Recipes wraps for weight loss

There are many recipes for wraps, which purify the skin, accelerates its regeneration.Due to the fact that brings to wrap the body excess fluid, toxic substances, the person loses weight.By selecting different components to wrap, you can improve the metabolic processes, to establish circulation.Wrapping rejuvenates and tones the skin, enriched with vitamins, minerals.

Oil, honey wraps

necessary to take a base oil - olive, almond.Once added to the essential oil, 3 drops suffice - lemon, juniper, lavender.Mix the butter and a little warm up.

The efficacy of honey wraps.It is important to use a natural product.Honey, enough to 3 tablespoons, a little heated.Once added to lemon and orange essential oil - 3 drops.

best recipes for weight loss body wraps

  • must take green tea, grind it.Pour hot water.Must get this mass.Infuse about 20 minutes, add essential oil to 2 drops.
  • Coffee Wrap - effective procedure, caffeine can help break down fats.Coffee does not need to cook, you need to take 4 tablespoons,
    pour the milk, it will have to be warm.The mixture is applied to problem areas.
  • Chocolate wrap is recommended to use for those who dream of a slim figure.We need to take the cocoa - 200 grams, hot water - 500 ml.All thoroughly mixed, wait until cool.After the massage movements applied to the skin.
  • wrap potatoes.You will need 3 potatoes, essential oil menthol, peppermint and 2 drops.The procedure to perform for about an hour.
  • wrap with clay.For it will need blue clay, warm water.Everything is mixed to the consistency of sour cream.Wrapping is maintained for about 40 minutes.
  • Coffee wrap with citrus oils.We need to take in water to dissolve the coffee, add 2 drops of peppermint, lemon, grapefruit oil.It should form a paste.The procedure is done within half an hour.
  • Seaweed.It should be pre-crushed algae, add water, a few drops of peppermint.Insist half an hour.Perform an hour.
  • mud wraps.It is necessary to take thermal mud and water.Should get the consistency of sour cream, mix everything, put on your skin.To sustain about half an hour.

Acetic wrap slimming belly

used water, apple cider vinegar, orange or lemon essential oil, 5 drops enough.Take a cotton cloth, moisten it a bandage, apply to problem areas.Be sure to use plastic wrap to thermoeffect.Wrapping is performed within one hour.

Due to the fact that vinegar starts to evaporate, cooling the skin.So the body to maintain body temperature, can expend enough energy.When he recycles energy, fats are broken down.

acids, in which structure the vinegar, improve skin regeneration, reduces the amount of stretch marks.The vinegar contains large amounts of minerals, vitamins, they can be used to improve the skin condition.It will accelerate the development of collagen, the skin will gain elasticity.

Acetic wrap has a small cooling effect, so you can get rid of cellulite.Due to the fact that the skin is cooled, increasing the outflow of fluid, removes it from the body, so a person gets rid of the swelling, excess weight.

Efficiency honey mustard wrap

Mustard warms up the skin, the pores begin to open, increased sweating.So you can bring toxic substances.Wrapping helps to remove excess skin cells from the liquid, reduce weight, decrease in volume.

Honey enriches the skin with nutrients, so you can speed up the metabolism, lipolysis process.Honey-mustard wrap eliminates cellulite.Note that mustard - severe allergy, it should be used with extreme caution.Honey must be natural.The mixture is easy to prepare for wrapping.It is necessary to take a tablespoon of dry mustard, add two tablespoons of honey, a little olive oil, cream, fatty cream.The mixture should be applied to the body, the body of the top cover plastic film.Take cover.The procedure is carried out for about 20 minutes.

main recommendations when performing wrap

  • prepared composition is applied to the abdomen, then you must wrap in several layers, using plastic wrap.Top to hide a warm blanket.
  • should be clearly survive time.
  • procedure lasts about an hour.It will be useful components in the skin and will have a positive effect.
  • can not interrupt therapy.Running about 10 procedures should not be misused wrapping.Also, do not reduce the number of wraps, so will decrease efficiency.Once passed the course to perform wrap twice a week.
  • Prepares skin.First you need to handle it carefully, using a scrub, then steam.So cleanse the skin, the pores will open, accelerate metabolism.The procedure will be effective.
  • During the procedure advised to rest.This spa procedure in which it is important to observe the rest, you need to completely relax.
  • Pay attention to your diet, you can eat as much of the liquid.Avoid sweet, fatty, spicy, fast food.It is advised to drink herbal teas.

Thus, the wrap will help women achieve a positive result.The procedure is easy to perform at home.Earlier it was used for cellulite have proven over time that it reduces the waist.It is important to choose the right recipe, it should suit you.The mixture should not be allergens, they can cause severe skin irritation.Before you perform the wrapping, it is necessary to pay attention to all the contraindications, side effects, tolerability of the individual components.