Rowan Aronia - a description of useful properties, application

Chokeberry, yet it is called chokeberry Aronia, belongs to the family rose.The fruits are used for medicinal purposes, they are black, they are similar to the common mountain ash, although they can be called not a relative.The shrub can reach 3 meters in height, has a concise and compact crown, gray and smooth bark.The root system is fibrous and branching.Roots can not be positioned horizontally deeper than 40 cm, and the vertical no more than one meter.

Descriptions chokeberry

leaves differ obovate or ellepticheskoy form may be solid, simple, ordinary, reaching a width of 5 cm, length 8 cm, at the edges is serrated, shiny, bright green, have sharp tips.At the top of a sheet of dark green, leathery, shiny.

flowers from plants are bisexual, pyatilepestnymi can be white or pink, collected in a dense inflorescence.The anthers are painted in purple color, may protrude slightly above the stigmas.Differ light yellow pollen.Bloom chokeberry begins in May or June, it's the one with the best honey plants.

Fruits brings to 3-4 years, they can gather in clusters, they have a spherical, rounded shape and yagodovidnuyu in the amount can reach one centimeter, and different black and purple or black patina that resembles wax in their composition includes darkbrown seeds.

Aronia Rowan has a juicy, deep red, astringent fruit that can be eaten, the juice obtained from them deep ruby ​​color.Fully ready they are already in early autumn.

First, this type of plant has been extended to North America, then it was brought to the Altai and other Russian regions.Often it can be found in Ukraine.

Chokeberry adapts to different soil, most choose poor soils, as it is adapted to the different climate, loves light and moisture.

How to collect and harvest black chokeberry?

For therapeutic purposes, using fruits, they need to be harvested when they are fully ripe, if you crush them, begins to stand out juice of a dark ruby ​​color, this happens more often in the beginning of autumn.It is very important fruits that have collected, stored refrigerated, not more than three days.Fruits of chokeberry may be stored for a long time due to the fact that they contain a large number of substances that are not allowed to actively multiply microbes.Dry their best outdoors in dry weather, in a room that is well ventilated, or in the dryer.

Useful properties of black mountain ash fruits

The structure of the plant includes a chemical that has a P-vitamin activity - catechins, flavonoids, leucoanthocyanins, anthocyanin.Fruits contain a lot of juice, vitamins PP group, C, E, B, and anthocyanin pigments, carotene, pectin and tannins, that this explains the tart taste of plants.Also, black chokeberry is rich in glucose, sugar, fructose, nicotinic acid and sorbitol.

In fruits of mountain ash are so many trace elements - iron, fluorine, boron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, iodine compounds.Due to the fact that they have a lot of iodine, they resemble the fruits of feijoa, which are used as iodine hub.

Application chokeberry

plant is used as a decorative purposes and treatment.The fruit can be used fresh or dry, the juice is recommended to use at different stages of hypertension, hemorrhagic diathesis, atherosclerosis, hyperthyroidism, when irradiated, diabetes as a multivitamin means, glomerulonephritis, disorders that arise due to the fact that a person receives, coagulating,and in allergic reactions.

With Juice black chokeberry can strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Infusion of leaves will help to improve liver work brings bile.Good to eat berries and juice in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, so you can activate the release of gastric juice, increase the level of acidity, because it is necessary to take time, if a person suffers from gastritis and has a low acidity.

Berries black chokeberry are rich in iodine, so they should be consumed in radiation diseases, problems of the thyroid gland, as well as a prophylactic against hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease.

With juice and fruits of mountain ash, you can get rid of negative emotions, anger, increased excitability, which occurs in the brain.

Due to the fact that black chokeberry has a large amount of anthocyanin, can protect against the development of cancer, slow the growth of cancer cells, so it is recommended to include in the diet of those who are ill with cancer.

With chokeberry can get rid of excess cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, enhance blood vascular walls, making them resilient and elastic.Also, if you eat fruit, you can adjust the endocrine system, improve immunity.Very useful for its use in renal disease, typhus, allergic reaction, scarlet fever.

Besides all the above beneficial properties of black chokeberry - this one with the best hemostatic, choleretic, diuretic, blood-forming means by it is possible to improve the appetite, it is often used in a burn.

Contraindications black chokeberry

in no case can not eat the fruit and preparations based on this type of plants to people who suffer from various forms of allergies, and small children who are not yet two years old.

also black chokeberry is contraindicated in gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, in cases of increased blood clotting, if a person suffers from gastritis and has high acidity.

Black chokeberry is rich in ascorbic acid, because it is necessary to observe a dosage for those who suffer from diseases such as angina and hypertension, because it can increase blood clotting and blood clots begin to form.It is because those who suffer from thrombophlebitis, generally forbidden to use black chokeberry.