Preparations to increase hemoglobin

increases hemoglobin in some situations is essential because iron deficiency anemia can lead to serious consequences and even death.It is particularly important to raise hemoglobin levels during pregnancy in young children, in adolescence, when the child is actively growing and developing.Equally important is the normal level gemiglobina chronic diseases that may result in anemia.

Why is it important to constantly improve hemoglobin?

Anemia in the modern world is a common problem, often suffer from both adults and children, most often students in their teens who need to iron.

Iron deficiency refers - it is dangerous.Iron is vital the human body, it is involved in the development of many cells, so is their division, reproduction, tissue filled with oxygen, normally functioning blood, growing body.Iron is a major component of human enzyme protein.

If a person suffers from a lack of iron, important time to raise the level of hemoglobin, that it accumulates a large amount of iron, it is responsible for

the power supply of all organs and tissues of the body.After the increase, the anemia passes.You can not torture your body, it should not starve from lack of oxygen.

Please note that the first person does not feel that he lacks the iron anemia does not manifest itself.Over time there is a pronounced symptoms, at which much dizzy, in the body there is a weakness, before the eyes of flies, the patient drowsy, lethargic, often sick infections.

When anemia exacerbated tissue suffer from a lack of oxygen, increases the load on the heart, the body ceases to be protected.Chronic Low hemoglobin can lead to various changes in the internal organs.

Ways to increase hemoglobin in the blood

First of all it is important to get rid of the cause that has provoked the development of anemia - a lack of iron.It is therefore important in this drink during certain drugs, which composition contains iron.Also further need to adhere to the regime of the day, fully fed.It is important to take drugs for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

Increased hemoglobin without drugs

Iron can be absorbed at each person individually, remember a day can consume no more than 2.5 mg, the only way the body receives the required amount of material.Raise the dosage is not necessary, because it still will not have time to be absorbed.Formulations which contain iron, help cure anemia.

Modern pharmacology offers a large number of drugs, the composition of which contains iron, they are administered intravenously and intramuscularly.So you can quickly increase the hemoglobin, anemia is most often treated with pills.

There are many medications that contain iron.You can select ferric iron, it depends upon the speed with which it will be released as quickly able to assimilate.Some preparations of iron in the structure have additional components, which enhance the absorption.

Preparations for raising hemoglobin

best to take drugs inside.One of the safest is a divalent iron gluconate, it has an organic origin, a man of his normal moves, the side effects are not observed practically.

modern tool helps to enrich the body with iron, its people well tolerated.iron solution in liquid form well absorbed, it is absorbed into the mucosa.Liquid iron people normally tolerate.Such formulations are not concentrated so do not lead to irritation of the mucosa of the gastro-intestinal side effects such as vomiting, nausea, digestive disorders are not observed.

hemoglobin level should be increased to the point until it is completely restored.You may need to take iron supplements for two months.The effect is noticeable already after one week of treatment.First symptoms of anemia disappears, the patient gets better after a month of treatment, increases the level of hemoglobin.

If properly take the drug side effects were observed, first be sure to read the instructions.When a person does not take into account the dosage, he may have problems with the stomach, intestines.It is necessary to take a small amount of drugs with iron, to prevent the side effects of drugs.

most commonly prescribed synthetic drugs, the composition of which is iron.- Tardiferon retard, Sorbifer, Fefvol, Ferrum-Lek.Separately recovered drugs that have a short action on the body - iron fumarate, iron sulphate, iron gluconate.

Effective treatment divalent drugs, they can be easily absorbed.The formulations are effective when stored in acidic stomach when it is alkaline, then the addition of ascorbic acid should be used with which the iron is in the blood.Take

drugs needed after a meal or after it.The dosage selects the attending doctor, just a lot of iron can not be accepted, you will need to start 180 mg, after a decrease of up to 35 mg.All preparations for the increase in hemoglobin should be taken at night, the dosage of 1-2 capsules.

results after taking the medication visible already after a month.When properly selected treatment, hemoglobin levels will increase every day.In the case where the patient does not become easier, you need to be examined further to determine the cause of low hemoglobin.The attending doctor will choose another effective treatment that will cure anemia and prevent it occur in the future.Self-medication, as part of which iron can not eat.