Lymphatic drainage wrap " Horsepower " - reviews

last few years in the field of cosmetics and personal care have been dramatic changes.In particular, the wrap "horsepower" of the body - this is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.By its action, wrap just enough to use, but no less effective.

What is gel "Horsepower"?This is a special gel, which has a tonic, cooling, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the body care.The composition of this cosmetic product is completely natural - no silinokonov, dyes, parabens.And this is what played a role - the fair sex celebrate after applying wraps improving the overall skin tone, her appearance.In addition, the gel reduces swelling of the skin, removes traces of fatigue and stimulates blood circulation.

effect of

Application procedure wraps "Horsepower" - a so-called cold wrap, which has a firming and regenerative effect, an identical salon procedures.With this wrapping can be resolved in 2 months orange peel ie cellulite.This effect is achieved persistent lymph drainage property on t

he skin.Women in a week note the positive effect - they significantly reduced the volume of the legs and thighs, belly out, and most importantly - start smoothed cellulite.

good news is that after 14 days of regular daily use packs "Horsepower" can be seen in the balance minus 2-5 kg.Despite the fact that the diet change is not necessary, as well as hard to play sports.

If we talk about when all the leaves peel cellulite, the manufacturer guarantees that in a month!But this result will be achieved under the condition of daily use packs "Horsepower" at home.The skin must be perfectly smooth, taut and toned.Rejoice that bad as spider veins disappear from the skin.Women begin to feel more comfortable and confident.

on wrapping "Horsepower»

Initially, the gel is called "Horsepower" was aimed at "reducing and hygienic skin care body."If we turn to the instructions offered by a manufacturer, then it is written that:

  • gel effectively slows down the process of cell aging;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • Increases elasticity of the skin;
  • Softens the skin;
  • moisturizes and tones the skin;
  • Analgesic effect;
  • cooling effect.

If you regularly apply the gel "Horsepower" to wrap, the result would indeed be a more pronounced and profound.Like any cosmetic procedure is important regularity and consistency!This is the key to success and the resulting beautiful well-groomed skin.

Gel "Horsepower" cellulite

If you apply the gel "Horsepower" exclusively for wrapping, the effect of this procedure will be more pronounced.This procedure directly contributes to the improvement and stimulation of blood circulation, strengthens the walls of the venous artery and thereby - reduces the appearance of varicose veins.It is also worth noting the direct effect of the active components of the gel in the subcutaneous fat.That is, it begins a gradual and correct from the medical point of view, the destruction of fat.

Buy Gel wraps can be in both the online store to order, and most cosmetic stores.The volume of the gel "Horsepower" standard and is 500 ml.Reviews of girls who tried to wrap himself, said that this amount is enough for 1 month of regular use.Moreover, the gap should not be done between the courses of such anti-cellulite body wraps.Gel "Horsepower" can be used both for 1 month, and at six months.Experts recommend: if the result after using the gel "Horsepower" as wraps became less visible, you can make a small break in 2 months and then repeat the procedure.The lack of effect may be due to the fact that the skin gradually gets used to the effects of the active components of the gel and did not join with them in a chemical reaction.It is worth noting that the cosmetic product "Horsepower" completely passed quality and safety certification for human use.

composition of the cosmetic product

Get rid of cellulite, tighten the skin, making it supple and taut help following components gel wraps "Horsepower»:

  • menthol and camphor;
  • useful horse chestnut extract;
  • Medical leech;
  • extract of red pepper;
  • Propolis;
  • Shoots of wild rosemary and comfrey;
  • birch leaf extract;
  • Essential oils of cloves and eucalyptus.

As you can see, the gel "Horsepower" is completely natural and environmentally friendly.Consequently, it does not bear any harm to human life and health.

In particular, the horse chestnut has properties such as: strengthening the walls of capillaries and venous arteries;removal of blood clots and harmful dangerous cholesterol plaques.In particular, a medicinal extract of the medicinal leech is aimed at increasing the permeability of the capillary walls.The advantage of using the gel is its pleasant fresh mint smell, which does not cause an allergic reaction in women.Except in those states where the girl observed intolerance to one or the other component of cosmetic products.

Indications gel «Horsepower»

  • Prevention of pain in the ligaments and muscles;
  • Increased physical activity associated with the feature of labor;
  • constant feeling of fatigue, heaviness, leg discomfort;
  • emergence of leg edema;
  • appearance of cellulite;
  • Education rosacea and spider veins.