12 August

fungus Treatment folk remedies

various folk methods of treating fungus, athlete's foot medical terms, or ringworm of the foot have been used for more than one decade.Their effectiveness is on par with drug treatment, which is why many prefer this particular therapy.

causes of fungal infections

The most common manifestation of the fungus is a fungus of the foot.First of all, it is associated with a high risk of fungal infection through household way of personal hygiene products - towels, shoes, dirty floor.A person can "catch" infection during a visit to the bath, salon (pedicure holding untreated subjects), beaches, public spirit, etc.

If the fungus gets on your skin stop the progression of the disease may not start if the human skin is completely healthy.Triggering factor for the development of the fungus are:

  • very tight and uncomfortable shoes;
  • Different corns on the feet;
  • Scratches;
  • Cracks on the feet;
  • Sloppy manicure that provides access to skin infections and human blood;
  • significant reduction in the human immune sy
    stem in winter, as well as the stress period, nervous shock, shock, diabetes.Low immunity in people with alcoholism.

Forms fungus

classify fungal infection can be, depending on the type of pathogen.Infectious agent is a dermatophyte fungus feet.So, here are 3 classifications:

  • Onychomycosis is a fungus or nail plate.Manifested externally infectious process clouding of the nail, the nail later begins to turn yellow and covered with spots.It is possible that the nail surface may darken until the appearance of black.Naturally, the whole process is accompanied by deformation of the nail, and severe pain.The nail gradually thins and thickens.All this leads to the fact that the person (if not start treatment) can and do go without nail plate.
  • appearance of the fungus between the toes, which manifests itself in the form of redness and peeling of the skin, severe itching and burning.More recently, with the development of the disease, the site of infection appear bubbles filled with a transparent liquid.Later, the liquid becomes turbid and dark, indicating a progression of the infection process.As a result, a person may be formed between the fingers sufficiently painful fractures that have yet rim of healthy skin.
  • foot fungus begins with itching stops after skin peeling and it appeared red spots.The skin on the foot begins to thicken and eventually peel off dead cells from the feet.Legs with very fetid exude an unpleasant smell, which indicates the final foot infection.

Stages defeat

fungus fungus like infectious nature of the disease has several stages:

  • erased form of manifestation of fungal infection manifests itself in the form of flaking on the heel and between the toes and lateral surfaces.In this specific pain a person is not experiencing.
  • hyperkeratotic form of transmission of fungal infection manifests itself as follows: the skin on the feet is much thicker, and the folds appear peeling.The skin begins to be covered with scales that are rapidly exfoliate.All of this condition in humans is accompanied by severe itching and pain.The skin is dry and painfully stretched.
  • intertriginoznoy form of infection manifests as reddening of the skin between the toes.The epidermis starts to rapidly exfoliate, and all this leads to severe pain.
  • Disgidroticheskaya form of fungal infection begins with the formation of bubbles filled with a clear liquid.If they are open, you can see the bare skin, around which there is peeling.This may occur extremity edema, severe pain, itching, and an increase in body temperature.

Traditional methods for the treatment of foot fungus treatment

foot fungus or ringworm disease can be cured, despite the complexity of the disease.The main thing - seriously and responsibly begin treatment.So, if your medicine cabinet have potassium permanganate or in "potassium permanganate" people, then it will certainly take advantage of, because it is - the best way to fight against the majority of skin infections and pathological processes.Rasparte good feet in soda solution (5 liters of water half a cup of baking soda) and wrap them with cheesecloth.Pre-soak the gauze should be saturated in a pink solution of manganese.With the compress on your feet you need to spend the night.On the morning of his feet should be lubricated with ointment with zinc, which is sold in pharmacies and costs mere pennies.The ointment can be applied to the legs and top wear socks.Walk way to the whole day, both at home and at work.

all affected areas, flaking and irritation must-prodezenfitsirovat.For this purpose the ideal solution of iodine.Treating the affected area should be 2 times a day - morning and evening.This can be done after you steam the legs in a soda solution as described above.

actively fight infection ammonia and sea salt.Prepare a bath of 1 tspsalt in 1 liter of water and poparte feet in this solution for 2 weeks.After take 1 tablespoon ammonia and dissolve it in a glass of warm water.Saturate ammonia gauze and wrap the legs on the principle of socks.

to treat fungus and eliminate infections can make a so-called anti-fungal mixture.To do this, take equal parts of iodine, glycerin and vinegar.All this must be diluted with two parts of lukewarm water and stir.Then all you need to also act as described above.Rasparte legs and rub their antifungal mixture.such a course of treatment is 10 days.

also to the affected areas can apply a paste of baking soda and baby powder.