12 August

Treatment of joints folk remedies

Usually arthritis joints every person associated with the nagging, unpleasant, dull and quite a sharp pain.It is in the category of "arthritis" in medicine combine all terms and names pains that plague man and give to the joints.Any joint inflammation diagnosed as arthritis.If the person affected by inflammation of the joints more, then it is a polyarthritis.

Arthritis may also occur as an independent pathology, and be the result of severe trauma or rheumatism.Arthritis only flows in two stages: acute and chronic.The main symptom of arthritis - it's a pain, sometimes unbearable.

reasons for the defeat and start an inflammatory process you need to look at the infection, allergic reaction, grass or significant metabolic disorders in the body.In addition, nervous system diseases and deficiency of vitamins and minerals also leads to the appearance of man in his joint pains.

inflammatory processes in the joints occur under the following medical categories: rheumatoid arthritis, gout, infectious arthritis

.Arthritis and osteoarthritis - the most common diagnoses, which are received by a person with complaints of pain in the joints.Doctors warn that rheumatoid arthritis need to be addressed and treated, otherwise the disease will progress rapidly and can cause patient disability.

Arthritis - is a fairly common condition that affects most people, both young and aged.The risk group includes all whose age crossed the mark of 65 years.

arthritis for the past more than one decade to successfully treat a variety of folk remedies.

inflammation Treatment of potatoes

inflammatory process in most cases starts with potato treatment.So popular recipe is as follows: Boil potatoes in their jackets and then mash it in the same water in which the cooked vegetable.Then let it brew potatoes.What is the essence of this treatment?Below you are left with starch, and all that on top - a healing infusion, which can be used to treat inflammation in the joints.Pour the infusion and drink it three times a day for 3 tablespoons.Result: joint pain subsides, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, weight reduction.

Cabbage leaf

If the inflammatory process has begun to spread to the knees, then help will come the usual cabbage leaf, which must be pre-heated over the stove, and on top of the sheet to apply a thin layer of honey.This cabbage leaf you need to attach to the inflammation of the joints and top to tie it all cellophane film or a conventional package.Secure the wrap with a bandage and wrap the knee warm woolen shawl or scarf.The compress should be left for the night.Just 2-3 applications such cabbage compress and the pain should subside.
If you have joint pain is very strong, it is necessary to use black radish, grated on a coarse grater.such a course of treatment takes less than one month.

For the treatment can also be used horse sorrel, which is applied in several layers on a sore joint before the pain subsides.

Mel and yogurt for the treatment of joints

During the last decade for the treatment of used chalk and yogurt.How is their use?Take an ordinary chalk and finely crumble it.After this slurry of chalk, add the yogurt with a high percentage of fat.This paste is really has healing properties.The mixture of chalk and yogurt restores the damaged ligament and relieves inflammation.Gruel of chalk and yogurt you need to put on the damaged joint and lock top tight cling film and then tie it all a warm scarf.The course of treatment is 5 days.During this time, the pain subsided completely.

initial stage of an inflammatory process

If you have the initial stage of an inflammatory process, for the treatment, you can use the following mixture.Take equal parts vodka, alcohol, vinegar, as well as plain boiled water.Mix all these ingredients and a cotton swab dipped in this mixture, it is necessary to rub the leg or arm that you have more than just pain.It is very important to massage the flow of lymph, that is, from the patient's joint to the groin.This way you can be massaged and rubbed joints anywhere in the flow of the inflammatory process.

Potentilla Potentilla - is a plant that can be purchased at any pharmacy absolutely.It is preferred to use the elderly to treat joint pain.From cinquefoil need to make lotions.So, take 100 grams of dried herbs cinquefoil and pour a liter of vodka.Insist that the infusion of 21 days.And then you need to dilute one tablespoon in 50 ml of water, boiled and taken 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.The infusion is recommended rubbed into the inflamed joint and do a variety of lotions cinquefoil.After each treatment you need to take a break of 2-3 weeks.The effectiveness of the plant proved.It acts slowly enough, but very efficient and eliminates the pain in the joints, removing the inflammatory process.Feedback from those who have used the treatment of Potentilla can say that after two courses of treatment arthrosis fully left and did not bother the person is recommended to carry out preventive treatment even after the elimination of pain.

Honey products for the treatment of arthritis

Honey is widely used in the elimination of diseases both infectious and inflammatory origin.In order to cure arthritis need to take bee Podmore in the amount of 100-150 mg and pour 0, 5 liters of vodka.Infuse is curative medicine should be 10 days and then rubbed bedtime inflamed area.Once you make the therapeutic massage, you need to wrap the knee warm scarf.The course of treatment is 10 treatments a week apart and repeated course for him.

With honey can be mixed medicinal nettle seed, and this remedy even launched arthritis can be treated.This mixture is taken orally for 14 days.Also the medicine is recommended to add some dried grass clover.