Treating nail fungus hydrogen peroxide

fungus on the nail - is not only a problem that spoils the appearance of a pedicure, the disease is dangerous.If time does not get rid of the fungus, it will start to hit the entire body, the skin first, after the capillaries gets into the blood and a negative impact on the internal organs.The fungus is much more dangerous than a virus, bacteria.

effective method of getting rid of the fungus hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide refers to one of the best preventive, antibacterial agents.She has treated many diseases, is used internally, externally, has virtually no side effects.To improve efficiency, you need to pre-steamed feet in soda solution.Cook it simply, you need to take baking soda - teaspoon diluted in a liter of boiling water.

When you see that the nails are completely steam, you need to take a cotton ball, moisten with hydrogen peroxide and apply to the affected area.Nail can drip into the cavity of a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.Lotion on your nails must be held between 15 minutes to on

e hour, it all depends on where it is applied to the nails of the hands or feet.The procedure is carried out twice a day.

To enhance the effect, hydrogen peroxide does not evaporate so quickly, was an effective way, you need fingers to wrap in plastic, it is recommended to put on the fingertips, wrapping tape.When the time expires, the cast is removed, if you experience discomfort, burning, pain, should be thoroughly washed with cold water under the nail.

Also compresses are advised to perform nail baths.The warm water is poured into 3% hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to pre-dissolve.In a liter of water dissolves hydrogen peroxide - 2 tablespoons.Legs, arms are lowered into the tub, hold there for 2 hours.It performs the procedure in the morning and at night.The positive results are visible after 4 days.

treatment of fungus on the nails in other ways

1. Innovative modern way of treatment - the use of a laser, using it can get rid of the fungus on the arms, legs.The effect is visible after the first treatment.If the event is running, you need to use another radiation.Such a method is costly.

2. Pharmacological drugs help quickly and reliably get rid of the fungus.The disadvantage of these preparations, they have a toxic effect on the body, which is due to the fungus weak.

Recipes for fungus treatment with hydrogen peroxide

This method is gentle, as long as an integrated approach.You can use other components:

1. Take 100 grams of baking soda, add 3 cups of boiling water, put 100 grams of Epsom salts, add 0.25 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide.All must be thoroughly mixed, after adding 0.25 ml of vinegar.The drug is applied with a cotton pad on the affected nail, sticking plaster on top.The procedure is repeated every 12 hours once a month.

2. Take 3% hydrogen peroxide, 3% vinegar, all mixed, then apply on the affected area, wait until the hiss.Then nails immersed for thirty seconds in the bleach diluted with water.After the rinse, wipe dry and lubricate the nails with a mixture of petroleum jelly with tea tree.Be sure to wear socks, gloves.The course of treatment for a week.Remember that shoes, gloves, socks - everything you need to disinfect that the fungus does not return.

fungus treated is very difficult, in some cases, better to choose traditional treatments than special medicines.

fungus treatment in other ways

1. Using Kombucha.After 40 years of a person having problems with nails, they become thick, often begins to develop fungus.It is necessary to attach to the affected area Kombucha using a band-aid.In the morning you will notice that the nail has become softer.

2. The application of celandine fungus.First, steamed nail, after three liters of water is necessary to dissolve the soda.Then lubricate the nail previously prepared oil on the basis of celandine.This means you can buy in the pharmacy.Oil is used before going to bed, then you need to wear socks with cotton, linen.

3. tar soap in its composition has birch tar soap.First steam out legs after them carefully rub the washcloth, then trim the nails, wipe dry, apply a soothing cream.On the morning of his feet are washed with cold water, dried and smeared with tar birch, thoroughly dry the feet, treat cracks on the feet.It is advised to put cotton wool shoes with tar.

4. Izbavitcya fungus help of Kalanchoe every day to the affected nail to tie the plant.You will notice how to improve the state of wells, it becomes pink, grow a new nail.

5. Oriental healers advised to use for the treatment of tea for the treatment of nail fungus tree.Every day, you need to apply tea tree oil on the affected nail.The course of treatment is not less than 2 months.

6. Advise used to treat fungus drops Pinosol, it contains mint oil, pine, eucalyptus, thymol, they have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect.

7. Iodine - an effective tool for the treatment of fungus, they need to lubricate the affected nail.

8. On the night are advised to take a bath with calendula, celandine, chamomile, oak bark, sea salt.It takes about 30 minutes.After take bath for the feet, immediately trim the nails.

9. Treatment fungus apple cider vinegar.Three liters of water add a liter of apple cider vinegar, a small amount of manganese.Take the bath for 10 minutes.

10. Use a tincture of propolis and lubricate it nails at night, after wear cotton socks.

11. Copper sulfate improves the condition of nails, note that the agent is toxic, can cause serious poisoning.

12. The diet should be as many fruits and vegetables as possible.

Thus, hydrogen peroxide is an effective treatment for nail fungus, you can add other ingredients.The course of treatment is necessary to pass through.