12 August

A few words about good and bad habits

Bad habits people faster gains than helpful, they are very hard to get rid of, for this we have to put a lot of effort.Scientists have proved that a man accustomed to good habits, you need a few months or years, but harmful enough to be a week.To do this, we conducted a special study.We had every morning to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice and run.Some do only part of the job, while others did not do it consistently, and in a few days.Accustomed all only 4 months later.

Bad habits - smoking, alcohol, delicious food produce the hormone of happiness, they are virtually impossible to get rid of.

What is called a habit?

Pro habit can say when a person constantly, he is not thinking of it performs the same action at the same time not making a special effort.

habit can easily appear.For example, when a person just learning to drive a car, it would be hard to get used to everything, in the future, it is all done automatically.From

habits, especially bad is very difficult to break the habit, it ne

eds to constantly monitor themselves.

Bad habits human

This type of negative impact on human life, bad habits do not give a fully realized life, bring a lot of problems both themselves and people around them.The hazards of such habits as smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, drug and play addiction, drug abuse, overeating.Not so dangerous, but still unpleasant are those habits - laughter, rudeness, bad manners.

Habit psychologists regarded as a disease they believe that they should be treated.It is believed if a person is exposed to them, so he has not okay with the psyche, it has an unstable nervous system.For example, we can talk about the breakdown, if a person constantly bites his nails, picks his nose, aggressive behavior, overeating, quips, jealous of that, a lot of work and little sleep.

Useful Habits human

It is very important to work out at this kind of habit, and you will immediately notice how your life has changed for the better, because with the help of good habits can improve your health, to find the beauty and feellike a complete person.

What good habits can be identified?

1. Get up as soon as possible, successful is the man who sleeps 7 hours a day, because he manages to do, and feels good.He who sleeps until one o'clock and goes to bed late, can not achieve the desired goals in life, because of this, he having different problems and troubles.

2. Eating should be useful, balanced and rational.Avoid fried, spicy, smoked, replace these foods with fruits, vegetables.No need to constantly abuse fast food, Pepsi and other products, which not only spoil your appearance, but also affect the health.It is best to use different cereals, they are very useful, and freshly squeezed juices, vitamins, minerals.And most importantly, know when to stop eating, do not overeat - it is very harmful and dangerous habit.Do not forget to eat breakfast, that morning you saturate the body with energy.

3. Rejoice that you have, be grateful to everyone and everything.This habit is very difficult to have to work out themselves.But you know, in nature there is an exchange energy law that says how much you give, and you get so much.If you are constantly positive, share his joy with others, give their energy to people, it comes back to you right away, you are less sick.People who are constantly accumulating a negative, jealousy, envy and hatred are not happy, they have a number of different diseases, it has proven they are often prone to cancer.So you need to enjoy everything.

4. Do not envy other people's lives, pay attention to your life.

5. Try to do more than planned, then you will not be late anywhere, worry, and stress testing.

6. To live you need today, it is not necessary to wait for what will have to enjoy what is here and now.Because, if one hopes that in the future the way he wants, but it does not work, he begins to worry and can acquire depression.

7. You can not live in the past, this is a very bad habit, even worse when a person lives the future, because in front of a man no new opportunities, he begins to withdraw into himself, does not move forward, it is very dangerous for the psyche.

8. Stay optimistic, do not need to inject themselves with negative thoughts, try to look at the problem at all in another way, then be happy and healthy.It has been proved by scientists, that pessimists lot more diseases than the optimists.

9. Engage favorite sport.

10. As much as possible walk in the fresh air as it fills your body with the right amount of oxygen.

How to develop a useful habit and get rid of the bad?

Remember, it all depends on you, you need sufficient time, will power.To get rid of a bad habit, you need to do to create special conditions, if you want to quit smoking, do not pay attention to the store for cigarettes, buy something else.When you want to eat less, skimp on the week and put in the fridge only useful products.

Constantly monitor your subconscious mind, if you can not do it yourself, ask for help from a loved one.

Well helps method of self-hypnosis, for this you need to sit down relax and start to clear your head from all extraneous thoughts, turn off all that you suffer, so sit up to 10 minutes.Remember you should not interfere with anything, because the place has to be calm and quiet.Then imagine yourself without bad habits, convince myself that your life will improve for the better, as you will be fine without alcohol, smoking, etc.Imagine yourself successful and happy man, you have it turned out, it means that your effective self-hypnosis.

Therefore, make sure that there was more good habits than bad in your life.