Honey wrap slimming

Honey - medicinal product that has long been used in cosmetic purposes.It has a positive effect on the skin, it clears.Honey wrap restores blood circulation, improves metabolism, renews cells.After warming the procedure body is enriched with plenty of vitamins, derived toxins.Honey wrap advised to perform regularly.So you can get rid of cellulite and fat deposits.

Hot and cold honey wrap

For cold honey wraps May use fresh honey, it should not be candied.Preheat the honey is not necessary.Cold wrap eliminates the "orange peel", activates the circulation of the blood.It should be carefully applied to the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.To sustain about 2 hours.

for skin rejuvenation, with bumps, bumps, using hot honey wrap.Heated bee product up to 38 degrees.Do not overheat the honey, you can get burns.Hot wrap held no more than half an hour.

To increase the effectiveness of honey wraps, it is important to adhere to these steps:

  • necessary pre-thawing, the skin, it needs to take a contrast shower.
  • Using a rough washcloth, make peeling the skin.The procedure opens the pores, useful components of honey can quickly absorbed through the skin.
  • Evenly apply honey on the body.
  • Cold honey wrap is carried out only for problem areas.
  • When hot wraps, honey is applied to the entire body.
  • Take the plastic wrap and wrap her legs first, then the stomach.
  • necessary to dress warmly, go and hide.If you achieve the sauna effect, you begin to lose weight after the first procedure.
  • withstand a certain time, remove the plastic wrap.
  • Make a light massage, wash off after the honey.
  • After wrapping is not advised to go out, the skin pores should be closed completely.

course honey wraps about 10 procedures, sufficient to carry out twice a week.

honey mustard wrap

procedure improves blood flow, it can help to get rid of dead skin cells layer.It is best to use a home mustard, it is easy to cook: it is necessary to mix a tablespoon of sugar with a tablespoon of mustard powder, add half a spoon of vinegar, a pinch of salt.Then slowly pour in the water, should get a creamy mass.Infuse the mixture for about a day.

honey mustard wrap perfectly warms up the skin.After 3 wraps, a woman loses about 3 kg weight.Wrap to hold no more than 50 minutes, so as not to burn the skin.If you can not stand, you need to immediately take a shower and lubricate the skin softening cream.

check your individual sensitivity to the ingredients before the procedure.To do this, apply the mixture on the wrist when there is redness, it is a symptom of allergies.In this case, use is forbidden mixture.

Effective wrap with cinnamon and honey

procedure whitens the skin, exfoliates the stratum corneum it burns fat.The man quickly grows thin, the skin becomes taut and supple.Wraps heals wounds, relieves rashes, relieves inflammation.Prepare a mixture is simple, you need to take honey - 4 tablespoons ground cinnamon - 20 grams.All mix thoroughly.Apply to the problem areas.After the wash and apply a moisturizing lotion.Wrapping spent about half an hour.

Coffee and honey wrap

This procedure is the best anti-cellulite agent.Mix honey - 3 tablespoons with a tablespoon of natural ground coffee.After you must turn in plastic wrap.You can do things around the house.Going to bed with this procedure is not necessary.When you move, the blood begins to circulate actively, so you get rid of the extra calories.The procedure lasts about an hour.Some perform wrap for the night.The procedure is only permitted if a woman normally carries all the components.

Popular recipes honey wraps

  • Milk and honey wrap.It is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of honey with a tablespoon of milk.The procedure is advised to use for those who can not tolerate the burning sensation on the skin.Wrap makes the skin soft, nourishes all the nutrients.Milk can be replaced with yoghurt.Your skin will be soft and velvety.
  • Honey-clay wrap.The procedure does not only improves the condition of the skin, helps to lose weight.There are many different cosmetic clay.Each clay is useful in its own way.Dissolve the clay in the decoction of mint, mineral water, is added at the end of the honey - 2 tablespoons.Wrapping helps to forget what a stretch, scarring.
  • Honey wrap with algae.The procedure will help get rid of fat.Algae pre-milled, after adding honey.Wrapping is recommended to perform at night, it will not harm the skin.

Contraindications honey wraps

important before the procedure, to know if you have any contraindications to it.They should not be honey wrap:

  • in hypertensive disease.
  • women who suffer from varicose veins.
  • When skin problems - dermatitis, eczema, abrasions, mold, etc.
  • Women with a tendency to bleeding.
  • If the skin a lot of wounds, abrasions visible.
  • After any operation, when the seam has not had time to heal.
  • In allergic reactions.
  • during menstruation.
  • When a malignant tumor.

Thus, the honey wrap will be effective only after the woman will take the full course of treatments.It is important at this time to pay attention to diet, lifestyle, exercise to strengthen.In the honey contains a lot of different useful trace elements, after the procedure, the skin absorbs them.Honey wrap is performed most often in the home.Some women rely only spa procedure is carried out correctly there, so the efficiency is increased.