Effective remedies for colds and flu

This article will be really useful and interesting to those who are often more different colds.If you still do not know than to quickly and effectively treat the flu and the common cold, the following is a list of the most effective drugs.

Usually, colds occurs in humans suddenly enough, especially at a time when it is not out of place.At the first signs of SARS (severe respiratory viral infection) starts with a cough, cold, excessive weakness in the body, sneezing, nasal congestion.What to do in this situation?If you have to work tomorrow, or study, it is likely that you need to eliminate the cold today.

For most of us the common cold, influenza is a disaster waiting to happen.How can you protect yourself from disease?Everyone knows that the most effective treatment is prevention.

at risk those catches a cold the first time include children and the elderly, as well as all who have reduced immunity.The disease attacks the person mainly in spring and autumn.Therefore, knowing this fact, you need thro

ughout the winter to take multivitamin complexes, and in the summer is actively lean on vegetables and fruits.That is, the first thing that we include in the treatment of influenza - is to strengthen and increase the body's defenses.doctors recommend to start to play sports, tempered, give up bad habits, it is useful to drink cocktails and fortified for the prevention of taking vitamin c.Your food should be filled with a maximum of nutrients and trace elements.

If you realize that your life is far from perfect, it can strengthen the immune system with the help of drugs in the form immunoukreplyayuschih immunala or ordinary tincture of echinacea, which can be purchased at the pharmacy for mere pennies.In winter, especially during the flu epidemic, doctors are advised to use oxolinic ointment.She can grease the nasal sinuses, in order to provide an obstacle penetration infections and harmful bacteria.

First aid for cold

If you overcooled, then the first thing you should do - is to warm up your body with the help of hot tea with lemon and raspberry jam.We all know that honey and lemon - is the most appropriate treatment for the disease.Further, it is recommended to take antipyretic natural remedies that contain salicylic acid.In folk medicine, you can find recipes with infusion of eucalyptus.This plant has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

habit of Russians to delay the treatment of influenza match "on their feet" leads to complications.About 40% of flu cases at risk of bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, at least - pyelonephritis, stomatitis and other diseases.Therefore, the appearance of a fever, runny nose and other symptoms that resemble the flu should get for becoming ill signaled the beginning of the treatment.
In the first hours of flu body needs support, and patient - get rid of symptoms.If you suspect the flu, you can start receiving treatment with symptomatic treatment, eg preparation of European quality Antigrippin.The use of a symptomatic agent in treatment of flu will help to alleviate the patient's condition and prevent complications.

In mild cold, you can hover your feet in hot water, after adding a mustard powder.Then after 20 minutes the home session, wipe his feet dry, put on wool socks, and do not leave the house for several hours, and preferably the whole day.Their natural "antibiotic" to effectively assist in the treatment of ordinary onions and garlic.Folk healers recommend doing swabs of crushed garlic and insert them into the sinuses.This tool will save you from lingering head cold or just cold starting.

cold medicine

Almost all viral infections lead to severe and more serious complications.On this basis, it is necessary in the first day of sickness drink a drug, which can be reduced to "no" all the harbingers of complications.For example, Arbidol - is an effective antiviral agent which is several times shorten disease.For the treatment of colds and flu medication Antigrippin approach, which aims to accelerate the production of interferon in the body that protects cells from the effects of the virus.

If you started inflammation in the throat, it tears up, cuts and hurts you, then you urgently need to take mucolytic agents as ACC, bromhexine and Ambroxol.The action of these drugs is directed to cough up sputum, and its effective elimination of the pulmonary tract.If you wish not to use drugs, get in the pharmacy herb chamomile, lime color, or special charges, which are referred to as "Nursing".It is useful at this time to drink hot tea with honey or warm milk, mixed with a few tablespoons of honey.

Rhinitis - medication

When the first symptoms of nasal congestion, sinus drip into the nasal vasoconstrictor drugs (optional) Naphthyzinum, Sanorin, Galazolin.They are used to remove edema from the nasal mucosa and thus improve breathing.Remember that these drops do not apply more than a week.In order to cleanse nasal sprays can help with colds Otrivin, akvamaris.They are necessary for the removal of mucus in a protracted cold.

of the home remedies for the treatment of rhinitis can be identified iodine tincture.Add the warm boiled water (100 ml) and a few drops of iodine solution that drip nasal sinuses.Also in the pharmacy you can buy oil menthol, which soothes the nasal mucosa and effectively eliminates cold.To drip nose, you will need only 5 drops of oil.In addition, a cold menthol oil can lubricate the skin of the face at the temples, nose and forehead.

for the treatment of rhinitis and use folk remedies.Among them freshly prepared carrot juice mixed with absolutely any vegetable oil that you have available (it should be done in equal proportions).In this healing mixture was added a few drops of garlic juice and use this tool for the treatment of rhinitis.It can be both buried in the sinuses, and swallow.