Chinese thoroughwax rich in phytosterols, vitamin C, carotene, alkaloids, saykosponiny, essential oils.This type is the one with the best anti-inflammatory, using it can improve hepatic resistance to toxic substances.Due to flavonoids can thin out the bile, so it is a good cure for pancreatic cancer.Also products based on Chinese thoroughwax increase gastric acidity, can change the composition of bile.The plant has diuretic properties, so using it can cure flu, to reduce inflammation of the urinary system.Broth with Chinese thoroughwax help heal wounds, the grass is used for allergic and gynecologic diseases.Grass blagotvarno effect on the cardiovascular system, using it can get rid of the headache, also cure cirrhosis.Therefore, the Chinese thoroughwax is a major component of many drugs.

3. Kozeletselistnaya thoroughwax different single, few stems on it a sufficient number of branches located at the top.The plant has alternate, entire, vaginal, oblong leaves that are arcuate veining.The flowers are reddish-brown in color, are collected in umbrellas.The fruits have two achene.It grows in the Far East, Altai.It lives in meadows, rocky steppe slopes, oak and pine forests, rocks.Grass is the one with the best bracing means.It has an antitumor effect, so it is recommended to use in heart, kidney and heart disease.With the help of herbal powder is good to heal wounds, skin inflammation is removed, it can be cured felon.In Mongolia, the infusion based on fruits and flowers are used to treat diseases of the stomach, intestines, healers considered this a good anthelmintic agent.

4. thoroughwax Martyanova different beautiful yellow flowers, this species is not used for medicinal purposes.

5. thoroughwax rotundifolia is one of the best with lactogenic, binders.The plant is part of the "Pekrovina" who treat the gallbladder and liver.Infusion grass used in arthralgia.

6. Mnogozhilchataya thoroughwax helps to normalize the condition of the capillaries, strengthens the protective function of the body.A decoction of the root on the basis of use when the upper airway is inflamed, it is possible to adjust the menstrual cycle.

Contraindications thoroughwax

plant should be used with extreme caution, if the inflamed mucosa of the stomach, duodenum, and flatulence, dizziness.Contraindicated means thoroughwax purulent, pruritic dermatoses, eye diseases.