12 August

chemical burn treatment at home

Chemical burns may be due to alkalis, acids.Burn is dangerous because, living cells can immediately burn, detached from tissues that are healthy.Often burns an alkaline solution, it is a mistake, because it can neutralize the acid, so you can get burned tissue are near.


chemical burns should be considered, if the surface layer of the skin amazed acid begins to form a scab, after treated with alkali, struck not only tissue under the skin, but also the muscles that are close by.

Before you treat a chemical burn, you need to get rid of the chemical, which provoked burn.Since water can be removed via chemical skin for 30 minutes.When the burn was caused by the alkaline substance, quicklime.Please note, the skin in no case can not be washed right away.The hydroxyl group of drugs relates to water soluble type, due to a chemical water more deeply penetrates the skin.

Recommend grease burns, so you can protect against further damage to the skin.It is advised to use different ointments for burns.I

n ointments containing pain medication, using them, you can get rid of the pain.The best way to handle a chemical burn before the doctor arrives.

first step is to stop contact with different kinds of chemicals.After iodine treat a wound.The patient has to take pain medication.Houses are advised to use in the treatment of chemical burns - sea buckthorn oil, using it can get rid of the itching, a decoction is used for lotions.

rules of treatment of chemical burns

Please note that this defeat is very dangerous.Effective treatment will or not depends on how well the first-aid, when the skin has been cleaned from the substance was given, how quickly.

Affected burn those people who are constantly working with chemicals.Pain can be removed with water, it also cools the skin that is damaged.

victim must go to the clinic, through time may appear serious problems due to the burn.If the skin is struck by acid should be washed her soda, then ammonia diluted with water, wet the swab in it and attach to the affected area.

caustic burns are advised to wash the citric acid, acetic acid.The skin that is damaged herbicides, pesticides need to process gasoline, ethanol.

chemical burns When used for treating the aqueous solution with iodine, the drugs in the composition, which silver.With them, you can disinfect damaged skin and dry it.If burns strong, the drug must be taken painkillers.

House heal burned skin, you can use oil solution - sea buckthorn, vitamin E. Pre-put it on the gauze, attached to the treated skin.

To get rid of an itch, it is recommended to use a decoction of oak bark.Take a tablespoon of dry oak bark, pour 250 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat for 5 minutes.Filtered and used as a lotion.

First aid for chemical burns

recommended to use antiseptic bandage, gauze also helps with the antibiotic.Clothing purified from chemical after washed with water.Acid burns can be treated with a sterile bandage using sodium bicarbonate solution.

alkali burns can be cured with the help of a weak vinegar solution.Use painkillers drugs.Be sure to take Demidrol, Tempalgin, acetylsalicylic acid.Before the ambulance arrives, be sure to drink as much hot tea and coffee.

Relieve symptoms, you can use the reception of alkaline mineral water, iodized salt, and baking soda mixture.When the pain is unbearable, there is a painful shock, you need to enter under the skin of morphine.

use of different methods of treatment for chemical burns

All methods can be divided into open and operational, mixed, closed.If the burn is deep, using an operational method.In the combined treatment is used as dressing with different drugs.

Due to the fact that the infection hits the surface of the burn, the skin condition is exacerbated burn treated with tanning agents.

Private method uses as sprays, emulsions.With the treatment of infection can be avoided, the method can be used in different places.Modern medicine uses this method: take plastic, fibrinous film, injected antibiotics or antimicrobial agent under it.The tool will help to prevent wound infection.

drugs in chemical burns

before use of the drug, you must know how difficult the illness, how it is expressed:

1. Dexpanthenol is one of the best anti-inflammatory drugs, with which you can speed up the regeneration of the skin.

2. Antiseptic drugs help heal burns.

3. Preparations based on vegetable oil, which is composed of vitamin A, B, E.

4. Mefenat refers to pain medication drug.It has anti-inflammatory effects.Recommend use Levosin, Dioksizol, olazol.All drugs have a healing effect, using it can improve skin conditions such as eczema, trophic ulcers, dermatosis.

5. Aktovegin helps to restore the skin.It contains the blood of calves.Use is recommended for inflammation of the skin, mucous membranes.

6. If a chemical burn the surface, it is advised to use herbal remedies - Sudocrem, Alfogin, Panthenol.This is the best pain relievers, anti-microbial, wound-healing medicines.

7. Miramistin advised to use if the burn begins to fester.

So, chemical burn can greatly affect the skin, it is important to treat it in time, so that she could recover.