12 August

How to get rid of tired legs ?

fatigue in the legs worries many, it occurs due to various reasons - uncomfortable shoes, hot weather, like soon get rid of it, but how to do it correctly.There are many ways in which one can forget discomfort for a long time.These include contrast showers, special exercises, herbal teas herbal, special massage.This reliable and effective methods that will soon help you forget for fatigue in the legs.

Contrast baths with fatigue in the legs

Remove the weight, strong power to help contrast baths for feet.For them, it is necessary to take warm and cold water.By lowering the queue in the cold, then warm water feet.The procedure should take no less than 15 minutes.Check out the must-cold water.Legs should be rubbed with a towel, apply a nourishing cream.This method is reliable and proven.

raised legs up

As soon as you come home from work, raise a half hour legs up high, they can be put on a pillow or other hill.With this procedure, normal blood circulation and swelling goes away quickly.

Herbal decoctions of fatigue in the legs

must take chamomile, mint sage, pour boiling water over all, rather one liter.Insist and broth to cool, pour it into a bowl, add the warm water.After 15 minutes you will be able to relax.Good honey added to the broth, so the effect is further improved.

also well to the ice of the frozen broth, if you hard, you are very tired, you need to massage with ice, for this you need to carefully rub feet.

foot massage can help relieve fatigue

Before the procedure, it is important to first take a shower, the skin must always be clean.Then you need to put oil on the skin cream.Massage is performed, starting with the feet in a circular motion - first pomassazhiruyte toes, then the ankles, then you need to perform kneading techniques.It is important to carefully rub your entire foot.You can then increase the pressure.After your feet, go to the calf.Make sure all movement should be carried out from the bottom first, then the top.After the massage, you need to move your fingers, shake legs, raise them and stand on tiptoes.

prevention of fatigue in the legs

Shoes should be only convenient, it is best without a heel, as often as possible you need to walk barefoot, you can purchase special massage mat, train legs, the food should be rich in iron and calcium.

main causes of fatigue in the legs

to for a long time to get rid of tiredness in the legs is important to know the reason of its appearance, it can be triggered by a serious illness:

1. When a person peretreniruetsya, perenapryazhetsya.Often this condition is typical for sporstmenov professionals may arise after the usual fitness, if one does not count his strength or improperly performs something.This can occur even severe irritability, insomnia tormented, a person becomes restless and quickly sick of viral infection.

2. If the legs are not enough blood flows, because of this, there are strong pain, and the torments constant fatigue, often it happens due to peripheral artery disease.Because atherosclerotic clots begin to form, which can block the arteries in the legs, as well as blood clots that block the coronary arteries, it leads to ischemic heart disease.Such diseases are typical for smokers, people with high cholesterol levels, diabetics.Remember that the problem with the arteries are very dangerous because they can talk about what you have heart problems.

3. Diseases of autoimmune nature, in case of problems with the immune system, when it begins to perceive the body's cells as foreign agents.At the same time except for the feet pain occurs throughout the body, it may be accompanied by fever.

4. The legs can get tired quickly if not suitable shoes, clothes, in case of violation of metabolism in renal disease, if a person is a sharp realignment in the body - during pregnancy and menopause.

5. Severe fatigue in the legs can be provoked by varicose veins, it is possible to notice how greatly expanded blood vessels under the skin, there were stars.In this case, the legs felt a strong pain in the calves can occasionally appear cramps.

How to get rid of the swelling in the legs?

In this case, a very important time to see a doctor, you will need to Doppler, ultrasound veins of the legs, so you can just learn about the disease and begin to treat it in a timely manner.It is important to remember preventive methods - perform special exercises, a diet, lead to normal weight, so that the load on your feet is reduced.You may need a special massage, physiotherapy, have to wear orthopedic shoes, special tights and socks.

gymnastics to relieve fatigue with

leg 1. It is necessary to be on the threshold or stair step, the whole body to move on to the foot.Relax the legs and straighten your back.Then you lean back and slowly return to the starting position.At the same time follow the breath, it should not stray.Repeat this exercise is recommended for up to 4 times.

2. Sit comfortably on the floor is necessary to put buttons, your toes need to pick them up.

3. Sitting on a chair, legs spread apart is necessary.

After gymnastics recommend that you perform a special bath for the feet, good in them, add sea salt, can also be juniper, lavender, shishkoyagody, oregano, peppermint.Replace a decoction of herbs can be an essential oil.

So, get rid of tiredness in the legs is not difficult, but it is very important to know the reason, because of which it appears.Also, all procedures must be comprehensive, include gymnastics, contrast baths and rest.