12 August

Diabetes Treatment folk remedies

Diabetes is a serious condition that must be constantly kept under control.Lower blood glucose levels are very hard, no need to rush to take different medications, you can try to find an alternative traditional treatments.

advantages of traditional treatments for patients with diabetes

1. Efficient and safe way.

2. Economical treatment.

3. a positive impact on the human body, treats and other diseases.

4. Traditional methods have been known since ancient times.

Herbal method of treating diabetes

Choose herbs should be very careful not to further harm the body.Do not use herbs that have diuretic effects. advised to use these herbs in the treatment of diabetes:

1. Leaves and bark of white mulberry.Bark pre-cut, enough 2 tablespoons of the bark, pour 400 ml of boiling water.Infuse for about two hours, take the morning, afternoon and evening.

2. husks and oat grains.To make money you need in 400 ml of water to brew the oats - a tablespoon, boil for half an hour.Drink three times a day before e


3. Leaves and blueberries help lower blood glucose levels.It should be in a half-liter of boiling water to brew a tablespoon of the plant, all boil for 5 minutes.Drink 100 ml for half an hour before eating food.An effective recipe is based on the berries to cook the drug must be in a teapot to brew 30 blueberries.Drink no less than 2 tablespoons per 5 minutes before eating.

4. vetch is one of the most effective methods of treatment.For the preparation of the drug in 400 ml of boiling water is necessary to make goat's rue - a tablespoon.Infusion drink once a day for 50 ml.

5. Bay leaf helps lower blood glucose levels.It has a hypoglycemic effect.You can use different methods for the preparation of healing tools.To prepare the broth, it is necessary to take the bay leaf - 10 pieces, hot water - 300 ml.Infuse for about three hours.Drink 100 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening for 10 minutes before eating.To prepare, you need to take a bay leaf - 15 pieces, water - 400 ml, boil.Insist 4:00, it is best to use a thermos.In the morning filtered, sip a drink during the day.The prophylactic use of the drug after 10 days.With the bay leaves you can improve the performance, lead to normal sweating.

cinnamon to lower blood sugar levels

As part of cinnamon include phenol, is one of the best antioxidant drugs, using it you can stop the inflammatory process.The spice has a hypoglycemic action, using cinnamon can lead to normal blood sugar.

To make money on the basis of cinnamon, you must take a glass of boiling water, cinnamon - a teaspoon, add half tablespoons of honey, to insist until the morning.Infusion drink before dinner, another part of the night.Cinnamon is advised to combine with cottage cheese, apple, chicken.

diabetes treatment bee Podmore

proved by scientists that Podmore due to the fact that restores the metabolism, lowers blood glucose levels.If the patient will use Podmore, along with herbs and other bee products, it will not only bring toxins to the liver, but also to get rid of fat deposits.

When there is an allergic reaction in a patient with diabetes to honey, olive oil should be used.Most patients with diabetes mellitus atherosclerosis occurs in the lower extremities, it helps get rid Podmore and protect against this problem.With Podmore can reduce blood cholesterol, improve the condition of the vascular walls.

Quail eggs for the treatment of diabetes

product is rich in biologically active substances, has no contraindications.Quail has salmonellosis, eggs from her sterile.

In diabetes need to eat every day not less than 6 pieces of quail eggs.First of 3 pieces, pay attention, they often have a laxative effect.It is advised to eat on an empty stomach in the morning damp.The course of treatment is not less than 300 eggs.Daily use eggs must be within six months.Using them can not only lower blood glucose level, but also improve health.

Kerosene in diabetes

believed that kerosene for aviation - is the best remedy for diabetes.It should be every day, one month course of therapy on an empty stomach to drink no more than one teaspoon of kerosene, after cleaning it.Be sure to drink sea-buckthorn, with sunflower oil.Using kerosene can reduce blood glucose levels, it is useful for the organism.Not everyone can use it because of the bad smell.

Some use kerosene in this way: take a piece of sugar, drip on him 15 drops of.This method is not as effective as the previous one, because it is necessary to use sugar, which is harmful in the disease.

Ancient methods of treating diabetes

1. It is necessary to grate horseradish mixed with sour milk, put in a cool place for a day.Drink a tablespoon of half an hour before a meal.The course of treatment lasts as long as no better.

2. Take the juice of onion - half a liter, rubbing alcohol as much.Drink about a month not less than one tablespoon.The infusion stored in a dark bottle.

3. recommended to use the beans for the treatment of diabetes.In the evening bean pour boiling water.Eaten in the morning before breakfast.The course of treatment - 2 months.

4. Effective means is infusion with kidney lilac.They need to collect up to that time, they swell, then dry in a shady area.In the cup of boiling water to brew a tablespoon of the kidneys spoon.Drink three times a day.

So, are advised to use folk remedies to treat diabetes.