12 August

Treatment 2 degree burns at home

second-degree burn is characterized by corruption, in which a large number of bubbles is formed on the skin.The most common type of chemical and thermal burns.The skin can be seen bubbles that have serous fluid.It is forbidden to pierce them so as not to infect.The regeneration will accelerate the healing ointment.The best remedy is panthenol.

Causes burns of the second degree

Often the skin is affected by steam, boiling water.In this situation, a necessary portion can be lowered quickly, which impressed into cold water.If you have a second-degree burn, hit by hand, turn on the water and push it under her.

If burned neck, thigh, torso, it is necessary to moisten a towel in cold water, cloth and apply to the affected area.The procedure is performed before the blisters appear, it is permitted for thermal burns.possible to use a solution that has the opposite acidity for treatment of the lesion, burn if alkaline, acidic rinse solution if an acid burn, wash alkaline.The procedure is prohibited at a bur

n eyes, mucous membranes.In this situation, you must immediately call the emergency care, physicians should be aware that you have a chemical burn of the second degree.

Traditional methods of treating burns 2 degrees

1. Brew a strong tea, then take the gauze, moisten it and apply to the affected area.The procedure is repeated up to 6 times per day.

2. Ointment c potato starch.To prepare it, you need to take starch, after dissolving it in warm water, all mixed thoroughly.The ointment is applied to the red skin, can be used if there were blisters.The procedure is repeated three times a day.

3. Flaxseed oil will burn at 2 degrees of boiling water.Boiled chopped onion mixed with linseed oil.Take the gauze to put on it the mixture applied to the affected area of ​​the skin.The bandage is changed every 12 hours.

4. Carrot juice helps to heal burns 2 degrees.Carrots need to finely grate, then put on a bandage.Such a bandage change in an hour.Please note that the carrot juice has to stand on the site of the burn.

5. To compress advised to use sea buckthorn oil.Gauze soaked in the vehicle, after applied as a compress.With the help of a compress, you can restore the affected skin.Used in second-degree burns.

6. heal burns, you can use raw potatoes.For this purpose it is cut and apply to the affected skin.It is advised to change the potato for fresh every 3 minutes.The procedure to perform until the pain becomes less.Note that all must be done in time to prevent blisters.If you do not, you will have to bother much pain.

7. A mixture of oatmeal + potato starch.You must use floor jelly cups, starch - 20 grams.Use as a compress, apply for 30 minutes every 4 hours.

8. It is advised to use a natural ointment for burns.Independently it is easy to do.You need to take the butter, beeswax - 40 grams of linseed oil - 20 grams.All combine in a cast iron cauldron, put languish on low heat.Butter with wax should melt completely, all thoroughly mixed, the mass removed from the fire, put cool.The ointment is not applied to the gauze bandage is applied to the affected area.Change the bandage should be every day.

9. Use ointment, which included beeswax and sunflower oil.For the preparation of a medicament, need beeswax - a teaspoon.All gently to heat, mix and cool.Apply to the burned area three times a day.The next victim becomes easier.

10. Get rid of the bubbles can be using rhubarb stalk, it needs to grind, after add honey - a teaspoon.Use a bandage for half an hour in the morning, afternoon and evening.

11. If you burn the esophagus, the stomach, it is advised to drink eggnog, with the help of its significantly improved mucosa.To make money require egg yolks - 2 pieces, add a teaspoon of sugar.Cocktail drink twice a day.

first aid for burns 2 degrees

If you have a first degree of damage, do not need the help of a doctor.Necessary to the site which burned, make cold, preferably ice cold water can be used.When burns 2 degrees medical assistance is required.After using cold warmer, use a clean, dry bandage.In that case, if medical care is delayed, you need to take a swab and clean swab, moisten it into ammonia.Clear place from the skin, which remained after the bubble burst.

Moisten the swab in hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly wash the affected area, after a sterile dressing is applied, it is used for sintomitsina, Furatsilin, Streptocide.

If you have a chemical burn of the second degree, before the doctor arrives, you must perform these steps:

1. Clean the skin from the chemical.About 40 minutes wash off with water.It is advised to use a lotion with sugar solution.

2. If the second-degree burn caused by acid should be washed with soda solution.

3. When alkali burns the skin is washed with citric acid, boric acid, vinegar.All solutions should be weak, not concentrated.

Additionally, when different types of second-degree burns is recommended to use an infusion mallow, sea buckthorn oil, medicinal comfrey flowers - cat's paws.Do they need to be twice a day.It is also advised to pay attention to the powder with lemon balm, sweet flag root, lanolin.

effective way for burns of the second degree is a paste with onion, it is wrapped in gauze and applied to the affected area.You can try to remedy cabbage.It is necessary to chop the cabbage and mix with the protein, honey and apply on the affected area.

So, with burns 2 degrees is best to contact the attending doctor not to run them, so as not to harm the body.